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  • Objectives
    This program offers college and university graduates the opportunity to obtain skills in the world of advertising and mass communication. Focus is on the analysis of the creation of the advertising message: from the research and identification of key target audiences to the creation of the persuasive message and the selection of the appropriate method of media delivery. Students will gain valuable practical experience in copywriting for print and broadcast media, direct marketing, special event planning and the creation of an entire advertising campaign from start to finish.
  • Practical experience
    Students who have successfully completed all requirements of the Advertising-Graduate Certificate program can opt for a six-week unpaid field placement in industry to gain valuable employment experience.
  • Academic title
    Advertising - Graduate Certificate
  • Course description
          Semester 1
        * ADV1000   -   003   -   Advertising Fundamentals

          This course is a comprehensive study of the advertising industry and will include the development of both advertising and creative strategies. There is considerable emphasis on the analysis and creation of advertisements.

        * ADV1211   -   003   -   Copywriting For Print

          This course is designed to introduce students to the art of writing effective and persuasive advertising copy. No message is effective unless it sells, and students will study the challenges of creating "sellable" messages for products, services, ideas and ideals. Students will study the theory of creating outstanding advertising copy for short and long format print application and learn to apply it effectively through assignments and projects.

        * ADV2301   -   003   -   Media Planning

          Today's communicators have a wide choice of means to deliver their message to the public and developing an effective media plan requires planning and creativity. Print and broadcast estimating procedures will be covered in this course, using references and formats commonly used in the advertising industry. The student will also meet a variety of media representatives, study data from many sources, and analyze previous media plans and buys. In addition, case studies will be used to provide the student with practical experience in developing effective media plans.

        * ADV2331   -   003   -   Market And Advertising Research

          Great ad campaigns are 10% instinct and 90% research. This course will focus on the important role of knowing and analyzing your audience, their attitudes, behaviors, lifestyles and habits. The scope of present-day research activities, the various types of research and evaluative techniques and the organizations involved in the research are covered.

        * ISP1215   -   003   -   Electronic Publishing I

          This course is intended to introduce the student to electronic publishing in the print communication industry. It will focus on the underlying principles of design and the techniques for putting them into action in a Macintosh computer environment.

        * MKT1100   -   004   -   Introduction To Marketing I

          This course is designed to be a total overview of the contemporary marketing process. Emphasis will be placed on concepts which are the basis for marketing decision-making and the environment in which marketing activities take place. Case reports will be introduced and used as part of the learning process.

          Semester 2

        * AAP2460   -   003   -   Web Page Design & Maintenance

          In this course, students will gain an understanding of HTML coding, but focus on Microsoft Front Page to reinforce Web Page Design concepts from a designer perspective. Students will apply the principles and techniques necessary to plan, build, publish, and maintain a commercial Web site.

        * ADV1220   -   003   -   Advertising Project

          In this course, the students will develop several advertising plan starting from the planning stage through to the development of story boards, print ad design proposals, etc. to final production and then sell these plans to clients who will use them in local advertising mediums.

        * ADV1225   -   003   -   Integrated Marketing Communications

          Being heard in a cluttered marketplace is one of the major obstacles in advertising today. An integrated marketing communications program meets the challenge of developing one clear voice by consolidating marketing efforts.

        * ADV2310   -   003   -   Copywriting For Broadcast

          Ever listen to a radio commercial or see an ad on TV and say to yourself: "I can do better than that!" Here's your chance to do do it! Students will study the broadcast commercial, focusing on technique, style and the creating the types of advertisements that sell and entertain. Scriptwriting will be covered with an emphasis on obtaining and applying the skill sets required to succeed in this rapidly evolving and ever-challenging media arena.

        * ADV2321   -   004   -   Broadcast Advertising Production

          Working as individuals and in teams, students will become the driving creative forces behind creating their own radio and television commercials and webisodes. Audio and video editing, lighting, camera and directorial techniques will be learned and applied in this course, providing students with additional materials to add to their final portfolios.

        * ADV2415   -   003   -   Direct Marketing & Special Events

          Prerequisite: ADV 1000 or ADV 2331 Students will be introduced to the promotion strategies of direct marketing and special events marketing. Upon completion of the course, the student will be able to assess the appropriateness of either strategy in a view of a product/service's designated target market. Students will become familiar with the processes and decisions associated with the use of these distinctive communication approaches by creating both a direct marketing campaign and organizing and executing a special event.

        * ADV2420   -   003   -   Campaign Strategy

          Prerequisites: ADV 1000, MKT 1000 and successful completion of semester 1. Students will apply all knowledge acquired to date in this capstone course for the Advertising program. Research methods, creative and strategic thinking skills, and communications theories will be applied in a simulated advertising agency environment to arrive at a final, completed advertising campaign plan.

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