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  • Objectives
    Leadership, teamwork, writing, research, critical analysis, problem-solving, planning, presentation, creativity, design, and technological skills are essentials for a successful career in public relations. Cambrian College's three-year program educates graduates that meet industry needs and standards. Cambrian's public relations students will be engaged in researching, monitoring, planning, writing, designing, producing and presenting key communication vehicles such as communication and marketing plans, corporate videos, media kits, special events, web pages, newsletters, brochures, blogs, podcasts, and much more.
  • Practical experience
    Practical, hands-on experience is prevalent throughout each of the six semesters of the program. Students will participate in a field placement with a community business/organization in their final semester.
  • Academic title
    Public Relations Advanced Diploma
  • Course description
    Semester 1
    # BUS1106   -   003   -   Computerized Business Applications

    This course is a hands-on introduction to microcomputers and productivity software with applications streamlined for business. Students will use a windows environment to handle file management, backup and system utilities, and an office suite to perform document processing, presentation tasks, and integration.

    # ENG1200   -   003   -   Effective Presentation Skills

    This course helps students develop presentation skills to meet the challenge of the business world. Through practice in speeches and presentations, students will develop a professional spoken image and a confident presence. Assignments will be geared to the professional goals of each individual class.

    # ENG1551   -   001   -   Writing Fundamentals: Ind. Study

    This course is required in the first semester of most post-secondary programs at Cambrian. The purpose of the course is to allow students to develop their independent learning skills and to review the fundamental conventions of Standard English.

    # ENG2324   -   003   -   Writing for Media Professionals

    In this course, students will develop professional media communication skills through the study and practice of the theory of communication, patterns of organization of writing, common business communications tools, usage, and style appropriate to the workplace, and an intensive review of editing and proofreading strategies.

    # MKT1100   -   004   -   Introduction To Marketing I

    This course is designed to be a total overview of the contemporary marketing process. Emphasis will be placed on concepts which are the basis for marketing decision-making and the environment in which marketing activities take place. Case reports will be introduced and used as part of the learning process.

    # PRO1105   -   003   -   Intro To Public Relations Theory

    This course will be a study of the public relations field covering its origins and development to the present. It will stress what is expected of a public relations practitioner and how to prepare for that role in its many different contexts, as well as how it relates to similar roles.

    # PSY1400   -   003   -   Psychology of Communication

    This course is designed to assist students in making more interesting pictures and ads by using the findings of psychologists in the field of perception and learning. The course deals with the preparation of pictures and ads that are attention getting and persuasive.

    Semester 2

    # ADV2321   -   004   -   Broadcast Advertising Production

    Prerequisite: Acceptance in ADPG Working as individuals and in teams, students will plan, coordinate, and produce radio and television commercials. Students will be taught basic techniques of radio and television production.

    # ENG3445   -   003   -   Mass Media

    Prerequisite: ENG 1550 This course examines the scope and impact of the mass media - the press, film, radio, television, the Internet, and merging technologies - on individuals and on society, with particular emphasis on how Canadian media influence our cultural and social values.

    # ISP1215   -   003   -   Electronic Publishing I

    This course is intended to introduce the student to electronic publishing in the print communication industry. It will focus on the underlying principles of design and the techniques for putting them into action in a Macintosh computer environment.

    # MKT1200   -   003   -   Introduction To Marketing II

    Prerequisite: MKT 1100

    # PRO1215   -   003   -   Media Relations

    Prerequisite: PRO 1105 This course examines the key tools and techniques utilized in public relations. Focusing on media relations, students will develop/enhance their interview and listening skills. They will develop a keen understanding of the critical role of media relations for an organization. Students will learn the requirements of different media such as newspaper, magazines, radio, television and cable. Students will also explore the "new" media and examine the impact of the Internet on corporate communications.

    # PRO1220   -   003   -   Communication Research Methods

    Prerequisite: JRN 1102 - For Journalism students only. This course focuses on journalistic research techniques. Students will also be introduced to the art of interviews and how to conduct various types of interviews.

    # PRO1225   -   003   -   Public Affairs/Internat'l Relat'n

    This course will focus on the lobbying component of public relations as well as highlight the political, business, social, and cultural differences in conducting business internationally.
    Semester 3
    # ART1190   -   003   -   Communication Design

    Prerequisite: ISP1215 This course introduces the student to the role of communication design in the advertising industry. Attention will be focused on the theory of advertising design and hand skills required to effectively produce layouts and artwork. All artwork will be computer generated.

    # ISP2405   -   003   -   Electronic Publishing II

    Prerequisite: ISP 1215 This course is a project-based presentation of advanced page layout concepts and applications (MAC environment). In addition, it introduces the student to basic digital camera and scanner operations.

    # ISP3025   -   004   -   Spreadsheet Management

    Prerequisite: BUS 1106 OR ISP 1100 OR ISP 1215 This course is designed to familiarize the student with the use of spreadsheets in the business world. The student will gain hands-on experience working with and creating worksheets, graphs, lists, and macros using Microsoft Excel to develop proficiency with spreadsheet functions and applications.

    # PRO2302   -   004   -   News Writing & Reporting

    Writing is the keystone of the Public Relations program. This is the first of a series of courses that will develop essential writing skills and judgement needed by the student for public relations work. Following an introduction to public relations writing - purpose, planning, research, theories of communication, and ethics -- the course will concentrate on developing writing skills by focusing on the journalistic style of writing. Students will distinguish between print, broadcast and web news writing. The Canadian Press and Broadcast News styles wil be reviewed and utilized in assignments. Students will take on the role of a reporter and examine stories/articles from a journalistic perspective.

    # PRO2305   -   003   -   Event Management Theory

    This course will introduce students to the various elements of event planning such as security, venue set-up, speakers, sponsors, etc. It will also introduce students to project management.

    # PRO3555   -   003   -   Fundraising

    This course examines the basics of managing successful fundraising campaigns. From the perspective of the non-profit sector, it combines the theoretical "why's" with the practical "how-to's", covering the full range of activities from planning to evaluation. The course also explores the role that many Public Relations practitioners employed in industry play, as the contact point or gatekeeper for community groups seeking funding.

    Semester 4

    # ACC1220   -   003   -   Business Records

    This course provides an introduction to the keeping of the essential financial records of a business for non-business students. The student will learn to record, classify, and summarize common transactions using the double-entry system of accounting, including transactions for cash, accounts receivable, accounts payable, petty cash and bank reconciliations.

    # BUS2040   -   003   -   Organizational Behavior

    An organization is a group of people working toward a common goal or objective. People are the common denominator in organization regardless of size or purpose. The study of organizational behaviour helps us predict, explain, and manage individual and group behaviour in the workplace to achieve organizational objectives.

    # PRO2400   -   004   -   Media Writing

    The second of a series of writing courses will require students to handle their writing assignments under some deadline pressure and exercise growing self-criticism and independent approaches. Students will write for the media. This course leads the student through the development of a comprehensive media kit. Students will write a variety of news releases (print, broadcast and web) public service announcements, fact sheets, backgrounders, media advisories, pitch letters, profiles, etc.

    # PRO2415   -   003   -   Corporate Speechwriting

    Prerequisite: ENG 2324 and ISP 1100 This course reviews the development and structure of effective speeches. Students are assigned a variety of speech writing tasks both for themselves and for others.

    # PRO2420   -   003   -   Communications Planning

    This course will focus on the role of research in public relations and specifically in developing communication plans. Students will examine a variety of public relations case studies, introducing various problems experience by public relations practitioners. As research is the first step in developing any public relations campaign, students will examine how research aids in setting strategic directions for corporate communications. Students will be involved in issue analysis, assessment, campaign planning and development. Students will plan and conduct research - media monitoring, situational analyses, and surveys -- as well as intepret and report on research findings. Students will be involved in case analysis, where students will be required to draft an appropriate public relations campaign, based on research findings.

    # PRO2425   -   003   -   Event Management Practicum

    This course is a practical, hands-on understanding of the rationale and logistics of planning, coordinating, and staging an event. Students will analyze the elements of various organizational structures, as well as participate in practical tasks such as, time management, planning, meetings preparation, and implementing and evaluating events.

    Semester 5

    # ISP1225   -   004   -   Database Management

    Prerequisite: CET 1110 and CET 1100 or BUS 1106 or ISP 3025 This course introduces the features of Microsoft Access, one of the database management software applications most widely used in business today. Learners will gain a working knowledge of the software by applying it to typical business problems.

    # MKT2480   -   003   -   Consumer Behaviour

    Prerequisite: MKT 1100

    # PRO3520   -   003   -   Strategic Communications Planning

    This course will examine a variety of public relations cases that introduce the student to various issues encountered by public relations practitioners. Cases involving ethical situations, media relations, community relations, public affairs, internal communications, crisis management and more will be analysed, discussed and reviewed. Students will review, discuss, and develop campaign goals, objectives, strategies, and evaluation criteria.

    # PRO3540   -   003   -   Corporate Communications

    Prerequisite: ENG 2324 This is the final course of the Public Relations Writing series. This course will further develop and refine the professional level writing skills expected on an entry-level public relations practitioner. Internal communication mediums such as newsletters, situational analyses, and a variety of reports (prospecting to feasibility) as well as external materials like annual reports, direct mail, ad-copy, and media kits will be reviewed.

    # PRO3550   -   003   -   Public Relations Workshop

    Prerequisite: Successful completion of previous four semesters This course will simulate a public relations agency environment. Students will work for clients (internal or community agencies) that require assistance with public relations projects. Projects will vary from agency to agency and may consist of preparing promotion materials, communications plans/campaigns, event planning, and more. All projects will have one common element, a critical writing task. This course will enable students to further develop organizational, research, planning, evaluation, interpersonal time management, and writing skills.

    # PRO3560   -   003   -   Connecting Through New Media

    Students will learn how to effectively use technology to improve communication between an organization and its publics.

    Semester 6

    # ADV1225   -   003   -   Integrated Marketing Communications

    Being heard in a cluttered marketplace is one of the major obstacles in advertising today. An integrated marketing communications program meets the challenge of developing one clear voice by consolidating marketing efforts.

    # BUS2355   -   003   -   Management Decision Making

    This course will focus on the economic/financial aspects of the planning and decision-making process. Students will develop and examine campaign/project budgets, identify and explain how resources are being used efficiently and effectively, and identify any alternate sources or uses of funding. Various decision-making techniques will be used in a case style format.

    # LAW1060   -   003   -   Communications Law

    The course deals with Canadian law as it concerns mass media. Specific topics include civil and criminal libel, and contempt of court, obscenity, censorship, copyright, privacy, secrecy, laws of regulatory bodies such as the CRT and advertising groups, and constitutional provisions for freedom of expression.

    # PRO3605   -   010   -   Field Placement

    Prerequisite: Successful completion of all previous courses in 6 semesters.

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