Advertising Advanced Diploma

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  • Objectives
    In this three-year advanced diploma program, students develop the basic skills required for planning, creating and implementing marketing communications activities. These include: conceptualizing, copywriting, layout, production, and media selection. Students learn the place of advertising in the marketing mix while practising their creative and client-service skills in workshops, with the student newspaper, and with the student agency. The program concludes with six weeks of on-the-job fieldwork. Creativity, initiative, discipline, and strong interpersonal skills are valuable assets for prospective students. Macintosh computers are used extensively.
  • Academic title
    Advertising Advanced Diploma
  • Course description

    Level: 01

    ADV1607 : Advertising I

    ADV1611 : Layout Workshop I

    ADV1612 : Design to Prepress I

    ADV1616 : Persuasion

    ADV1618 : Marketing

    ADV1682 : History of Design

    ENL1813M : Communications I

    Level: 02

    ADV1619 : Media Planning I

    ADV1620 : Print Production Theory

    ADV1621 : Layout Workshop II

    ADV1622 : Writing for Print

    ADV1623 : Advertising II

    ADV1626 : Media Sales

    ADV1639 : Creative Thinking and Problem Solving

    ADV1681 : Design to Prepress II

    Choose one from equivalencies:

    GED1456 : General Education Elective

    Level: 03

    ADV1630 : Advertising III

    ADV1634 : Writing for Radio

    ADV1638 : Projects in Advertising and Communication I

    ADV1641 : Media Planning II

    ADV1678 : Advertising Studio I

    ADV1679 : Consumer Behaviour

    ADV1684 : Integrated Marketing Communications I

    Level: 04

    ADV1645 : Advertising IV

    ADV1648 : Projects in Advertising and Communication II

    ADV1659 : Writing for Television

    ADV1680 : Advertising Studio II

    ADV1683 : Account Planning

    ADV1687 : Integrated Marketing Communications II

    ENL2011 : Presentation Skills

    Choose one from equivalencies:

    GED1456 : General Education Elective

    Level: 05

    ADV1631 : Web Techniques  

    ADV1653 : Corporate and Government Communications

    ADV1655 : Internet Advertising

    ADV1656 : Advertising V

    ADV1657 : Cases in Advertising

    ADV1676 : Branding

    ENL1988 : Communications II: Proposal Writing

    Elective: choose 1

    ADV1685 : Portfolio Projects (Creative)

    ADV1686 : Portfolio Projects (Business)

    Level: 06

    ADV1665 : Advertising V

    ADV1666 : Fieldwork

    ADV1671 : Trends in Advertising

    ADV1691 : Professional Practice

    Elective: choose 1

    ADV1672 : Introduction to Flash

    ADV1675 : Clients and Contracts

    ADV1688 : Portfolio Presentation (Creative)

    ADV1689 : Portfolio Presentation (Business)

    ADV1677 : Project Management

    ADV1693 : Writing Workshop

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