Bartending Ontario College Certificate - Part-time

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  • Objectives
    This part-time program provides the knowledge and skills required for employment in the hospitality industry as a professional bartender. Mixology, wine, beer and beverage appreciation will be taught through theory and lab practice. In addition, bar management concepts and customer service techniques are addressed.
  • Academic title
    Bartending Ontario College Certificate
  • Course description
    HOSP1040      Sanitation and Safety
    Description: The necessity and importance of safe food handling practices and maintenance of all areas of a food service establishment is emphasized in this course. Topics will include Ontario Food Premises Regulations, cause and prevention of food-borne illness, cleaning and sanitizing, accident and fire prevention, and management responsibilities.
    Hours: 16
    Credits: 1

    HOSP1180     Canadian Wines

    Description: An introductory study of the wine regions of Canada, covering geography, grapes and the VQA standard of excellence in Ontario. The art and science of winemaking will be discussed and enhanced with a winery tour. The selection of wine to complement food, and the place of wine in a healthy diet will be explored along with how to organize a wine tasting. A major component of this course is the Wine Council of Ontario program and upon successful completion the student is eligible for a competency certificate. Wine tasting will be conducted in a lab situation.
    Hours: 24
    Credits: 2

    HOSP1190     The World of Beer

    Description: This course is designed to investigate the increasingly popular view that beer is, and should be, judged on the same level as wine. Topics will include the history of beer production, different styles of beer, the brewing process, correct storage and serving techniques for bottle and draught beer. An opportunity for beer comparison will be provided in a lab setting.
    Hours: 21
    Credits: 2

    HOSP1200     Introduction to Spirits

    Description: This course is designed to introduce the student to the fundamentals of spirits and liquors. The correct storage, care and service of these products will be explored along with the distillation process, historical and medical properties of spirits and liquors. The significance of taste and density in the preparation of drinks will be discussed. Knowledge of the responsibility associated with the service of alcohol may be achieved through the Smart Serve program. Please note: There is an additional cost if student wishes to receive Smart Serve certification. You must be 19 years of age or older before the first class.
    Hours: 24
    Credits: 2

    HOSP1210     Beverage Cost Control
    Description: A fundamental knowledge of math concepts is necessary to succeed in the beverage industry. Calculator use, basic arithmetic, ratio and proportion, metric measurement conversion, averages and interest will be studied in this course.
    Hours: 21
    Credits: 2

    HOSP1230     Mixology I
    Description: This intensive core course will introduce the students to the art and science of mixology. The student will develop the skills required to mix and serve beverages using standard mixing practices, and utilize those skills to prepare a set of one hundred recipes. Choosing appropriate garnishes and glassware will also be covered.
    Hours: 40
    Credits: 3

    HOSP1240     World Wine Regions

    Description: This second level wine course takes a close look at the vinifera and vinifera hybrids of the wine world. The wine regions of France, Germany, Spain and Italy will be investigated along with their quality assurance systems. New world wines from California, Chile, Australia, South Africa and the emerging East European producers will be explored. Appellation control systems will be discussed, reading wine labels, wine cellaring practices and the competent opening and serving of wine will be practised. A horizontal and vertical wine tasting will be conducted in class.
    Hours: 21
    Credits: 2

    HOSP1300     Mixology II

    Description: Building on the fundamental skills and knowledge of beverage preparation, the student will practice ways to put a little flair into the serving style. Successful completion of this course requires mastery of 75% of the drink recipes introduced in the semester one Mixology course.
    Hours: 28
    Credits: 2

    HOSP1310     Work Placement

    Description: The student is required to demonstrate the skills acquired through the Programme in an occupational setting. The student is required to secure his/her own placement area. This is an unpaid work experience.
    Hours: 24
    Credits: 1

    HOSP1400     Customer Service

    Description: This course addresses the fundamental aspects of quality service issues, concepts and strategies as they relate to the guests' perception of value in product and service. Different approaches to industry specific marketing and promotional ideas, initiating special projects and solving entertainment situations will also be discussed.
    Hours: 30
    Credits: 2

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