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  • Objectives
    This two-semester program will expose students to the theory and application of key public relations tools and strategies. Students will develop an understanding of the purpose and role of public relations within an organization.
  • Practical experience
    Students will receive practical experience through the 40 volunteer hours required with a local/community organization, as well as through key assignments and an optional six-week field placement. Students will be involved in hands-on, practical applications such as planning and evaluating events, as well as in public relations techniques including researching, writing, designing and producing information materials for a variety of audiences: media, employees, community, and consumers.
  • Entry requirements
    Public Relations - Graduate Certificate
  • Academic title
    Public Relations - Graduate Certificate
  • Course description
    Semester 1
    # ISP1215   -   003   -   Electronic Publishing I

    This course is intended to introduce the student to electronic publishing in the print communication industry. It will focus on the underlying principles of design and the techniques for putting them into action in a Macintosh computer environment.

    # MKT1100   -   004   -   Introduction To Marketing I

    This course is designed to be a total overview of the contemporary marketing process. Emphasis will be placed on concepts which are the basis for marketing decision-making and the environment in which marketing activities take place. Case reports will be introduced and used as part of the learning process.

    # PRO2302   -   004   -   News Writing & Reporting

    Writing is the keystone of the public relations program. This is the first of a series of courses that will develop essential writing skills and judgment needed by the student for public relations work. Following an introduction to public relations writing - purpose, planning, research, theories of communication, and ethics -- the course will concentrate on developing writing skills by focusing on the journalistic style of writing. Students will distinguish between print, broadcast and web news writing. The Canadian Press and Broadcast News styles will be reviewed and used in assignments. Students will take on the role of a reporter and examine stories/articles from a journalistic perspective.

    # PRO2305   -   003   -   Event Management Theory

    This course will introduce students to the various elements of event planning such as security, venue set-up, speakers, sponsors, etc. It will also introduce students to project management.

    # PRO3540   -   003   -   Corporate Communications

    Prerequisite: ENG 2324 This is the final course of the Public Relations Writing series. This course will further develop and refine the professional level writing skills expected on an entry-level public relations practitioner. Internal communication mediums such as newsletters, situational analyses, and a variety of reports (prospecting to feasibility) as well as external materials like annual reports, direct mail, ad-copy, and media kits will be reviewed.

    # PRO3560   -   003   -   Connecting Through New Media

    Students will learn how to effectively use technology to improve communication between an organization and its publics.

    Semester 2

    # ISP2405   -   003   -   Electronic Publishing II

    Prerequisite: ISP 1215 This course is a project-based presentation of advanced page layout concepts and applications (MAC environment). In addition, it introduces the student to basic digital camera and scanner operations.

    # MKT1200   -   003   -   Introduction To Marketing II

    This second part of the Introduction to Marketing course provides a detailed study of the marketing mix, concentrating on Product, Price, Place and Promotion strategies. The practice of developing analytical marketing skills will be emphasized using problems and case studies.

    # PRO2400   -   004   -   Media Writing

    The second of a series of writing courses will require students to handle their writing assignments under some deadline pressure and exercise growing self-criticism and independent approaches. Students will write for the media. This course leads the student through the development of a comprehensive media kit. Students will write a variety of news releases (print, broadcast and web) public service announcements, fact sheets, backgrounders, media advisories, pitch letters, profiles, etc.

    # PRO2415   -   003   -   Corporate Speechwriting

    Prerequisite: ENG 2324 and ISP 1100 This course reviews the development and structure of effective speeches. Students are assigned a variety of speech writing tasks both for themselves and for others.

    # PRO2420   -   003   -   Communications Planning

    This course will focus on the role of research in public relations and specifically in developing communication plans. Students will examine a variety of public relations case studies, introducing various problems experience by public relations practitioners. As research is the first step in developing any public relations campaign, students will examine how research aids in setting strategic directions for corporate communications. Students will be involved in issue analysis, assessment, campaign planning and development. Students will plan and conduct research - media monitoring, situational analyses, and surveys -- as well as intepret and report on research findings. Students will be involved in case analysis, where students will be required to draft an appropriate public relations campaign, based on research findings.

    # PRO3000   -   004   -   Applied Public Relations

    Prerequisite: Completion of the first semester Students will be responsible for developing a comprehensive public relations plan for a community organization or college group. This practical application course will enable students to further develop organizational, research, creative, planning, evaluation, interpersonal, time management, and writing skills.

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