Retail Marketing Certificate

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  • Objectives
    This program offers the student some unique options for those interested in the retail marketing side of business and can be a stand-alone pathway to an exciting career in retail marketing or it can also be used as 30 credits toward the Business Administration diploma program. Our instructors bring practical, up-to-date business knowledge to the classroom, sharing the expertise that has made them successful in the business community.
  • Practical experience
    This program integrates classroom study with related on-the-job experience and skills.
  • Academic title
    Retail Marketing Certificate
  • Course description
    First Term    Course Credits
    Required:    15.00
    • BADM 101    Management    3.00
    • BADM 106    Organizational Behaviour    3.00
    • BMKT 161    Marketing    3.00
    • CMNS 152    Communication Skills for Retail Marketing    3.00
    • RMCP 172    Retail Technology/Store Management I    3.00
    Credits    15.00

    Second Term    Course Credits
    Required:    15.00
    • BADM 107    Business Law I    3.00
    • BMKT 262    Event Marketing    3.00
    • BMKT 263    Professional Selling Skills    3.00
    • RMCP 173    Retail Finance/Store Management II    3.00
    • RMCP 181    Strategic Retail Buying    3.00
    Credits    15.00
    Total Program Credits    30.00

    BADM 101    Management
    3.00 credits    (4,0,0) hrs    15 wks
    Students study modern management practices, current events, ethics and problem solving. In addition, students will study and practice effective business presentations and public speaking. The course instructors will facilitate discussion and integrate topics through the use of contemporary business issues.

    BADM 106    Organizational Behaviour
    3.00 credits    (4,0,0) hrs    15 wks
    The objective of this course is to allow the student to develop the necessary skills and conceptual tools to both understand and deal effectively with human behaviour in organizations. These skills are of at least two kinds:
    1. Interpersonal, that is, relating more effectively with other individuals and groups, and
    2. Analytical, to be able to perceive and understand situations accurately, and make effective decisions based on this understanding.

    BADM 107    Business Law I
    3.00 credits    (4,0,0) hrs    15 wks
    Students will be introduced to the components of the Canadian legal system, and will examine the effect of both common and statute law on business relationships. A study of the basic principles of commercial law will provide the foundation for a detailed examination of contract law, including the sale of goods, consumer protection legislation, and employment and labour law, as well as an examination of tort law, intellectual property, insurance, company and partnership law, and creditor remedies.

    BMKT 161    Marketing
    3.00 credits    (4,0,0) hrs    15 wks
    Prerequisite: Eligibility to register for ENGL 100. See English Diagnostic Test in the Registration section of the College Calendar
    This course covers the full spectrum of Canadian marketing of consumer products and services including: market segmentation, consumer behaviour, products, packaging, distribution, and promotion. Students will analyze case problems and prepare a strategic marketing plan. Videos, guest speakers and in-class discussion about marketing topics will assist in the learning experience.

    BMKT 262    Event Marketing
    3.00 credits    (4,0,0) hrs    15 wks
    Prerequisite: BMKT 161
    The trend in business today is to extend marketing dollars into the area of event marketing. This course will introduce students to the skills and concepts necessary to create, finance, and manage a special event. Students will be expected to demonstrate an understanding of how to choose and develop a specific event, demonstrate a knowledge of specific budget elements and their relationship to revenue generating, develop an understanding of event marketing and understand the administrative structure and skills necessary to manage a special event.

    BMKT 263    Professional Selling Skills
    3.00 credits    (4,0,0) hrs    15 wks
    Every business professional starts with an introduction to professional selling. Communication basics, including effective listening, probing, problem finding and solving, and creativity will be covered. Specific techniques of professional selling including prospecting, qualifying, and contracting prospects. The course will also explore, in depth, the organization and management of sales activities.

    CMNS 152    Communication Skills for Retail Marketing
    3.00 credits    (4,0,0) hrs    15 wks
    This writing for the workplace course covers letters, memoranda, and reports as well as a review of English basics in the context of business writing.
    Note: This course is restricted to Retail Marketing program students.

    RMCP 172    Retail Technology/Store Management I
    3.00 credits    (4,0,0) hrs    15 wks
    Retail technology is the introductory segment to Store Management I. This course provides the student with a working knowledge of cash register systems and point of sale terminals as well as the latest in Interac technology. Store Management I is a practical application to retail marketing. Students will be entirely responsible for operating the student store. The students act as store managers. They will do buying, display, promotion, accounting, scheduling and all those managerial skills involved in operating a successful retail store.

    RMCP 173    Retail Finance/Store Management II
    3.00 credits    (4,0,0) hrs    15 wks
    Prerequisite: RMCP 172
    A continuation of Store Management I. This extension of the store management course exposes the student to daily systems analysis, banking procedures, monthly accounting practices and money management in a practical setting. The students will be responsible for making financial decisions as well as buying and promotional decisions for the student store.

    RMCP 181    Strategic Retail Buying
    3.00 credits    (4,0,0) hrs    15 wks
    This course teaches the students to assess their target and primary markets and to develop a strategy to enable them to be successful retail buyers. The retail buying component involves teaching the student to buy for department stores, chain stores, regional chain operations, and independent retail stores. What to buy, when to buy, from whom to buy, and how much to buy will all be covered in this course.

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