Learn by doing, and earn at the same time.

      The College offers the in-school portion for a variety of apprenticeship programs sponsored by the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities.  Program offerings include, Carpentry Apprentice, Millwright (Construction Industrial) Apprentice, Heavy Duty Equipment Mechanic Apprentice, and General Machinist Apprentice.

      Apprenticeship is a hands-on training program for people who want to work in a skilled trade and who enjoy learning by doing
. Apprentices are workers, so they earn as they learn.  About 90% of apprenticeship training is provided in the workplace by employers.  The remainder involves classroom instruction on theory.

      Depending on the skilled trade you choose, the length of training will vary between two and five years.  During that time, you will earn a wage based on a percentage of a journeypersons wages.

Cooperative Education

      Cooperative education integrates a student's academic study with on-the-job work experience. It allows students to obtain professional experience in their specific field of study. This is done by alternating periods of on-campus study with work experience in business, industry, and government. Co-op helps bridge the gap between the classroom and work.

      Co-op work terms are generally four months in duration. The majority are in Ontario, but they could be anywhere in Canada where a suitable job is available.

      The key lies in matching an employer who can offer a productive, and vocationally relevant work experience with a capable and skilled student. No student is sent out for a work term until he/she has the ability to be a productive employee.

      The work terms form an essential component of the student's total academic program. A mandatory requirement for graduation, the work terms are evaluated by both the College and the employer in order to promote maximum learning on the part of the student.

Corporate Training

      Cambrian College has been helping organizations with their training needs at both the local and international levels with everything from customized postsecondary programs, computer software training, and frontline and leadership skills development, all the way to professional association accreditation courses and professional development opportunities.
The timeliness of the offerings combined with the flexibility of delivery make Cambrian College a great investment in the development of productive personnel. 

The Enterprise Centre

     The Enterprise Centre is an ancillary operation of Cambrian College. For the past 12 years, the Centre has been helping employers in Northern Ontario achieve their training goals. In partnership with employers, Enterprise Centre staff develop, implement and deliver programs to businesses of all sizes. Programs offered include export development, human resource development and management and computer training.

Continuing Education

      A multitude of professional development opportunies are available at Cambrian through Continuing Education. The offerings are available in various instructional formats including classroom learning, independent learning, distance education or through web delivery. Some are offered in more than one of these formats.

SkyTech (Skills Technology Institute) - Industrial Training

      SkyTech is a consortium of stakeholders consisting of representatives from industry, labour, government, and Cambrian College who work together to address skills shortages and to ensure the on-going availability of qualified employees.

Dual Credit Program Offerings

      The Dual Credit program is a School/College/Work Initiative that is offered by Cambrian College in partnership with the Rainbow District School Board and the Sudbury Catholic District School Board. The Dual Credit program is intended to encourage secondary school students to complete their secondary school education and to consider continuing on to postsecondary education; the program provides opportunities to explore career prospects; and it ensures a successful transition to College and apprenticeship programs.

What is the Dual Credit Program?

      The Dual Credit program provides secondary school students with an opportunity to earn a number of credits by participating in apprenticeship training and postsecondary courses that count towards both their secondary school diploma and their postsecondary diploma or apprenticeship certification.

Who is it for?

      The Dual Credit program is for eligible* students who will be heading to a postsecondary institution, an apprenticeship or the workplace after graduation.

Goals of the Dual Credit Program

  • To encourage students to complete their secondary school education and to consider postsecondary education as their next step.
  • To introduce students to a variety of career options within various sectors.
  • To help students make appropriate career choices and choose educational pathways before they enter a postsecondary institution.
  • To expose students to an adult learning model and new learning environments.
  • To ease the transition from secondary school to College.
  • To provide students with opportunities to learn skills that can be used throughout their life.

Win-Win-Win Situation!

      The Dual Credit program provides significant benefits that will result in improved secondary school graduation rates, increased enrolment in College, and, ultimately, higher numbers of skilled and educated workers who are vital to Ontario's economy.

      A number of school boards in Ontario are participating in the Dual Credit program. Secondary school teachers who are participating in the Dual Credit program report that students are more engaged in their studies and have dramatically improved their academic achievement.
Part-Time Programs
Are you interested in pursuing a certificate or diploma at Cambrian College but can't commit to a full-time schedule?

      Cambrian College offers some 90 postsecondary programs which are normally delivered on a full-time basis during the day. Each of these programs has a number of courses which may be taken on a part-time basis as you work towards your certificate or diploma. To be eligible, you must meet all program, admission and course requirements.

Are you interested in taking individual courses but are not planning to pursue a certificate or diploma?

      Those who don't plan on working towards a certificate or diploma may still be able to take individual courses on a part-time basis during the day. Please note that course prerequisites and admission requirements for programs may still apply.

Academic Policies

      Students who wish to study on a part-time basis during the day must consult the program Dean for approval and complete the registration process. A part-time student is one who is registered in less than 70% of the regular scheduled hours or 66 2/3% of the course load in a particular program. Once the approved course registration has been submitted to the Office of the Registrar and entered into the student record, the fee will be determined and payment must be made to Accounting.

     The library is the college’s central location for information, study and research.  In addition to books and electronic databases, the library provides access to audiovisual equipment, videotapes, DVDs, government documents, magazines, journals and daily newspapers.  Materials are selected to support college programs and to connect learners to information on topics of general interest to students.
Access to Facilities

     The library is located in room 3021 at the Barrydowne Campus.  Students, staff and community members are all welcome.  Borrowing privileges are extended to students, staff and alumni with a valid borrower’s card.  Community borrowing is granted at the discretion of the library staff.  The Cambrian College Library will loan to borrowers through Interlibrary Loan requests.


      Basic reference assistance is available to help library users access the online catalogue, electronic databases and the library’s print collections.  Library orientation sessions and instructions on how to do research in the library are available to students, faculty and staff by contacting the Information Desk at 566-8101, extension 7650.

Electronic Databases

      The library subscribes to several electronic databases that are accessible to Cambrian College students, faculty and staff from any of the library’s computers.  License agreements with database providers allow home or remote access through Student 411 44 or through Citrix 45

Athletics Centre - Barrydowne Campus

      The Cambrian Athletics Centre strives to meet your fitness, recreational, and health-related professional development needs. Our offerings  include individual fitness assessments by qualified personnel, team and individual sport opportunities, and health and fitness related courses.


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