Civil Engineering Technology Advanced Diploma

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  • Academic title
    Civil Engineering Technology Advanced Diploma
  • Course description
          Semester 5
        * CIV2410   -   004   -   Soil Mechanics II

          This is a study of the principles of soil mechanics utilizing theoretical design, practical application and related laboratories. Students will be given an introduction to permeability, drainage, stress, settlement and shear strength of theory.

        * CIV2430   -   004   -   Municipal Services

          Prerequisites: CIV 2421, CIV 2431 This course is a study of municipal engineering covering legislative controls, planning and subdivision design, hydrology and the hydrologic cycle, design of municipal services including sanitary and storm sewers, water mains, and their appurtenances, road geometrics, traffic control devices, and current municipal practice.

        * CIV3510   -   004   -   Structural Design

          Prerequisites: CIV 2405, CIV 2408 In this course, students study the designs of structural steel, industrial and commercial buildings, determinate and indeterminate structures, the use of codes and handbooks to design whole structures and components, pinned and moment connections, floor systems, design using computer packages, masonry design, and the design of composite beams.

        * MCH2410   -   004   -   Strength Of Materials II

          Prerequisite: MCH 2310 A continuation of Strength and Materials I, this course introduces structural mechanics utilizing classical methods. Topics to be covered include mechanics of reinforced concrete beams, horizontal shear stresses, axial loads plus bending, deflection of beams, solution of statically indeterminate beams and frames, and analysis of stresses using computer software.

        * TEC3501   -   001   -   Technical Report Research

          Prerequisites: ENG 1780, ENG 1751 In this course, students will select and research a topic for their technical report, which is required in the final semester of their program. Students will assess and use primary and secondary research sources that best support the goals of the technical projects. To obtain approval for their topics, students will present both a written and oral proposal to their professors.

        * WRM2300   -   002   -   Water Resources Management

          This course is a study of water resources engineering. Topics to be covered include water supply, irrigation, watershed management, environmental issues, water quality and analysis, and water collection, treatment, and disposal.

          Semester 6
        * CIV3600   -   005   -   Foundations

          Prerequisite: CIV2410 This is a study of more advanced principles of soil mechanics and their application to foundations and other engineering structures or works.

        * CIV3630   -   004   -   Reinforced Concrete

          Prerequisite: MCH 2410 This course deals with an analysis and design of members and structures in reinforced concrete using design procedures according to the latest edition of the National Building Code of Canada as well as the CSA standard "Design of Concrete Structures". Design practice will be carried out in the class.

        * CIV3640   -   004   -   Roads, Traffic & Transportation

          Prerequisite: SUR1232 This course covers classification of roads, basics of road planning, road networks, design of roads - horizontal and vertical alignment, cross-sectional elements, definition of traffic terms and concepts, introduction to various traffic studies, highway capacity - uninterrupted and interrupted flow, intersections, introduction to urban transportation - elements, systems, and planning.

        * GIS3600   -   003   -   GIS Applications

          An introductory course in (GIS) Geographic Information Systems as applicable to civil/mining/geology engineering technology. Emphasis on combining various skills acquired in civil/mining/geology technology education to process data geometrically using AutoDesk Map 3D 2007.

        * MTH2330   -   003   -   Applied Math

          This course will use problems designed from the areas of specialization in all sections of the course. This course begins with a review of Statistics and Differential calculus and continues into the introduction of Integral Calculus. Problems in all three areas will emphasize math as a problem-solving tool. The fundamentals of parametric analysis using a spreadsheet are introduced using equations and systems of equations from the areas of specialization. Differential Equations and their specific application to engineering problems will be introduced.

        * TEC3601   -   001   -   Technical Report

          Prerequisite: TEC 3501 - Technical Report Research Students complete a formal engineering technical report based on primary and secondary research compiled in TEC 3501 and the final semester. Students further refine their communication, presentation, researching and report writing skills. In addition, students describe their technical report in an oral presentation and demonstrate knowledge of the subject by defending their report data before professors and classmates. The technical report must include sufficient technical content to demonstrate a level of knowledge expected of engineering technology students. The report must also meet the standards set by the Canadian Council of Technicians and Technologists.

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