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  • Objectives
    The Capilano University Mountain Bike Operations Certificate program is the only program of its kind in North America and around the world. This program, highly supported by industry professionals, will provide you with the introductory knowledge and skills to work in the following four sectors related to mountain biking: 1. Mountain Resorts 2. Government (municipal and provincial) 3. Non-profit (clubs, national and provincial sport organizations, etc.) 4. Consulting or private business In your courses, you will learn about the tourism industry, risk management, event management, guiding and leadership skills, wilderness first aid, environmental stewardship and gain the communications skills necessary for you to succeed in the mountain bike industry. A main focus of the program will be on sustainable park and trail design and building. In the design and building courses, students will have the opportunity to gain practical skills and knowledge by working with expert trail builders. The program is geared to students who are passionate about mountain biking and who are interested in being involved in this fast-paced growing industry.
  • Academic title
    Mountain Bike Operations Certificate
  • Course description
    First Term    Course Credits
    Required:    15.00
    • CMNS 154    Communications in Outdoor Recreation and Tourism    3.00
    • REC 163    Wilderness First Aid I    3.00
    • REC 175    Guiding and Teaching for Mountain Biking    3.00
    • TOUR 111    Tourism Introduction: Theory and Practice    3.00
    • TOUR 170    Mountain Bike Park/Trail Design and Building I    3.00
    Credits    15.00

    Second Term    Course Credits
    Required:    13.50
    • REC 152    Environmental Stewardship I    3.00
    • TOUR 118    Special Events - Tourism Generators    3.00
    • TOUR 172    Park/Trail Design and Building II    4.50
    • TOUR 208    Risk Management for Tourism and Outdoor Recreation    3.00
    Credits    13.50
    Total Program Credits    28.50

    CMNS 154    Communications in Outdoor Recreation and Tourism
    3.00 credits    (4,0,0) hrs    15 wks
    This writing for Outdoor Recreation and Tourism Management course covers reports, memoranda, press releases, articles, briefs and proposals.
    Note: This course is restricted to WLP and REC program students.

    REC 163    Wilderness First Aid I
    3.00 credits    (60,0,0) hrs    01 wks
    An introductory course in first aid skills pertaining specifically to the wilderness environment.
    Note: Courses that are offered in Squamish may be delivered in a condensed format.

    REC 175    Guiding and Teaching for Mountain Biking
    3.00 credits    (30,0,0) hrs    02 wks
    Prerequisite: REC 163
    In this course, students develop mountain bike teaching and single-day guiding skills and apply these skills to the environment of the trails. The course covers the material required to teach mountain biking from a beginner level to an intermediate level and to guide mountain bike students on a single-day trip. The course also covers different bike types and components including maintenance and repairs required when teaching mountain biking and guiding a single-day trip.

    REC 152    Environmental Stewardship I
    3.00 credits    (3,3,1) hrs    15 wks
    An examination of the role of the outdoor recreation professional in environmental stewardship. Topics include: conservation issues, environmental ethics, policy and planning and sustainability.

    TOUR 111    Tourism Introduction: Theory and Practice
    3.00 credits    (4,0,0) hrs    15 wks
    An introduction to the key concepts, language, and issues facing the tourism industry. Trends, market profiles and demographic factors, key industry sectors, tourism geography and key regional products in B.C., tourism's role in community development, social impacts of tourism, transportation, communication, and legal issues in tourism.

    TOUR 118    Special Events - Tourism Generators
    3.00 credits    (4,0,0) hrs    15 wks
    This course will cover all aspects of event management and event marketing: choosing the right event, designing a business (event) plan, event/cause marketing, sponsor proposals, managing the pre-event, event day(s) management, and post event activities. Students will design a new special event and prepare a business plan for that event. The course will also include case studies from existing events.

    TOUR 170    Mountain Bike Park/Trail Design and Building I
    3.00 credits    (30,0,0) hrs    02 wks
    Corequisite: REC 163
    This course is an introduction to mountain bike park/trail design and building. Students will learn about the foundation levels and basic forces and relationships affecting the overall trail experience. Students will gain an understanding of the partnerships involved in building mountain bike parks and trails, and will be introduced to the volunteer management process. Students will develop their own philosophy on successful trail and park development while applying the principles of sustainable design and building. Finally, students will learn how to properly handle tools required for rail and technical building, and will design and build their own basic technical feature.

    TOUR 172    Park/Trail Design and Building II
    4.50 credits    (45.5,0,0) hrs    02 wks
    Prerequisite: TOUR 170 and REC 163
    This course is an advanced course on mountain bike park/trail design and building. It builds on the material covered in TOUR 170. Students will learn how to design a park or trail by visualization using sketching methods and will put together a complete trail or park proposal including a budget. Students will build a section of a trail and learn the different concepts around trial maintenance. Sustainable principles covered in the course will be considered and applied throughout.

    TOUR 208    Risk Management for Tourism and Outdoor Recreation
    3.00 credits    (5.45,0,0) hrs    11 wks
    This course is designed to familiarize students with the concepts of risk management and legal liability as it applies to the tourism industry. Students will be introduced to areas of risk, methods of identifying risk, and risk management systems. They will learn about important challenges facing tourism operations. Students will be familiarized with methods of reducing risk. They will also be introduced to the rights and liabilities of different parties relative to their relationships within the tourism industry.

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