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  • Objectives
    The two-year Business diploma program is designed for students who prefer a general education in business with a specialization in customer service. The curriculum in this program is designed to introduce the students to the following areas of business - accounting and finance, marketing, computer processing, entrepreneurship, and customer service.
  • Academic title
    Business Diploma
  • Course description
    Semester 1
    # ACC1100   -   004   -   Introduction To Accounting

    This course introduces the student to the fundamental accounting principles of debit and credit and to the double entry system of bookkeeping. It also covers the use of control accounts and deals with the opening and closing of a set of books along with the preparation of financial statements.

    # BUS1100   -   004   -   Business Mathematics

    This is a course designed to provide an understanding and application of business mathematics. Its primary objective is to enhance knowledge and skills in the solution of practical financial and mathematical problems encountered in the business community. The course will also provide supportive base for material in more advanced courses such as finance, quantitive management methods, accounting, marketing, operations management, and in computer-oriented courses.

    # BUS1106   -   003   -   Computerized Business Applications

    This course is a hands-on introduction to microcomputers and productivity software with applications strealined for business. Students will use a windows environment to handle file management, backup and system utilities, and an office suite to perform document processing, presentation tasks, and integration.

    # ENG1510   -   002   -   Business Communications I

    In this course, students will begin to develop professional business communication skills through the study and practice of the theory of communication, patterns of organization, usage and style appropriate to the workplace, and editing and proofreading strategies.

    # ENG1551   -   001   -   Writing Fundamentals: Ind. Study

    This course is required in the first semester of most post-secondary programs at Cambrian. The purpose of the course is to allow students to develop their independent learning skills and to review the fundamental conventions of Standard English.

    # MKT1100   -   004   -   Introduction To Marketing I

    This course is designed to be a total overview of the contemporary marketing process. Emphasis will be placed on concepts which are the basis for marketing decision-making and the environment in which marketing activities take place. Case reports will be introduced and used as part of the learning process.
    Semester 2
    # ACC1215   -   003   -   Accounting Simulation

    Prerequisites: ACC 1100 + enrolment in ACC 1310, BUS 1106 In this course, the student will analyze and record various financial transactions utilizing all modules of the Simply Accounting program: general, payable, receivable, payroll, inventory, and project. The student will also set up a complete computerized accounting system using the Simply Accounting software.
    # ACC1310   -   004   -   Financial Accounting

    Prerequisite: ACC 1100 This course begins an examination of accounting techniques required by business administration students. Procedures relating to cash, receivables, inventories, current liabilities, payroll, partnerships, and corporations are examined.

    # BUS1200   -   004   -   Mathematics Of Finance

    Prerequisite: BUS 1100

    # BUS1600   -   003   -   Customer Service

    This course will provide students with the knowledge and tools needed for success in dealing with customers. Students will be exposed to practical, real-world concepts and experiences along with suggestions for dealing with a variety of customer situations and problems.

    # BUS2410   -   002   -   Employment Readiness

    Prerequisite: ENG 1550 In an environment of ever increasing job market competitiveness, this course prepares the student for entering the workforce. The course focuses on helping each student understand the recruitment process and develop a comprehensive personal marketing plan and job search strategy.

    # ISP3025   -   004   -   Spreadsheet Management

    This course is designed to familiarize the student with the use of spreadsheets in the business world. The student will gain "hands-on" experience working with and creating worksheets, graphs, lists, and macros using Microsoft Excel to develop proficiency with spreadsheet functions and applications.

    # MKT1200   -   003   -   Introduction To Marketing II

    This second part of the Introduction to Marketing course provides a detailed study of the marketing mix, concentrating on Product, Price, Place and Promotion strategies. The practice of developing analytical marketing skills will be emphasized using problems and case studies.

    Semester 3

    # BUS2040   -   003   -   Organizational Behavior

    An organization is a group of people working toward a common goal or objective. People are the common denominator in organization regardless of size or purpose. The study of organizational behaviour helps us predict, explain, and manage individual and group behaviour in the workplace to achieve organizational objectives.

    # BUS2320   -   003   -   Commercial Law

    This course is designed to teach students how to think about legal problems. It focuses on the types of legal issues that students will encounter most frequently when they enter the business world. The approach of the course is to discuss legal rules in the context of examples illustrated through the case method.

    # BUS2600   -   004   -   Customer Service II

    The focus of this course will be primarily on personal selling and its role in the customer service marketing mix. Students will also examine topics in telemarketing and sales promotion by reviewing and presenting articles from leading business publications via the Internet.

    # BUS3545   -   003   -   Financial Planning

    Prerequisite: BUS 1200 This course examines the investment needs of individuals and organizations and evaluates the various features of the numerous investment vehicles in today's market. Particular attention is given to the expected risks/return tradeoff of each one.

    # ENG2210   -   003   -   Business Communications II

    Prerequisite: ENG 1510, ENG 1550, ENG 2324 or ENG 1710 Students will apply the business communication strategies and techniques studied in Business Communications I (ENG 1510) to specific workplace situations. This course will prepare students to create the effective written and oral reports required in their professions.

    # MKT2370   -   004   -   Retailing

    This course follows a managerial approach by retailing and focuses directly on the issues faced by the owner, manager and employees of a retail institution. It covers the conceptual analytical, and practical foundations necessary to understand the various facets of retailing and retail management.

    Semester 4

    # BUS2495   -   010   -   Field Placement

    Sorry - no current subject description

    # BUS2701   -   004   -   Customer Service III

    Sorry - no current subject description

    # BUS3585   -   003   -   Entrepreneurship

    In the context of the College's General Education program, this course introduces the student to the key elements in the development of a business opportunity. The course demonstrates to the student how to investigate and develop the key ingredients of a successful business plan.

    # AAP2460   -   003   -   Web Page Design & Maintenance

    In this course, students will gain an understanding of HTML coding, but focus on Microsoft Front Page to reinforce Web Page Design concepts from a designer perspective. Students will apply the principles and techniques necessary to plan, build, publish, and maintain a commercial Web site.

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