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  • Objectives
    Electronic Commerce is a discipline whose underpinnings lie equally in technology, business, and social and economic policy. Distinct from any of the disciplines that comprise it, this multi-disciplinary two-year program consists of core classes, stream classes, an industrial internship, and a project. Students study core topics in each of the three areas and concentrate in depth in one of them by choosing one of three streams of study: Technology, Business and Policy.
  • Practical experience
    The internship is an opportunity for electronic commerce students to learn professional ecommerce and ebusiness issues under the mentorship of a practitioner in this field. Our students have completed internships with major telecommunications companies, financial institutions, hospitals, consulting companies, insurance companies, law firms, government organizations, etc.
  • Academic title
    Master of Electronic Commerce
  • Course description

    Thesis Option

    • 8 courses + research project + internship
    • This program option typically focuses on an implementation of specific solutions or a thorough analysis of a specific topic with a significant contribution.
    • The research project requires a supervisor who may be faculty member at any institution and a reader from one of the three Faculties at Dalhousie (Computer Science, Management, Law) who is a member of the Faculty of Graduate Studies.
    • The project should be approximately 40-60 pages in length but this may vary depending on the topic chosen.
    • The sturequires a public thesis defense.

    Research Paper Option

    • 10 courses + research paper + internship
    • This program option offers the study of a specific topic beyond the typical coverage in a course and requires a written report that is evaluated by a reader from one of the three Faculties of Computer Science, Management, or Law.
    • The research paper must be augmented with two additional Available Courses relevant to the area of specialization. The research paper must make a contribution but is not expected to generate new data or theories. It must demonstrate serious critical thinking and a review of the literature. No public presentation is required.
    • The research paper should be approximately 30-40 pages in length. This is simply a guideline and will vary depending on the chosen topic.

    Technology oriented courses

    • ECMM 6012 Electronic Payments and Security
    • ECMM 6014 Databases and Data Mining for Electronic Commerce
    • ECMM 6016 Networking for Electronic Commerce
    • ECMM 6018 Enterprise Networking for Electronic Commerce
    • CSCI xxxx Graduate computer science elective - prerequisite: CS undergraduate core plus permission of instructor. For a complete list visit the Registrar Academic Calendars.
    • Candidates may take other Computer Science courses if they have appropriate prerequisites and obtain approval from the committee.

    Business oriented courses

    • ECMM 6022 IT Project Management (recommended)
    • ECMM 6024 New Venture Creation (to be replaced by BUSI 6007 Starting the Emerging Technology Venture)
    • BUSI 6313 Organizational Change
    • BUSI 5401 Marketing Management
    • BUSI 6420 Marketing Informatics
    • BUSI 6517 Managing the Information Resource - prerequisite: permission of instructor
    • BUSI 6522 Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining - prerequisite: permission of instructor
    • BUSI 6516 Database Management Systems - prerequisite: BUSI 5511 or permission of instructor
    • BUSI 6409 Internet Marketing
    • PUAD 6026 e-Government: International Experiences and Perspectives
    • PUAD 6500 Business and Government
    • PUAD 6555 E-Government,; Information Technology; International Experiences & Perspectives
    • Candidates may take other MBA courses if they have the appropriate prerequisites (except BUSI 6520 and BUSI 5511).

    Policy oriented courses

    • LAWS 2019 Law and Technology (recommended)
    • ECMM 6068 Internet and Media Law (recommended)

    Further studies in the law specialization may include:

    • LAWS 2130 International Trade Transactions
    • LAWS 2159 Advanced Health Law
    • LAWS 2183 Privacy Law
    • LAWS 2178 Intellectual Property

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