Bachelor of Information Technology - Interactive Multimedia & Design

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  • Objectives
    The Interactive Multimedia and Design (IMD) program provides multidisciplinary education in diverse, yet connected, subject matter such as: computer animation and video effects, game design and development, virtual reality systems, graphic design, 3D visualization, human computer interaction (HCI) and electronic commerce. Your education will focus on the entire design process from initial concept all the way through to final realisation. The IMD program is aimed at students who have a potential for being artistically creative and technologically adept; students who have a keen interest in designing the next generation of multimedia rich applications and products.
  • Practical experience
    There is a co-op component associated with this program.
  • Academic title
    Bachelor of Information Technology - Interactive Multimedia & Design
  • Course description
    Year 1:

      BIT1100  Mathematics I for IMD (0.5)
      BITEE11  Art & Humanities Elective I (0.5)
      IMD1000  Introduction to IMD (0.5)
      IMD1001  Graphic Design (0.5)
      IMD1002  Visual Dynamics (0.5)
      BIT1002  Physics for Information Technology I (0.5)
      BITEE12  Art & Humanities Elective II (0.5)
      IMD1003  Computer Programming (0.5)
      IMD1004  Software Tools (0.5)
      IMD1005  Web Development (0.5)

    Year 2

    BIT1101  Mathematics II for IMD (0.5)
    IMD2000  Multimedia Data Management (0.5)
    IMD2001  Design and Authoring I (0.5)
    IMD2003  Audio and Video (0.5)
    IMD2004  Intermediate Programming (0.5)
    BIT2001  Introduction to Business (0.5)
    BIT2100  Intro to Statistics for IMD (0.5)
    IMD2002  Design and Authoring II (0.5)
    IMD2900  Design Studio (1.0)

    Year 3

      BIT3003  Elective (0.5)
      IMD3003  Communication Skills for IMD (0.5)
      IMD3004  Human Computer Interaction & Design (0.5)
      IMD3900  Design Studio 2 (1.0)
      BIT2002  Marketing in the IT Sector (0.5)
      IMD3001  Product Design Methodology (0.5)
      IMD3002  3D Computer Graphics (0.5)
      IMD3901  Design Studio 3 (1.0)

    Year 4   

    BITEE41  Elective (0.5)
    IMD4002  Technology and Culture (0.5)
    IMD4003  3D Computer Animation (0.5)
    IMD4902  Design Studio 4 (1.0)
    BITEE42  Elective (0.5)
    IMD4004  Game Design and Development (0.5)
    IMD4901  Senior IMD Project (1.5)

    NET Course Information

    Year 1

    BIT1000  Mathematics I for NET (0.5)
    BIT1002  Physics for Information Technology I (0.5)
    NET1000  Problem Solving (0.5)
    NET1001  Computer Technology Basics (0.5)
    NET1002  Networking Fundamentals (0.5)
    BIT1001  Mathematics II for NET (0.5)
    BIT1003  Physics for Information Technology II (0.5)
    BIT2001  Introduction to Business (0.5)
    NET1004  Assembly and Machine Language (0.5)
    NET1005  Basic Network Routing (0.5)

    Year 2

    BIT2000  Intro to Statistics for NET (0.5)
    BIT2002  Marketing in the IT Sector (0.5)
    NET2000  Enterprise Inter-networking (0.5)
    NET2002  Desktop Operating Environments (0.5)
    NET2006  Object-Oriented Programming (0.5)
    BIT2003  Elective (0.5)
    NET2001  Wide Area Networking (0.5)
    NET2003  Unix/Linux Operating Systems (0.5)
    NET2004  Communication Skills for NET (0.5)
    NET2007  Basics of Transmission Systems (0.5)

    Year 3

      NET3000  Database Concepts and SQL (0.5)
      NET3001  Real-Time Systems (0.5)
      NET3008  Advanced Network Routing (0.5)
      NET3009  Software Engineering (0.5)
      NET3900  Wireless Networks (0.5)
      NET3002  Advanced Wide Area Networks (0.5)
      NET3004  Data Structures (0.5)
      NET3006  Enterprise Network Management (0.5)
      NET3007  IT Security Issues (0.5)
      NET3901  Information Technology Networking Project (0.5)

    Year 4

      BITEE43  Art & Humanities Elective (0.5)
      NET4001  Network Simulation (0.5)
      NET4002  Web Programming (0.5)
      NET4003  Computer Systems Architecture (0.5)
      NET4008  Multilayer Switched Networks (0.5)
      NET4000  Emerging Network Technologies (0.5)
      NET4005  Networked Applications (0.5)
      NET4006  Scalable Network Architecture (0.5)
      NET4007  Multimedia Networking (0.5)
      NET4900  Network Technology Project (0.5)

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