Dental Hygiene Diploma of College Studies

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  • Objectives
    The Dental Hygiene Program provides education to future licensed health professionals who work as part of the dental team. As part of their training to become dental hygienists, students learn to assess their clients’ oral health needs, take dental X-rays, design individual dental hygiene care plans, perform periodontal debridement (clean & polish teeth), insert fillings and apply other preventive measures. The program is accredited by the Commission on Dental Accreditation of Canada. Graduates are eligible to work anywhere across Canada provided they meet the provincial or territorial licensure or registration requirements.
  • Academic title
    Dental Hygiene Diploma of College Studies
  • Course description
    1st Semester
    101-DCA     Human Anatomy & Physiology I
    111-103     Introduction to the Profession
    111-104     Dental Anatomy
    111-113     Prevention I: Methods and Measures
    603-101     English
    345-103     Humanities
    109-___     Physical Education
    ___-___     Complementary

    2nd Semester

    101-214     Dental Microbiology
    101-DCJ     Human Anatomy & Physiology II
    111-203     Head & Neck Examination
    111-204     Health & Safety
    120-203     Nutrition: Oral Health
    350-203     Communication & Teamwork
    603-___     English

    3rd Semester
    111-303     Health History
    111-305     Prosthodontics
    111-306     Periodontal Instrumentation
    111-DCS     Detection of Oral Disease
    603-___     English
    602-___     French
    345-102     Humanities

    4th Semester

    111-404     Prevention II: Educating the Client
    111-406     Radiology
    111-408     Clinic I
    111-DDC     Restorative Dentistry
    603-DB_     English
    109-___     Physical Education

    5th Semester

    111-503     Advanced Periodontology
    111-505     Community Dental Health
    111-51B     Clinic II
    345-DB_     Humanities
    ___-___     Complementary

    6th Semester

    111-603     Integration into the Workplace
    111-604     Community Fieldwork
    111-614     Orthodontics
    111-62B     Clinic III
    602-DB_     French
    109-105     Physical Education

    All students must pass the Ministerial Examination of College English and a Comprehensive Assessment in Dental Hygiene

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