Tourism and Travel Diploma

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  • Objectives
    This program provides students with the most important skills required to work in any sector of the tourism industry. The curriculum follows the industry requirements by offering courses in world destinations, selling and customer service, transportation, communication, product knowledge, tour development and management, tourism law, business math, event management and entrepreneurship. The students will learn to research, solve problems, be team players, exhibit professionalism and adapt to an ever-changing industry. This program is endorsed by the Canadian Institute of Travel Counsellors (CITC) which is the national association that certifies and designates travel professionals across Canada. Endorsement is granted when a travel program meets or exceeds the educational standards that are based on the nationally validated occupational standards for travel counsellors. Completion of the program prepares students to write the Knowledge Exam that is part of the certification requirements to become a Certified Travel Counsellor from CITC. The students are encouraged to become members of the Canadian Institute of Travel Counsellors (CITC). This association provides students with the opportunity to participate in seminars and conferences.
  • Practical experience
    Cambrian College is able to provide students with hands-on training at the Travel Lab which is located on campus. Students are required to complete a minimum number of hours in the lab and volunteer for community events. The students will also have the opportunity to experience an external organization related to the tourism industry.
  • Academic title
    Tourism and Travel Diploma
  • Course description
          Semester 1
        * BUS1106   -   003   -   Computerized Business Applications

          This course is a hands-on introduction to microcomputers and productivity software with applications strealined for business. Students will use a windows environment to handle file management, backup and system utilities, and an office suite to perform document processing, presentation tasks, and integration.

        * BUS1600   -   003   -   Customer Service

          This course will provide students with the knowledge and tools needed for success in dealing with customers. Students will be exposed to practical, real-world concepts and experiences along with suggestions for dealing with a variety of customer situations and problems.

        * ENG1510   -   002   -   Business Communications I

          In this course, students will begin to develop professional business communication skills through the study and practice of the theory of communication, patterns of organization, usage and style appropriate to the workplace, and editing and proofreading strategies.

        * ENG1551   -   001   -   Writing Fundamentals: Ind. Study

          This course is required in the first semester of most post-secondary programs at Cambrian. The purpose of the course is to allow students to develop their independent learning skills and to review the fundamental conventions of Standard English.

        * TTP1100   -   004   -   Introduction to Tourism Industry

          This course is designed to introduce the student to the Canadian Tourism industry and the channels of distributors of travel product. It will focus on the travel product and the travel trade sector of the industry.

        * TWD1101   -   004   -   Destination Products - Canada & USA

          The student will learn about the tourist destinations and the related products and services in Canada and the United States.

          Semester 2

        * BUS1102   -   003   -   Business Computation Skills

          This course is designed to provide a basic understanding of business mathematics. Its primary objective is to provide students with strong mathematical skills and problem-solving tools. Common business situations and problems will be used to achieve this end.

        * ISP3025   -   004   -   Spreadsheet Management

          This course is designed to familiarize the student with the use of spreadsheets in the business world. The student will gain "hands-on" experience working with and creating worksheets, graphs, lists, and macros using Microsoft Excel to develop proficiency with spreadsheet functions and applications.

        * MKT1106   -   004   -   Marketing for Tourism & Hospitality

          This course is designed to provide a total overview of the contemporary marketing process, with a specific focus on the Tourism and Hospitality industry. Emphasis will be placed on concepts that are the basis for marketing decision-making as well as the process of developing marketing strategies. Formal group reports/cases will be introduced and used as part of the learning process.

        * TCB1101   -   004   -   Computer Reservations - Apollo

          The student will learn the reservation and ticketing procedures for airline, hotel and car on APOLLO.

        * TCP1100   -   002   -   Lab Practicum I

          Prerequisite: First semester courses completed with a 2.00 GPA This component is designed to introduce the student to the workplace through practical training and research at the in-house travel lab.

        * TWD1201   -   004   -   Destination Products Latin America

          The student will learn about the tourist destinations and the related products and services in Latin America (Mexico, Caribbean, Central and South America).

          Semester 3

        * ENG2315   -   002   -   Business Communications III

          Prerequisite: ENG 1510, ENG 1550, ENG 1710 or ENG 2324 Using the business communication strategies and techniques studied in Business Communications I (ENG 1510), students will create the effective business correspondence required in specific workplace situations in their professions.

        * MKT3645   -   003   -   Advertising & Sales Promotion

          Prerequisite: BUS 3545
        * TCC1201   -   004   -   Computer Reservations - Sabre

          The student will learn the reservation and ticketing procedures for airline, hotel and car on SABRE.

        * TCP1200   -   002   -   Lab Practicum II

          Prerequisite: All first and second semester courses completed with a minimum 2.00 GPA This component is designed to continue to provide students with advanced practical training and research at the in-house travel lab.

        * TTP2315   -   004   -   Tour Production & Management

          The student will learn the steps for planning and escorting group tours.

        * TWD2300   -   004   -   Destination Products Europe/Africa

          The student will learn about the tourist destinations and the related products and services in Europe and Africa.

          Semester 4

        * BUS3585   -   003   -   Entrepreneurship

          In the context of the College's General Education program, this course introduces the student to the key elements in the development of a business opportunity. The course demonstrates to the student how to investigate and develop the key ingredients of a successful business plan.

        * MKT2320   -   003   -   Professional Selling

          This course is designed to prepare today's students for the exciting world of selling by providing them with a solid foundation in selling theory and practice.

        * PRO1115   -   003   -   Event Management

          Students will learn the steps in planning various events such as conventions, meetings, and trade shows. The culmination of the course will lead to the actual practical planning of a local event within the community or within the College at the end of the semester.

        * TTP1310   -   003   -   Tourism Law

          Students will learn the different types of legal issues they will encounter most frequently when they enter the tourism and hospitality business world.

        * TTP2415   -   004   -   Adventure Leisure & Cult. Tourism

          The student will learn about the products and services available for leisure and recreational activities.

        * TWD2400   -   004   -   Destination Products Asia & Oceania

          Students will learn about the tourist destinations and the related products and services in Asia and Oceania.

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