Warehousing - Level I Certificate - Part-time

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  • Objectives
    This part-time certificate program will introduce the participant to the operating requirements of a modern warehouse environment. This program will prepare participants to function in a lead hand or higher capacity in employment related to materials handling, inventory control, and storage and retrieval activities. Course materials will cover applications in the Warehousing, Manufacturing and Transportation industries. The intended audience is warehouse personnel, supervisory staff and persons preparing for warehouse employment.
  • Academic title
    Warehousing - Level I Certificate
  • Course description
    COMP1150      Computer Literacy For Windows (Word/Excel)
    Description: Recommended: Keyboarding skills are an asset. This course provides an introduction to the basics of using a computer and Microsoft Office. Students will be introduced to Windows, a word processor (Word), and an electronic spreadsheet (Excel). This course will benefit those who need to understand the basics of a computer on the job or at home.
    Hours: 36
    Credits: 3

    OHS1140     Safety Requirements & Dangerous Goods

    Description: This course is designed to provide knowledge and understanding in various safety-related topics pertinent to an industrial environment. Topics include: due diligence, WHMIS, shipping/receiving regulations related to the handling of dangerous goods, occupational health and safety requirements, and, manual and automated lifting practices.
    Hours: 30
    Credits: 2

    OPER1080     Introduction To Logistics
    Description: Logistics is the management of the movement, protection and storage of product from supplier to the end customer. This course develops a working knowledge of the current methods that ensure the right quantity of the right item is in place at the right time and at the right price. Topics range from quality customer service to supply chain management.
    Hours: 36
    Credits: 3

    OPER1120     Material Handling And Management Concepts

    Description: Providing knowledge about basic material handling equipment and its applications, as well as storage equipment in any organization, this course will teach the principles of unitization, containerization, packaging and preventive maintenance. Some key elements of management concepts will be discussed.
    Hours: 36
    Credits: 3

    OPER1210     Fundamentals Of Inventory Control

    Description: Encompassing the principles of inventory control, this course studies stock analysis, order cycles and lead times, forecasting, determining order quantities, safety stock, just-in-time systems, materials requirements planning concepts, and storage and retrieval systems.
    Hours: 30
    Credits: 2

          Electives: Program Option     

    Description: Student must pass 1 Course(s)

    Elective Courses:

    COMM1140     Interpersonal Communications Skills

    Description: This course will help students develop skills needed to interrelate with others in a variety of workplace situations and social settings. With the assistance of self-assessment and feedback instruments, students will be able to build on individual strengths and overcome weakness in their ability to communicate effectively one-on-one and in group settings. Although the course will incorporate relevant communication theories, the focus will be on developing the ability to present oneself effectively in the majority of managerial roles (e.g. managing conflict, instructing, seminar leader, counselor, team member). The course will also focus on managing ones image to maximize career potential.
    Hours: 45
    Credits: 3

    QUAL1030     Fundamentals Of Quality Assurance

    Description: Recommended: Level IV Mathematics or equivalent. This course provides an introduction to quality assurance and control programs within a business organization. Topics include the nature and history of quality, factors which affect quality, quality inspection and verification. The course will also deal with collection, analysis and interpretation of data, histograms and frequency distributions, probability and its applications, normal and binomial curves, control charts for variables and attributes, and statistical sampling.
    Hours: 39
    Credits: 3

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