Computer Science Technology Diploma of College Studies

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Comments about Computer Science Technology Diploma of College Studies - At the institution - Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue - Québec

  • Objectives
    The program stresses both theoretical and practical approaches, by emphasizing computer programming, applications, problem solving, telecommunications, database design, multimedia and Internet programming, networking, office systems installation and technical support. In addition to specialized computer courses and general education courses, the students also take compulsory courses in Mathematics, Administration and Psychology. The Computer Science Technology program produces well-rounded graduates sought out by employers in today’s rapidly evolving business world.
  • Practical experience
    All third-year Computer Science students are introduced to the job market and gain invaluable work experience through fieldwork. In their sixth semester students work three days a week in local companies.
  • Academic title
    Computer Science Technology Diploma of College Studies
  • Course description
    1st Semester
    201-803     Mathematics I
    420-106     Programming I
    420-126     Introduction to Computer Technology
    603-101     English
    345-103     Humanities
    109-___     Physical Education
    602-___     French

    2nd Semester
    201-813     Mathematics II
    420-206     Programming II
    420-216     User Interaces
    420-226     Technical Support
    603-___     English
    602-DB_     French
    345-102     Humanities

    3rd Semester
    401-803     Business Systems
    420-306     Algorithmic Design
    420-316     Database I
    420-426     Multimedia & Internet
    603-DB_     English
    ___-___     Complementary
    109-___     Physical Education

    4th Semester

    420-406     Data Structures
    420-416     Database II
    420-326     Operating Systems
    603-DB_     English
    345-DB_     Humanities
    109-105     Physical Education
    ___-___     Complementary

    5th Semester

    350-823     Human Relations
    420-506     Web Programming
    420-516     Integration Project
    420-523     Telecommunications
    420-543     UNIX Networking
    420-616      Oracle Technologies

    6th Semester

    420-536     Windows Networking
    420-603     Object-Oriented Programming
    420-659     Stage I
    420-65B     Stage II

    All students must pass the Ministerial Examination of College English and a Comprehensive Assessment in Computer Science.

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