Business Administration Diploma of College Studies

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  • Objectives
    Designed to provide students with an in-depth understanding of accounting and management, the program is focused around a core of accounting courses, and incorporates the latest in information technology. Business Administration graduates also acquire skills in a wide variety of business functions including marketing, finance, taxation and management. A total of 29 of the 43 courses that make up the Program are specifically related to the business discipline.
  • Practical experience
    The Work/Study (Co-op) option: Eligible students apply to work at up to 3 paid stages. In the first two years of the program, the 8 week stage (35hrs/wk) will take place in June & July. In the third year, the stage will take place in January-February, followed by a compressed last semester that will allow students to graduate in May. Students enrolled in the co-op option will be paid employees of the company during the period of their stage and supervised by a representative of the company and the co-op teacher. Employment opportunities will be selected by the teachers of the program based on the competencies obtained by the students in the prior year(s). The second option is a one-month unpaid stage in industry at the beginning of the sixth semester. Work placement locations for both options have been expanded from the Montreal area to include possible international work placements in the whole of North America and Europe. This allows students to not only apply their knowledge but also have the opportunity to learn about other cultures and work methods.
  • Academic title
    Business Administration Diploma of College Studies
  • Course description
    1st Semester
    410-115     Accounting I
    410-125     Business Software I
    410-135     Global Vision
    603-___     English
    345-102     Humanities
    109-___     Physical Education
    602-___     French

    2nd Semester

    410-215     Accounting II
    410-225     Business Software II
    410-235     Marketing
    410-245     Business Communications
    603-___     English
    602-DB_     French
    345-102     Humanities
    109-___     Physical Education

    3rd Semester

    410-300     Economics for Business
    410-315     Computerized Accounting
    410-325     Cost Accounting
    410-335     Project Management
    410-345     Finance I
    603-___     English
    109-105     Physical Education
    ___-___     Complementary

    4th Semester
    410-415     Management Accounting
    410-425     Management
    410-435     Finance II
    410-445     International Business
    410-455      Law in Business
    603-DB_     English
    ___-___     Complementary
    345-DB_     Humanities

    5th Semester
    410-515     Accounting III
    410-525     Business Computer Applic.
    410-535     Business Case Analysis
    410-545     Financial Planning & Securities Management
    410-555     Internal Control
    410-565     Operations & Quality Mgmt
    410-575     Business Research Methods

    6th Semester
    410-615     Tax
    410-625     Supervision Human Resources
    410-635     Small Business Project
    410-645     Stage in Administration

    All students must pass a Ministerial Examination of College English and a Comprehensive Assessment in Business Administration

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