Named after Sir John Abbott, Canada's third prime minister, the College primarily serves the Greater Montreal region, although you can also meet students here from other parts of Quebec and the rest of Canada. The College also has a significant number of international students as part of its community.  In total, over 5,600 students are enrolled in the Day Division and about 2,000 in the Continuing Education Division.

      Situated on the most western tip of the island of Montreal, in Ste-Anne de Bellevue, John Abbott enjoys a rural setting just a half hour drive from downtown Montreal. As one of 48 CEGEPs (collège d'enseignement général et professionnel) in Quebec, John Abbott offers two types of programs: Two-year pre-university programs that lead to university, and three-year career or professional programs designed to lead directly to the labour market.

     The mission of John Abbott College is to provide an excellent education for our students within a stimulating learning environment that will enhance their development and potential for success in society.


  • Foster in our students the ability to make and articulate informed intellectual, aesthetic and ethical decisions, while demonstrating skills needed for success in modern society.
  • Cultivate a love of learning, autonomy and responsible citizenship in our students, both in the classroom and through socio-cultural, leadership, recreational and sports activities.
  • Respect and learn from diverse world views and international perspectives, as reflected in our programs, our approach and our community.

  • Provide well-rounded and balanced pre-university and career programs that meet high standards of quality and ethical consciousness, and respond to the requirements of universities, employers and society.
  • Value excellence in teaching and learning as dynamic and interactive processes.
  • Promote lifelong learning and continuous improvement in the College community, with a commitment to innovative pedagogy, effective administration and quality support services.
  • Deliver leading-edge training, tailored to the needs of business, industry and other sectors, through our continuing education services and specialized programs.

  • Cultivate a safe, caring and challenging learning environment that bolsters self-esteem and promotes a sense of belonging and purpose, mutual respect, and healthy lifestyles, leading students to attain academic, professional and personal success.
  • Ensure governance that reflects the active engagement of students, staff and faculty, and places students learning at the centre of our decisions and actions.
  • Establish effective partnerships with academic, professional and social communities, to maximize our students' success and continued growth.

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