Certificate in Carpentry Foundation

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  • Objectives
    The Carpentry Foundation program (formerly Entry Level Trades) course is aimed at those students interested in initial entry into the carpentry trade. You're provided with a variety of levels of training to provide you with the skills and theory necessary to become competent in all aspects of the carpentry trade. The program deals primarily with the residential construction end of the industry but will also introduce students to some aspects of the heavy construction industry and joinery trade. The course is six months long and divided into two halves, concrete foundation and formwork and wood framing for walls, roofs, and stairs.
  • Academic Title
    Certificate in Carpentry Foundation
  • Course description
     You'll learn to:

        * Describe the carpentry trade; and,
        * Practice good work habits.

    Use Safe Work Practices

        * Describe shop and site safety practices;
        * Describe personal safety practices;
        * Identify precautions when working with hazardous materials;
        * Describe general safety rules for using hand tools;
        * Use basic body mechanics when lifting or moving objects; and,
        * Extinguish small fires.

    Interpret Drawings and Specifications

        * Read residential drawings;
        * Sketch and draw simple details;
        * Interpret specific information from the BC Building Code; and,
        * Estimate material quantities and identify construction details.

    Identify Materials

        * Describe wood characteristics;
        * Select framing and finishing lumber;
        * Select panel products;
        * Select fasteners, adhesives and caulking compounds; and,
        * Select finish and framing hardware.

    Use Hand Tools

        * Describe measuring and layout tools;
        * Use and maintain cutting tools;
        * Use and maintain edge-cutting tools;
        * Use and maintain drilling and boring tools;
        * Describe the use and maintenance of fastening tools;
        * Describe the use and maintenance of miscellaneous tools; and,
        * Use hand tools to construct a wood project.

    Use Portable Power Tools

        * Use and maintain portable power tools;
        * Use and maintain power-actuated tools; and,
        * Use and maintain chain saws.

    Use Shop Equipment

        * Use and maintain a table saw;
        * Use and maintain a radial arm saw; and
        * Use and maintain miscellaneous shop equipment.

    Use Survey Instruments

        * Use optical levels.

    Use Site Layout

        * Layout building locations;
        * Use Concrete Formwork; and,
        * Build footings and wall forms.

    Frame Residential Housing

        * Describe types of wood frame construction;
        * Build foundations and floors;
        * Build walls and partitions;
        * Build gable roofs with ceiling joists;
        * Build straight stairs; and,
        * Build hip roofs.

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