Bachelof of Arts - Information Technology

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  • Objectives
    This program provides the necessary skills and knowledge to work/design/participate within organizations that manage large amount of data and provide services to a large number of users. Students will develop skills and knowledge in Information Technologies, Management practices and Organizations, with the required fundamentals of Computer Science
  • Academic title
    Bachelor of Arts - Information Technology
  • Course description
    Information Technology (IT) is defined by the Information Technology Association of America (ITAA), as the study, design, development, implementation, support or management of computer based information systems, particularly software applications and computer hardware. IT deals with the use of electronic computers and computer software to convert, store, protect, manage, transmit and retrieve data, securely.

    Core curriculum (33 credits):
    CSC 101ab     Foundations of Computer Science     4-3-3
    CSC 111ab     Programming Methodology     4-3-3
    CSC 204ab     Data Structures     3-3-0
    CSC 207a     Using and Designing Data Bases     4-3-3
    CSC 214b     Introduction to Networks     3-3-0
    BCS 220a     Management of Information Systems     3-3-0
    BHR 221ab     Organizational Behaviour     3-3-0
    BMA 140ab     Statistical Analysis for Business Decisions I     3-3-0
    BMA 141ab     Statistical Analysis for Business Decisions II     3-3-0
    BMG 112ab     Introduction to Management Theory and Practice     3-3-0
    ILT 100ab     Information Literacy and Critical Thinking Lab
    (1 credit lab – required with BMG 112)     1-0-1

    Secondary Core[2]
    (30 to 35 credits)
    A minimum of 3 courses in Computer Science from the following list:
    CSC 103     Interactive Web Page Design     4-3-3
    CSC 107     Databases and Dynamic Web Design     4-3-3
    CSC 121     Advanced Programming Techniques     4-3-0
    CSC 201     Computer Ethics     3-3-0
    CSC 205     Data Mining for Scientists     4-3-3
    CSC 216     Artificial Intelligence     3-3-3
    CSC 301     Simulation Techniques     3-3-3
    CSC 304     Project     3-0-3
    CSC 310     Software Engineering     3-3-3
    CSC 414     Computer Networks     4-3-3
    CSC 417     Database Software Design     3-3-0

    [1] CEGEP students missing MAT103 and/or MAT203 will have MAT193 and/or MAT195 added to their program (up to 6 more credits).
    [2]Students are advised to consult the calendar for prerequisites
    A minimum of 3 courses in Business from the following list:
    BAC 121     Principles of Accounting     3-3-0
    BAC 241     Systems and Control     3-3-0
    BCS 212     E-Commerce     3-3-0
    BCS 216     Managing Information Technology     3-3-0
    BCS 313     Systems Analysis and Design     3-3-0
    BCS 318     E-Business Applications     3-3-0
    BMK 211     Marketing Management     3-3-0
    BMK 371     Industrial Marketing Strategy     3-3-0
    BMS 303     Forecasting     3-3-0
    BMS 333     Purchasing Management     3-3-0
    BMS 231     Operations Management     3-3-0
    BMS 343     Simulation     3-3-0
    BMS 332     Supply Chain Management     3-3-0

    Free electives (22 to 27 credits)
    The number of credits will depend on the courses select in the secondary core.
    Required extra courses in a four-year program: (30 credits)
    MAT 193, MAT 195, a minimum of 6 credits of Humanities, including one course in English (ELA 116 or other) and another course in English, History, Classical Studies, Philosophy, Religion, Liberal Arts.

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