Recreation and Leisure Services Ontario College Diploma

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  • Objectives
    Through concentrated academic and field work over the two years, students acquire the knowledge, skills and competencies to promote community development and involvement and to plan and implement special events and programs in a variety of recreation fields. This is practised in settings which emphasize planning, implementation and evaluation that can respond to the multi-dimensional needs of all members of the community. The students will be able to develop benefits based programming that addresses recreation as an essential service; one that can effectively respond to a variety of individual or community needs.
  • Academic title
    Recreation and Leisure Services Ontario College Diploma
  • Course description
    Level 1    Credits
    Take all of the following Mandatory Courses:
    • WRIT-1044    Reason & Writ 1 for Human Services     3.00
    • COMP-1108    Computer Applications in Recreation     2.00
    • RECN-1003    Introduction to Leisure/Recreation     2.00
    • RECN-1004    Program Planning     3.00
    • RECN-1005    Field Visitation & Orientation     3.00
    • RECN-1011    Quality Programs in Recreation     2.00
    • PSYC-1014    Psychology-Recreation & Leisure Services     3.00
    • RECN-1002    Becoming an Effective Leader     3.00

    Level 2    Credits
    Gen Ed - Take a 3 credit General Education elective course
    Take all of the following Mandatory Courses:
    • COMP-1040    Advanced Computers in Recreation/Leisure     2.00
    • COMM-3046    Prof Comm for Rec & Leisure     3.00
    • PHRE-1002    Organiz & Admin of Phy'l Rec Activities     3.00
    • RECN-1006    Community Recreation     2.00
    • RECN-1007    Parks Areas & Facilities     3.00
    • RECN-1008    Creating Effective Teams     3.00
    • RECN-1009    Ensuring Commitment in Leisure Activity     2.00
    • RECN-1010    Field Visitation & Orientation     3.00
    Level 3    Credits
    Take all of the following Mandatory Courses:
    • RECN-3001    Committees Boards and Volunteers     2.00
    • RECN-3002    Intro to Field & Administration     4.00
    • FLDP-3002    Field Practicum 1     5.20
    • RECN-3004    Financial Management     2.00
    • RECN-3005    Inclusive Recreation Practices     2.00
    • RECN-3006    Quality Assurance & Benefit Outcomes     2.00

    Level 4    Credits

    Take all of the following Mandatory Courses:
    • RECN-3007    Professional Issues     2.00
    • RECN-3008    Orientation to Therapeutic Recreation     2.00
    • MKTG-1044    Marketing Strategies     2.00
    • RECN-3010    Field Practicum II     5.60
    • RECN-1030    Special Events & Environmental Concerns     2.00
    • RECN-3012    Career Planning in Leisure Services     2.00

    Gen Ed - Elective
    Take 3 General Education Credits -
    Normally taken in Level 2

    COMM-3046 -  Prof Comm for Rec & Leisure

    In this course, students learn the importantbusiness communication and workplace skills ofwriting and speaking in order to persuade. Thecourse builds directly on the skills of criticalreading, persuasive writing and editing, andmaintains an emphasis on correctness in writing.Students learn program-related writing forms suchas the media release and the fundraising letter,and refine their team-building expertise bycollaborating on a grant application andperforming on a panel. Course activities enablestudents to play leadership roles.

    COMP-1040 -  Advanced Computers in Recreation/Leisure

    An intermediate look at information processing with an emphasis on the use of application software. Students use a spreadsheet, a database, a publishing package, and the Internet to create charts, newsletters, and simple databases. Students learn to apply layout and design principles and integrate information from different software applications. Connections to Recreation and Leisure are explored by using projects related to the field.

    COMP-1108 -  Computer Applications in Recreation

    An introduction to computer fundamentals designed to increase computer literacy and expose students to a range of software packages currently in use in organizations to support information processing. The emphasis is on introducing students to various application software packages and their primary uses. Connections to the Recreation field are emphasized throughout. Software packages covered include: a graphical user interface (GUI), a word processor, a spreadsheet, and a presentations package.

    FLDP-3002 -  Field Practicum 1
    The student will be exposed to an intensive hands on experience at a selected recreation agency in the community. The student will apply the theories and concepts discussed in class in a practical and meaningful way.

    MKTG-1044 -  Marketing Strategies

    The shift toward a service based economy requires a corresponding shift in the way service providers operate and market recreation and leisure services. This course provides students with knowledge of basic marketing principles and focuses on services marketing and its application to the promotion of the goals and benefits of recreation and leisure. Students will develop an understanding of service management thinking and explore social marketing concepts that relate to customer satisfaction, changing trends and behaviours in service marketing, social development, service branding, technology-based advertising, and internet marketing.

    PHRE-1002 -  Organiz & Admin of Phy'l Rec Activities

    This course introduces the student to the fundamentals of safe fitness activities and classes for all ages. The students will apply the fitness training principles to ensure healthy outcomes from fitness related activities. Basic nutrition and wellness will also be reviewed.

    PSYC-1014 -  Psychology-Recreation & Leisure Services
    This course is designed to help Recreation and Leisure students learn basic principles of psychology that they can apply to the recreation field. Major topic areas include psychological resaerch, developmental issues (strongly emphasized), critical thinking, conditioning and learning, personality theory and assessment, psychological disorders and social psychology.

    RECN-1002 -  Becoming an Effective Leader

    Using experiential and academic methods this course will focus on the development of various leadership styles. Through examination of various leadership styles, students will develop the ability to select and apply the most suitable style to meet the needs of a given situation. Students become aware of the impact of behaviour, personality, attitudes and values, as they apply to leadership in recreation settings. Students will develop leadership and communication skills through cooperative learning strategies.

    RECN-1003 -  Introduction to Leisure/Recreation

    This course will explore and provide an overview of the various fields of recreation and leisure services. The students will gain an understanding of definitions and philosophies in an effort to develop their personal philosophy of recreation and leisure. The characteristic roles, structures and impact of various fields of recreation will be explored to help the student understand the diversity that exists and to assist in the selection of the field for their future placements and employment.

    RECN-1004 -  Program Planning
    Successful completion of this course will provide the student with knowledge about and appreciation of selected principles and methods of program planning in the field of recreation. In addition, the student will learn skills and techniques applicable to the program planning process.

    RECN-1005 -  Field Visitation & Orientation
    The student will visit a variety of recreation and leisure service related agencies, institutions, and facilities. These experiences are focused on developing knowledge and understanding regarding the scope of recreation and leisure services and the role of professionals related to the delivery of these services in the community.

    RECN-1006 -  Community Recreation
    Since recreation occurs within communities it is essential that students learn what communities are and how they work. Students need to know how to assess the community they are working in and be comfortable in the facilitation role as a community developer. Since a big part of community development is the creation of partnerships, successful existing partnerships will be examined. This course builds on leadership skills by examining facilitation techniques - investigating strategies for assisting groups as they determine and service their own needs.

    RECN-1007 -  Parks Areas & Facilities
    This course will explore the concepts of operation, maintenance and legal awareness of a variety of recreation facilities. This course covers such topics as the operation and management of arenas and community centres, public swimming pools, children's commercial play equipment, outdoor environment settings, national and provincial parks and campgrounds. In addition to the operation of such facilities, the course will also examine risk management issues related to the operation of such facilities.

    RECN-1008 -  Creating Effective Teams
    Through experiential and academic methods, this course will assist the student in becoming an effective team player. Emphasis will be on leading and trust, motivation theories, ethical power and politics, networking and negotiating, team dynamics and leadership, problem-solving and decision making skills, valuing diversity globally, organizational change and organizational culture. The student will experience firsthand, the evolution of a group of students into an effective supportive team.

    RECN-1009 -  Ensuring Commitment in Leisure Activity
    An effective leader understands how to motivate and how to guide and manage behaviour. This course examines the theories and strategies that can be applied when changing an unwanted behaviour or adapting a new one. Students will also investigate information that will assist in creating commitment to a goal or program. Ensuring participants stay safe during their involvement will also be addressed with a review of information related to risk management and abuse in recreation. Effective leaders need to motivate, influence and ensure safety.

    RECN-1010 -  Field Visitation & Orientation

    This course provides an overview of a variety of leisure service organizations, agencies and institutions.

    RECN-1011 -  Quality Programs in Recreation

    Recreation programs can have powerful impacts on individuals, families and communities. To ensure a positive impact the recreation professional must be committed to quality. The course will begin with the Healthy Child Development certification process and then explore behaviour guidance strategies to ensure a positive environment during recreation activities. Students will develop leadership skills as they apply the guidelines in a program presentation to peers.

    RECN-1030 -  Special Events & Environmental Concerns

    This first component of this course will provide the necessary knowledge and application needed for planning a special event. The second component of this course will provide students the opportunity to explore and develop an awareness of environmental issues and concerns relative to the field of recreation and leisure. The student will develop her/his skills of critical analysis as they critique other student's presentations. The responsibility of recreation professionals to be advocates for the preservation of the environment will be stressed.

    RECN-3001 -  Committees Boards and Volunteers

    Leaders in recreation need to know how to work in committee groups, and recruit and manage volunteers. During this course students will experience a hands on volunteer system as part of the "Fanshawe Volunteer Consortium". These 'working' committees will complete goals as they prepare and execute community events. This course will also prepare students to implement effective strategies for meaningful volunteer involvement and a clearer understanding of the relationship between a Board of Directors and staff.

    RECN-3002 -  Intro to Field & Administration

    This course will ensure that the student understands and is prepared for the field placement experience. The student will link academic theories to practical field applications. Another component of this course deals with community strategic planning. Students will also review administrative practices related to contracts and union interactions.

    RECN-3004 -  Financial Management

    This course is an introduction to financial management concepts. Students will examine the various forms of business ownership, learn about the time value of money, and how to create a budget and basic financial statements. Students will be introduced to alternative sources of revenue including fundraising, sponsorships, partnership, and grant proposals.

    RECN-3005 -  Inclusive Recreation Practices

    This course will assist the student in developing an awareness of and a sensitivity to individual rights and cultural diversity. The class will focus on the adaptation of recreation programs and services to reflect the needs of the client. The student will develop a philosophy related to integration and the segregation within the field.

    RECN-3006 -  Quality Assurance & Benefit Outcomes

    When a recreation professional is committed to providing high quality recreation programs the participants and community can receive powerful benefits. This course will examine one technique for measuring quality - the QUEST evaluation process. Students will learn how to establish and measure indicators of the benefits of recreation and how to communicate these to the general public, ensuring that recreation can remain an essential service in any community.

    RECN-3007 -  Professional Issues

    This course will heighten the awareness of acceptable ethics and codes of conduct related to the role of a recreation professional. The student will leave the program with an articulated personal philosophy of leisure.

    RECN-3008 -  Orientation to Therapeutic Recreation

    This course will defend the need for therapeutic recreation and its role in the overall scope of leisure services. The student will address the principles and practices of service delivery within the field of therapeutic recreation.

    RECN-3010 -  Field Practicum II

    The student will be exposed to an intensive hands on experience at a selected recreation agency in the community. The student will apply the theories and concepts discussed in class in a practical and meaningful way.

    RECN-3012 -  Career Planning in Leisure Services

    Finding the best job in the recreation field is usually the goal of most graduates of the recreation and leisure program. This course will prepare students for that demanding job search process as they apply recent and practical job search strategies. They will develop two useful and meaningful tools: a personal portfolio and career plan. This course will also assist them in making sound programming and job search decisions by understanding current demographic, social, and economic trends impacting the recreation field.

    WRIT-1044 -  Reason & Writ 1 for Human Services

    This course will introduce human services studentsto essential principles of reading, writing, andreasoning at the postsecondary level. Studentswill identify, summarize, analyze, and evaluatemultiple short readings and write persuasiveresponse essays to develop their vocabulary,comprehension, grammar, and critical thinking.

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