First Nation Business Administration Certificate

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  • Objectives
    First Nation Business Administration Certificate program provided by Oshki-Pimache-O-Win-Education & Training Institute in Thunder Bay is designed to help prospective or new managers work effectively with human, material, and financial resources.
  • Academic title
    Fist Nation Business Administration Certificate
  • Course description
    Semester 1
    # ACC1100   -   004   -   Introduction To Accounting

    This course introduces the student to the fundamental accounting principles of debit and credit and to the double entry system of bookkeeping. It also covers the use of control accounts and deals with the opening and closing of a set of books along with the preparation of financial statements.

    # BUS1100   -   004   -   Business Mathematics

    This is a course designed to provide an understanding and application of business mathematics. Its primary objective is to enhance knowledge and skills in the solution of practical financial and mathematical problems encountered in the business community. The course will also provide supportive base for material in more advanced courses such as finance, quantitive management methods, accounting, marketing, operations management, and in computer-oriented courses.

    # BUS1106   -   003   -   Computerized Business Applications

    This course is a hands-on introduction to microcomputers and productivity software with applications strealined for business. Students will use a windows environment to handle file management, backup and system utilities, and an office suite to perform document processing, presentation tasks, and integration.

    # ENG1500   -   003   -   Communication I

    This course gives students practice in the foundations of writing (particularly in structural and editorial issues), reading, speaking and effective listening.

    # MKT1100   -   004   -   Introduction To Marketing I

    This course is designed to be a total overview of the contemporary marketing process. Emphasis will be placed on concepts which are the basis for marketing decision-making and the environment in which marketing activities take place. Case reports will be introduced and used as part of the learning process.

    Semester 2

    # ACC1310   -   004   -   Financial Accounting

    Prerequisite: ACC 1100 This course begins an examination of accounting techniques required by business administration students. Procedures relating to cash, receivables, inventories, current liabilities, payroll, partnerships, and corporations are examined.

    # BUS1200   -   004   -   Mathematics Of Finance

    Prerequisite: BUS 1100

    # FHR3500   -   004   -   First Nation Human Resource Mngmt.I

    This course is a study of the theories and practices governing human resources decisions such as planning, staffing, employee training and development, and maintenance. Specific reference will be given to First Nation considerations in HR management such as the political mandates of numerous organizations, including the Union of Ontario Indians, United Chiefs and Councils of Manitoulin, North Shore Tribal Council, and Wabanong Tribal Council.

    # FNF2410   -   003   -   First Nation Funding Arrangements

    In this course, the student will analyze and gain a sound understanding of the various funding arrangements that First Nation organizations are subject to. The student will learn the various rationale for funding situations including Treaty and Aboriginal Rights and/or Governments' fiscal policies. Various funding agencies will be examined such as the Department of Indian Affairs, Medical Services Branch, and Human Resources Canada. Specific consideration will be given to the calculation of funding available for the organization, as well as required reporting relationships. Proposal writing and proposal development will be studied as they pertain to First Nation organizations. Presentation tools and techniques will be utilized and studied where necessary.

    # ISP3025   -   004   -   Spreadsheet Management

    Prerequisite: BUS 1106 OR ISP 1100 OR ISP 1215 This course is designed to familiarize the student with the use of spreadsheets in the business world. The student will gain hands-on experience working with and creating worksheets, graphs, lists, and macros using Microsoft Excel to develop proficiency with spreadsheet functions and applications.

    # MKT1200   -   003   -   Introduction To Marketing II

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