Pre-Hospital Emergency Care Diploma

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Comments about Pre-Hospital Emergency Care Diploma - At the institution - Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue - Québec

  • Objectives
    The Pre-Hospital Emergency Care Program provides: * integrated knowledge of pre-hospital care * awareness of the rights, responsibilities and ethics of the profession * appreciation of health and safety issues * strategies for developing autonomy in decision making & dealing with change * knowledge of principles of underlying techniques and technologies * communication skills & team skills
  • Academic Title
    Pre-Hospital Emergency Care Diploma
  • Course description
    It is a three-year professional program comprised of a General Education component (26u 2/3 unites or 14 courses) and a Program-specific component of 90 units (approximately 35 courses). The training received in program-specific courses is determined through the collaboration of partners in the workforce and education fields and is based on such factors as training needs, the job market and the general goals of technical training. There is a significant fieldwork/stage component to the program which requires students to be fluently bilingual in both English and French.

    1st Semester

    603-101     English
    109-103      Physical Education: Lifestyles
    ___-___      Complimentary
    101-107     Human Anatomy & Physiology
    181-100     Introduction to the Profession
    181-101     Emergency Care Patient Transportation
    181-102     Emergency Services Communication
    181-103      Emergency Intervention I
     350-181     EMS Communication Skills

    2nd Semester

    603-___     English
    602-___     French
    345-103     Humanities
    109-104     Physical Education: Activities
    101-108     Human Anatomy & Physiology II
    181-200     Pre-Hospital Clinical Evaluation I
    181-201     Intro to Pharmacology
    181-202     EMS Professional Ethics System
    387-181     Ethnic & Sociocultural Communities

    3rd Semester
    603-___     English
    345-102     Humanities

    Complimentary Course

    Microbiology & Immunology
    101-110     Intro to Pathopsychology
    181-300     Pre-Hospital Clinical Evaluation I
    181-301     Medical Emergencies I
    181-302     Stage in Hospital Setting I
    181-303     Emergency Intervention II

    4th Semester
    603-DBW     English
    602-DB_     French
    345-DB_     Humanities (Ethics)
    109-105     Physical Education
    181-400     Pre-Hospital Trauma Life Support I
    181-401     Medical Emergencies II
    181-402     Stage in Hospital Setting II
    181-403     Applied Pathopsychology
    181-404     Applied Pharmacology
    350-182      Psychopathology

    5th Semester
    181-500     Pre-Hospital Trauma Response II
    181-501     Medical Emergencies III
    181-502     Professional Behavior

        Crisis Intervention I
    181-504     Ambulation Stage I
    109-505     Self-Defence
    350-183     Stress management

    6th Semester
    181-600     Integrating Seminar
    181-601     Emergency Vehicle Driving
    181-602     Ambulation Stage I
    181-603     Crisis Intervention II
    109-604     Physical Skills

    Students will be required to pass the Ministrial examination of college English and a Comprehensive Assessment in Pre-Hospital Emergency Care

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