Peace Studies Certificate

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  • Objectives
    The Peace Studies Certificate brings together College courses which inform students about world issues and their impacts on their personal lives. Students are then empowered to take action.
  • Academic title
    Peace Studies Certificate
  • Course description
    To obtain the Certificate, a student must take at least six courses designated as Peace Studies courses.  Within one of these courses, each student completes a special project, a self-defined project which is aligned with an assignment already required for the course.

    The following list is partial:


    381-100 Introduction to Anthropology [J. Benmouyal]
    381-251 Peoples of the World [S. Soroka]
    381-252 Race or Racism [S. Soroka]
    381-250 First Civilizations


    502-DCA Exploring Arts & Letters [R. Young]
    502-DCB Artistic & Literary Currents I [A. Pearson]
    502-DCG Arts & Audiences: Communications [J. Joyce/ C. Notar]
    502-DCH Elements of Culture [I. Tsariki/R. Young]
    585-DCB Introduction to Radio [S. Asher, S. Schein]
    585-DCJ Radio II [Radio Journalism] [E. Tucker]


    202-DDN Chemistry of the Environment [S. Jalil]


    401-100 Intro to Business {B. Canzer, N. Matziorinis}
    401-225 International Business
    401-251 Marketing {Canzer, Matziorinis}


    383-920 Macro-Economics


    603-101 Mythology [G. Cook N. Arabaghian]                                                                                         
    603-101 In a Material World [L. Weber]        
    603-101 Words Behind Bars [Y. St.Pierre]
    603-101 Canadian Culture [A. Pacholka]
    603-101 American Dreams/Realities [L. Hutchison]
    603-101 Family Matters [P. Ross]
    603-101 Love [P. Gordon]
    603-103 The Disposables [L. Sheshko]
    603-103 Community [P. Gordon]
    603-103 The Wars [K. Wilkinson]
    603-103 Literature of Genocide [N. Arabaghian]                                                                             
    603-102 Intro to Middle East Lit. {G Cook}                                                                                       
    603-102 Introduction to Drama [Y. Saint-Pierre]                                                                             
    603-103 Trauma and Witness {W. Eberle-Sinatra]                                                                            
    603-103 Families in Conflict [Y. Saint.Pierre]
    603-103 Irish Writers [D. Hearne]
    603-103 The Course of Love [R. Lallier]
    603-103 Family Portraits [H. Napier]
    603-103 Monster-Making [F. Trecartin]
    603-DBW Nature [P. Gordon]
    603-DBW Communication & Community [W. Tierney]
    603-DBW American Dreams / Realities [L. Hutchison]
    603- African Literature [A. Eliott] Drama [A. Pacholka]                                                                    
    603- War all the Time [H. Hoefle]                                                                                                       
    603- Enlightenment & Romantic Themes


    530-DAD Modern Cinema
    530-DCC Media Studies [R. Young]
    585-DBF Broadcast Media


    602-001 Mise a Niveau [J.L. Thibault]
    602-DBL Level III [V. Silver, J.L. Thibault]
    602-103 Level IV [V. Silver]
    602-DCL Les langues du monde [D. Rondeau]                                                                                    
    602-103 Litterature et 20e siecle [D. Rondeau]


    320-100 Introduction to Geography [S. Bryce, J. Burpee]
    320-253 Environmental Geography [P. Green]
    320-252 Regional Geography [P. Green]
    320-251 Cities & Urbanization [J. Podmore]
    320 -255  World Issues [S. Bryce]


    205-DDN Oceanography [H. Short]


    520-DCP History of Art (Modern World) 330-251 History of United States [Solonysznyj]
    330-101 Post-Classical History [P. Solonysznyj]
    330-972 Modern History: 20th Century [W. Russell/M. Sotiron]
    330-910 Western Civilization [M. Sotiron/B. Russell/E. Carle]


    345-102 Poetry and Social Change [S. Stephenson]                                                                               
    345-102 Africa: Issues [C. Davet]
    345-102 Canada: Who Needs It? [A. Woodrow, P. Jones]
    345-102 Technology & Human Values [I. Tsakiri]
    345-102 Views on Order & Freedom [V. Ares]
    345-102 War and Peace in the Middle East [J. Joyce]
    345-102 Reel Politics [S. Orlov]
    345-103 Head Hype: Media and Knowledge [P. Jones]
    345-103 Self-Knowledge Through Yoga [S. Stephenson]
    345-103 Communication: Self & Society [V. Levant]
    345-103 Reel History [S. Orlov]
    345-103 Knowing Thru Creative Work [E. Scheider]
    345-DBU Ethics of College Students [R. Collins]
    345-DBU Moral Controversies in Society [D. Miller, A. Woodrow]
    345-DBX Media Messages & Social Issues [J. Joyce/I. Tsakiri]
    345-DBY Bioethics [D. Miller]
    345-DBY Environmental Ethics [E. Laferriere]
    345-DBY Ethics in Science & Technology [M. Browne]
    345-DBZ Ethics of Westernism [C. Witchel]                                                                                       
    345- 102 North-South Relations [M. McGuire]                                                                                   
    345-102 War, Peace and World Order
    345-103 Women and War
    345-103 Understanding war through film [Orlov]
    345-DBX - Current Ethical Issues [S. Viqar]
    345-102 North-South Relations [S. Viqar]
    345-DBX Animals and Society [D. Miller] 

    300-301 Integrating Activity
    300-302 Intro to Methodology [D. Brown]

    Social Science Students can use your Integrating Activity to meet your "special project" requirement.   Please discuss this with Peace Studies co-ordinator.


    607-DCA Spanish I
    608-DCA Italian I
    609-DCA German I


    550-DAB Afro-American Rock Music


    120-DBA Strategies & Health [M. Ali]


    Philosophy of Communication [J. Joyce]
    340-101 Philosophical Questions [R.Haughey, I Tsakiri]


    109-103 Intro to Outdoor Ed [Dave Hill]
    109-103 Fitness Training [T. Peters]
    109-104 Kayaking
    109-104 Hiking & Orienteering
    109-104 Rock Climbing
    109-104 Mountain Biking [T. Peters]
    109-105 Outdoor Survival [T. Peters]
    109-105 X-C Skiing/Orienteering/Snowshoeing
    109-105 Snow Shoeing/Winter Camping [T. Peters]
    109-105 Canoe/Kayak/Camping [T. Peters]
    109-105 Outdoor Survival [T. Peters]
    109-105 Day Hiking
    109-105 Canoe Camping
    109-105 Biking Camping


    203-DDM Astronomy [R. Francis]


    385-251 International Politics [L. Gelston]


    350-102 Intro to Psychology [J. Berger, R. Logan, S. Bedard]
    350-250 Child Psychology [J. Berger]
    350-251 Interaction and Communication [J. Katz]


    370-100 World Religions [S. Ghosh]
    370-DBA Magic, Religion and Science [C. Witchel]


    387-100 Introduction to Sociology
    387-252 Love-Relationships & Family
    387-256 Current Social Issues [w. Hadd]


    561-313 Theatre History
    502-DCH Cinema & Society/Elements of Culture
    530-DCC FilmStudies
    Intro  toRadio
    585-DCK Video Production
    603-203 Journalism I & II

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