Civil Engineering Technician Diploma

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  • Objectives
    The civil engineering technician is a practical member of the civil engineering team, responsible for planning, costing, building, maintaining and rehabilitating roads, bridges, buildings, dams, sewage and water treatment systems, airports, pipelines, subways, and railways. The technician is concerned with drafting, surveying, construction methods, costs, quality control, and inspections. Computers have become a fundamental tool in engineering. The College's computer-aided drafting (CAD) laboratories provides the civil engineering technician with practical, hands-on experience. Students also receive surveying training utilizing fully automated state-of-the-art distance and angle measuring equipment that can store data in an electronic field book which is later interfaced with a computer. To meet the demand for structural steel detailers, students are also taught automated structural detailing.
  • Practical experience
    Two-week field camp at the end of the second semester.
  • Academic title
    Civil Engineering Technician Diploma
  • Course description
    Semester 1
    # CIV1200   -   004   -   Concrete & Asphalt

    This course is a study of the components of concrete, design of concrete mixes to attain required characteristics, effects on concrete properties of air-entrainment, additives, and various cementitious materials, methods and importance of concrete testing, batching construction,and finishing and curing of concrete. Asphaltic concrete as a pavement material is studied with emphasis on mixing and placing to meet requirements. An introduction to new technologies is also included.

    # CIV2331   -   004   -   Construction Technology

    In this course students will review the Occupational Health and Safety Act and Regulations for Construction Projects. Students will analyze construction inspection objectives and methods required to ensure that construction meets the requirements of plans and specifications, including contract management scheduling, review of record keeping and drawing, critical path method, Gantt, charts, the preparation of schedules of quantities, and job costing.

    # ENG1551   -   001   -   Writing Fundamentals: Ind. Study

    This course is required in the first semester of most post-secondary programs at Cambrian. The purpose of the course is to allow students to develop their independent learning skills and to review the fundamental conventions of Standard English.

    # ENG1552   -   002   -   Technical Writing I

    Prerequisite: ENG 1551 This is the first communication course for technology at Cambrian. Students practice the fundamentals of technical writing by preparing short documents, researching technical information, and presenting oral reports. In this course, students meet General Education requirements by researching the growing impact of technology on society and by heightening their critical thinking through research.

    # MTH1050   -   003   -   Technical Mathematics I

    This course covers applications of basic mathematics to the solution of problems involving physics and engineering technology. Basic ideas of physics and use of mathematical methods to solve problems in these areas are introduced. Topics include computational methods, basic algebra, linear equations and right-angle trigonometry.

    # SUR1116   -   005   -   Surveying I

    This course will look at use and care of surveying equipment and instruments, theory and measurement of horizontal distances, theory and practice of differential levelling using various types of levels, theory and measurement of horizontal and vertical angles using different styles of theodolites, format for recording of field notes and related calculations, errors and corrections in surveying, determining azimuths, bearings, latitudes, departures, and coordinates, and an introduction to traverses.

    # TCA2300   -   002   -   Computer/Multimedia Applications

    In this course, students apply computer applications to solve engineering and mathematical problems and to create and enhance reports and presentations. Software will include file handling, spreadsheets, databases, graphics manipulations, and Internet applications including e-mail, browsers, and search utilities.

    Semester 2
    # CAD1100   -   002   -   Computer-Aided Drafting I

    Prerequisite: IMM 1155 (for IMTN students only) This is a hands-on course utilizing a computer to perform computer-aided drafting using the latest version of AutoCAD. Topics include drawing construction, scaling, editing, dimensioning, layering, entity controls and blocks, with the objective of producing industry-standard drawings.

    # ENG1751   -   001   -   Job Search Skills: Ind. Study

    Prerequisite: ENG 1551 Through guided independent study, students will explore the job search process in detail and gain a comprehensive understanding of the theories and practices that lead to successful job searching and career planning. This course will also encourage further development of the independent learning skills and strategies practiced in ENG 1551 and 1581.

    # ENG1752   -   002   -   Technical Writing II

    Prerequisite: ENG 1552 In this course, students refine their technical communication skills by preparing written and oral responses to a variety of work related situations. As well, students complete a resume and other projects to assist them with their employment search. In the context of Cambrian College's General Education program and Generic Skills Standards, the course provides the opportunity for students to develop an understanding of work and the economy and of the relationships among individuals and society.

    # MCH1205   -   005   -   Mechanics

    Prerequisites: MTH 1050 This introductory course in mechanics has an emphasis on the applications of Newton's Laws to simple plane mechanical and structural systems in static equilibrium. Topics include the study of components of vectors, resultants, and equilibrium of force systems. Calculations for the centre of gravity, centroids, and area moments of inertia will be performed.

    # MTH1250   -   003   -   Technical Math II

    Prerequisite: MTH 1050 This course will strenghten the student's ability to apply algebra and trigonometry in technical applications. Topics covered include algebraic factoring, algebraic fractions and fractional equations, formula manipulation, graphing and interpreting sine and cosine waves, the trigonometry of a circle, exponents and logarithms, exponential and logarithmic equations, and an introduction to statistics. The course will emphasize the solution of word problems related to the electrical field.

    # SUR1220   -   005   -   Surveying II

    Prerequisite: SUR 1115 This course covers locating and installing survey stations, traverse and coordinate calculations, determination of irregular areas, calculations and field location of circular curves, field determination and plotting of profiles and cross-sections, cross-sectional area and quantity determination, contours, alignment techniques, introduction to electronic distance measurements, computer applications for various survey projects, in addition: for civil - vertical curves, route surveys, grade stakes, and slope stakes, for geology and mining - line and grade, drill hole layout and pick-up, raise location and control.

    # SUR1232   -   001   -   Survey Field Methods

    Prerequisite: SUR 1220 For two full weeks at the end of the second semester, students will apply survey principles and practices to the solution of field problems. Calculations and preparations of plans from field information will be covered. Projects include topographic, municipal, route, and construction surveys.

    Semester 3

    # CAD1200   -   002   -   Computer Aided Drafting II

    Prerequisite: CAD 1100 This is a continuation of CAD 1100. Topics include writing screen and pull down menus, attributes, external references, user coordinate systems, view ports in working space, multi-scale drawings, multiview drawing using viewports in paper space. Drawings will be completed according to industry standards in the students' program area.

    # CIV2300   -   004   -   Soil Mechanics I

    This course is a study of the nature and engineering properties of soils and their identification. Training in common practices in the laboratory with emphasis on the application of soil mechanics to practical problems is included.

    # CIV2302   -   003   -   Civil Engineering Applications

    Prerequisite: CAD 1100, SUR 1220 This course has been set up to offer a hands-on approach to computer-aided design with Autodesk Civil 3D design software. The main topics coverered in this class include electronic data collection, points management, coordinate geometry, and electronic design.

    # CIV2421   -   003   -   Basic Hydraulics

    Prerequisite: MTH 1050 Topics to be covered in this course include the properties of fluids, hydrostatic forces, buoyancy, stability, continuity of flow, Bernoulli's Principle, and flow characteristics of incompressible fluids in pipes and open channels.

    # MCH2310   -   004   -   Strength Of Materials I

    Prerequisite: MCH 1205 This is a study of the behaviour and strength of structural and mechanical members in tension, compression, torsion, flexure, and shear, the development of relationships between loads, stresses, and strains, and the deformation of stresses and strains due to thermal expansion and contraction.

    # MTH2325   -   003   -   Technical Math III

    This course is designed to cover the application of statistics to engineering problems. It covers and introduces the student to the collection and analysis of data, sampling methods, the use of the normal curve, confidence intervals for means and proportions, tests of hypothesis for means and proportions, the determination of sample size and regression analysis.

    Semester 4
    # CIV2405   -   005   -   Structural Behaviour & Detailing

    Prerequisite: MCH 2310 This course provides an introduction to the materials used in structures as well as the forces applied to structures using the National Building Code. Topics include the design of structural steel members using Limit States Design, stuctural steel detailing, interpreting structural design drawings, and an introduction to computer applications in members and connections. Students also participate in the Civil Engineering Headframe competition.

    # CIV2408   -   002   -   Computer Aided Structural Detailing

    Prerequisite: CAD 1200 This is a course in computer-aided detailing of various types of structures and elements of structures. The program SDS/2 will be used to construct 3D models of various types of structures. From the 3D model, erection views, beam, columns and bracing details and gather drawings will be created. From the detail drawings, shop fabrication of the various elements will be discussed as well as erection procedures in the field.

    # CIV2431   -   004   -   Municipal Planning

    This course is a study of municipal engineering covering planning process for new land development, legal plans, engineering plans, and survey plans.

    # CIV3500   -   004   -   Special Projects

    Prerequisite: SUR 1220 Topics to be covered in this course include the operation of direction theodolites, use of current total station E.D.M. equipment and related reductions, GPS - general uses, specific application to surveying, precision, elements of map projections, interpretation and applications of topographic maps, earthwork quantities, use of current computer software for surveying and earthwork calculations and plotting, and additional civil related topics depending on available time and resources.

    # CIV3520   -   004   -   Contracts Law & Specifications

    This course introduces contracts and legal aspects of civil engineering technology work. Students learn to read and understand contracts and specifications and are introduced to writing specifications.

    # MTH2400   -   003   -   Technical Math IV

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