Health Informatics Technology Ontario College Advanced Diploma

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  • Objectives
    This Advanced Diploma in Health Informatics Technology will incorporate knowledge of both information technology and health care systems. The skills acquired by the graduates will enable them to design, develop, modify, and test software for health care applications. The graduates from this program will be able to analyze and model data, develop health care databases, apply different computer medical-imaging techniques, use tools, algorithms and health informatics methods for hospitals, schools, health care agencies, and public health departments. The coursework will emphasize object-oriented software design methodologies, user-oriented interface design, structure of health care information systems, telehealth, data security and privacy in health care systems, C#, Java, J2EE, Oracle, MS-SQL Server, Unix/Linux, Microsoft's .NET, HTML/XML, Rational/WebSphere, Data warehousing and Data mining, and BI tools in health care systems, etc.
  • Practical experience
    To underscore the applied focus of the curriculum, the program will include two software development projects in the field of health informatics. These real world business applications require learners to utilize all the technical, systems, and business skills gained during their studies. There is also an optional co-op aspect associated with this program.
  • Academic title
    Health Informatics Technology Ontario College Advanced Diploma
  • Course description
    Semester 1 Courses
    Course Code     Course Name     Lecture     Lab

    COMP-100     Programming I     2 hrs     2 hrs
    COMP-120     Software Engineering Fundamentals     2 hrs     2 hrs
    COMP-122     Introduction to Database Concepts     2 hrs     2 hrs
    COMM-170/171     College Communication 2 / (ESL)     3 hrs     
    MATH-175     Functions and Number Systems     2 hrs     1 hr
    GNED-119/GESL-119     Introduction to Canadian Business/Introduction to Canadian Business (ESL)     3 hrs     
    Semester 2 Courses
    Course Code     Course Name     Lecture     Lab

    CNET-124     Network Technologies     2 hrs     2 hrs
    COMP-123     Programming II     2 hrs     2 hrs
    COMP-213     Web Applications Development         4 hrs
    COMP-225     Systems Analysis & Design I     4 hrs     
    MATH-185     Discrete Mathematics     2 hrs     1 hr
    ELECT     Elective     3 hrs     
    Semester 3 Courses
    Course Code     Course Name     Lecture     Lab

    COMP-214     Advanced Database Concepts     2 hrs     2 hrs
    COMP-228     Advanced JAVA Programming I     2 hrs     2 hrs
    COMP-229     Advanced WEB Application Development     2 hrs     2 hrs
    ENGL-253     Advanced Business Communications for Accountants     3 hrs     
    MATH-210     Statistics and Research Methods     2 hrs     2 hrs
    GNED-500     Global Citizenship: From Social Analysis to Social Action     3 hrs     
    Semester 4 Courses
    Course Code     Course Name     Lecture     Lab

    CNET-229     Introduction to Business and ICT     2 hrs     
    COMP-212     Programming III     2 hrs     2 hrs
    COMP-246     Systems Analysis & Design II     2 hrs     2 hrs
    COMP-301     Unix/Linux Operating Systems     2 hrs     2 hrs
    COMP-311     Software Testing and Quality Assurance     2 hrs     2 hrs
    ELECT     Elective     3 hrs     
    Semester 5 Courses
    Course Code     Course Name     Lecture     Lab

    CNET-307     IT Project Management     3 hrs     
    COMP-231     Programming Project     2 hrs     2 hrs
    COMP-321     Systems Integration     2 hrs     2 hrs
    COMP-380     Structure of HCIS     2 hrs     2 hrs
    COMP-381     Tools, Algorithms & Methods for HCIS     2 hrs     2 hrs
    ELECT     Elective         
    Semester 6 Courses
    Course Code     Course Name     Lecture     Lab

    COMP-309     Data Warehousing and Data Mining in HCIS     2 hrs     2 hrs
    COMP-313     Software Development Project II     2 hrs     2 hrs
    COMP-382     Computer Techniques in Medical Imaging     2 hrs     2 hrs
    COMP-383     Data Security and Privacy Policies in HCIS     2 hrs     2 hrs
    COMP-384     Telehealth     2 hrs     2 hrs
    ELECT     Elective         
    EMPS-102     Employment Skills II         

    * Students will be placed in the appropriate English level based on skills assessment results. Students in two- or three-year programs must complete GNED-500 as part of their general education requirements.

    ** Minimum of 80 per cent of Year 1 courses, a minimum C grade in COMM-170/171, and a GPA of 2.5 or greater for COOP-221.

    *** See TECHNICAL ELECTIVES list as provided by the dept:


    1. Minimum C grade average required for graduation.

    2. The dynamic curriculum presented here will be revised as appropriate to retain its currency. Internal curriculum development/review is ongoing.

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