Tourism and Travel Ontario College Diploma

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  • Objectives
    The Tourism and Travel program prepares students for careers in the multi-faceted tourism industry with emphasis on travel counselling.
  • Practical experience
    This two year program has two co-op work terms.
  • Academic title
    Tourism and Travel Ontario College Diploma
  • Course description
    Level 1    Credits
    Take all of the following Mandatory Courses:
    • COMP-1375    Computer and Keyboarding Skills - Intro     2.50
    • GEOG-1006    Discover North America     3.50
    • MKTG-1010    Marketing 1     3.00
    • TOUR-1002    Tourism in Canada     2.00
    • TRAV-1011    Travel Fundamentals     3.00
    • MMED-1014    Multi Media Applications     2.00
    • TRAV-1005    Professional Insight     1.00
    • TRAV-1019    Front Office 1     2.00
    • FDMG-1039    Dining for Professional Success     3.00
    • WRIT-1042    Reason & Writing 1-Tourism& Hospitality     3.00

    Level 2    Credits
    Gen Ed - Take a 3 credit General Education elective course
    Take all of the following Mandatory Courses:
    • COMM-3041    Professional Communication for Tour/Hosp     3.00
    • GEOG-1003    World Tourism Geography I     3.00
    • MKTG-1015    Marketing 2     3.00
    • TOUR-1003    Customer Sales and Service     3.00
    • TRAV-1004    Package Holidays     3.00
    • TRAV-1020    Tariffs & Ticketing 1     2.00
    • TRAV-1018    Computer Reservation Systems 1     3.00
    • TRAV-1008    Surface Transportation Studies     3.00
    • TRAV-3006    Front Office 2     2.00

    Level 3    Credits
    Take all of the following Mandatory Courses:
    • GEOG-3001    World Tourism Geography II     3.00
    • TOUR-3001    Group Tour Management     2.00
    • TRAV-1014    Sectors of Retail Travel     2.00
    • TRAV-3007    Tariffs and Ticketing II     2.00
    • TRAV-3008    Computer Reservation Systems 2     3.00
    • TRAV-1012    The Business of Travel     3.00
    • TRAV-1013    Industry Insight     3.00
    • TRAV-1017    International Field Study     1.00
    • BEVR-1004    Wines of the World     3.00

    Gen Ed - Electives
    Take 3 General Education credits -
    Normally taken in Level 2

    Co-op Requirement
    Students Must Complete 2 Co-op Work Terms

    BEVR-1004 -  Wines of the World
    The student will learn the fundamentals of wine making, including the effects from soils, climate and geographical location in order to gain a greater appreciation for the uniqueness of each wine produced. They will study the history of the worlds wine producing regions and their impact on today's abundant market.

    COMM-3041 -  Professional Communication for Tour/Hosp
    This course develops students' professionalcommunication skills (both oral and written) forthe hospitality industry. Students produce avariety of documents appropriate for theirworkplaces, from e-mails and letters to reportsand r233sum233s. Tone, format, organization, andword choice are critical factors in thesedocuments. Students incorporate research, criticalthinking, summarizing, documenting, and oralpresentations. They also address variouscommunication challenges in a diverse workplace. Acomputer lab is used for writing assignments in asimulated work environment.

    COMP-1375 -  Computer and Keyboarding Skills - Intro
    This course is designed to provide the student with basic keyboarding skills. The student will become proficient in the use of common generalized software available in today's office environment. Emphasis will be placed on the introductory levels of MS Word and Microsoft Excel.

    FDMG-1039 -  Dining for Professional Success

    Enjoy the tastes, sounds and aromas as you dine each week. This exploration of culture and customs in various national dining practices is designed to create an awareness of and develop sensitivity to different cultural behaviors and customs, especially for students traveling outside their own country or who will be dealing with people of other countries or cultures. Students will explore the influence of culture, religion, geography and history on dining practices around the world.

    GEOG-1003 -  World Tourism Geography I
    A specialized study of the tourists' world, its recreational, historical and cultural attractions which are of prime importance to the Canadian tourist. This course also provides essential orientation to the relative locations of continents, countries, principal cities and areas of touristic value.

    GEOG-1006 -  Discover North America

    The student will become familiar with the significant tourist attractions within the various regions of Canada and the United States. Special emphasis will be placed on the areas that are most popular with Canadian travellers.Through analysis of factors such as location, climate, culture, historical importance and general appeal, the student will develop effective client counselling techniques.

    GEOG-3001 -  World Tourism Geography II
    This course is designed to provide the student with an understanding of tourism's role in international geography. The goal is to provide the knowledge and understanding necessary to effectively and efficiently sell a destination.

    MKTG-1010 -  Marketing 1
    This course will provide students with an understanding of basic marketing principles and how they influence the Canadian tourism and travel industry. An emphasis on relationship marketing and technology will allow students the opportunity to learn how these concepts affect marketing ideas and shape the future of the Canadian travel industry. Students will also study the relation- ship between marketing and sales and how the two inter-connect to provide the most effective travel product to Canadian consumers.

    MKTG-1015 -  Marketing 2
    This course will provide Tourism and Travel students with a basic understanding of how advertising, promotions and public relations influence the buying behaviour of Canadian travel consumers. Students will learn the importance of the relationship between the communication mix and selling the travel product. The dynamics of selling techniques through customer service skills and tools will provide students with an understanding of their importance when selling Canadian travel products and building brand loyalty.

    MMED-1014 -  Multi Media Applications

    A course designed to develop the fundamental knowledge and skills required to plan, produce and present multi-media communications packages, with emphasis placed on practical use of current and emerging technologies.

    TOUR-1002 -  Tourism in Canada

    This course is designed to provide the student with a better understanding of the importance of tourism and all the components that make up the tourism system - market, travel, destination, marketing.

    TOUR-1003 -  Customer Sales and Service

    The growth of the travel field has created a very competitive industry in which strong selling skills are vital, and heightened consumer awareness has created a need for consistently superior service. This course provides the student with the techniques needed to assure satisfied customers.

    TOUR-3001 -  Group Tour Management
    This course analyzes the motivations, needs, and expectations of those who travel in groups. Group travel arrangements are planned for a variety of consumer markets.

    TRAV-1004 -  Package Holidays

    The student will become aware of the wide variety of packaged travel experiences available in today's market place. Through analysis of factors such as type of operator, inclusions and pricing structures, the student will develop effective tour selection and planning techniques.

    TRAV-1005 -  Professional Insight
    A series of guest lectures, seminars and workshops designed to familiarize the student with the varied career opportunities associated with the tourism/travel industry. Students will learn about the transferable skills required for success in the various sectors of the Tourism and Travel industry.

    TRAV-1008 -  Surface Transportation Studies
    This course is designed to familiarize the student with domestic and international surface transport components: ship, rail, motorcoach and automobile. Special emphasis is placed on selling skills at the retail agency level.

    TRAV-1011 -  Travel Fundamentals
    The travel industry is one of the fastest growing sectors in the global marketplace. Students will develop research skills as they analyze such topics as documentation, health requirements, currency and transportation options. Special emphasis will be placed on the logistics of airline travel.

    TRAV-1012 -  The Business of Travel
    While working in the travel industry is often personally enriching, it must be recognized that the employer owns a business that must operate profitably and efficiently in order to survive. Consequently, an understanding of administration, operations and finance is critical to the employee's contribution to the company's success.

    TRAV-1013 -  Industry Insight
    The concepts of meetings, conferences, event planning and attractions will be examined in this course. The student will attend in-depth site visits to significant tourism and hospitality businesses engaged in hosting the leisure and corporate client.

    TRAV-1014 -  Sectors of Retail Travel
    This course is designed to provide the student with the knowledge and skills necessary to analyze the distinctions between corporate, incentive, group, home based, call centre and other forms of travel agencies.

    TRAV-1017 -  International Field Study
    This course involves a "familiarization trip" of a major tourism location. Major components such as accommodations, attractions and local culture will be experienced.

    TRAV-1018 -  Computer Reservation Systems 1

    All aspects of the travel industry rely heavily on the efficient and accurate use of the computer for data base retrieval and eservation booking. This course will introduce the student to the comprehensive and sophisticated Apollo computer reservation system.

    TRAV-1019 -  Front Office 1
    This course is designed to give the student an indepth knowledge of the operation of the front office department of a hotel. The course includes an analysis of the hotel industry and the factors surrounding front office management and the receptionist's role.

    TRAV-1020 -  Tariffs & Ticketing 1

    This course is designed to provide the student with the complex knowledge and skills required for effective domestic tariff reading and utilization, fare construction and ticket issuance.

    TRAV-3006 -  Front Office 2

    This course has been designed to allow you to take the theory knowledge from Front Office 1 and apply it to the computerized HIS system which is installed in room A2009. The hotel that you will be working in is The Manor. You will be required to work at a scheduled pace, making sure that you complete specific amounts of the package within the time lines that will be set out during the first two weeks of the course.

    TRAV-3007 -  Tariffs and Ticketing II

    This course is designed to provide the student with the complex knowledge and skills required for effective international tariff reading and utilization, fare construction, and ticket issuance.

    TRAV-3008 -  Computer Reservation Systems 2
    An advanced study of the Apollo computer reservation system, this course is designed to enhance the basic skills acquired in TRAV1016 and to refine usage of the system's extensive database.

    WRIT-1042 -  Reason & Writing 1-Tourism& Hospitality
    This course will introduce tourism and hospitalitystudents to essential principles of reading,writing, and reasoning at the postsecondary level.Students will identify, summarize, analyze, andevaluate multiple short readings and writepersuasive response essays to develop theirvocabulary, comprehension, grammar, and criticalthinking.

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