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  • Objectives
    Business Access is a four-month, full-time program (part-time enrolments may be available) offered twice a year in September and January, that refreshes your academic skills prior to starting a Diploma in Business Administration program and helps you meet the diploma program requirements. The focus of your studies are English, math, computers, and an overview of business.
  • Academic Title
    Certificate in Business Access
  • Course description
    BUS 110 Introduction to Business

    (3 credits) F (3,0,0,0)

    This course provides an overall framework for understanding the components of business and concepts of business management. Topics include: business organizations and the interrelationships of the components; the functions of managers; business in relation to society; and business issues and future trends. (T)

    Prerequisite(s): "B" in English 11 or ENGL 050, or assessment.
     BUS 140 Business Info. Technology

    (3 credits) F, W (4.0,0,0)

    This course provides an introduction to information systems, hardware, software, networks and communication technologies as they are applied in a business context. Word processing, spreadsheet, presentation, and file management software will also be introduced as well as the use of the school's computer labs including policies, networks and printing.(T)

    Prerequisite(s): "C" in English 11; or "B" in ENGL 050; or "B" in ELD 072 and (ELD 074 or ELD 079); or assessment.

     *ELD 060 ELD Support Course

    F, W, PS (5,0,0,0)

    This course is designed to provide non-native English speakers with the reading, writing, listening and speaking skills necessary to support their studies and for successful completion of College career, academic or vocational courses.

    Co-requisite(s): Enrolment in another college course.

     ENGL 140 Technical & Professional English

    (3 credits) F, W (4,0,0,0)

    This course develops knowledge, skills processes, strategies, attitudes, and behaviours relevant to the world of academic, technical, and professional reading, writing, speaking, and listening and prepares students for the language demands of the Diploma in Business Administration or the Certificate in Academic and Professional English.

    Prerequisite(s): "C" in English 11; or "B" in ENGL 050; or "B" in ELD 072 and (ELD 074 or ELD 079); or assessment.

    *ELD 060 is required for students entering with ELD 072 and ELD 074/079. If entry is based on assessment, ELD 060 is required if deemed necessary by the ELD Assessment Counsellor.

    LRNS 102 Learning & Problem Solving Skills

    (1 credit) F, W, Q2, Q4 (2,0,0,0)

    This course will help students learn strategies to solve quantitative problems more effectively as well as strategies in standard learning skills areas such as time management and exam preparations. Special emphasis will be given to those strategies specifically needed in mathematical problem-solving courses such as understanding concepts efficiently and solving problems systematically.

    Pre or Corequisite(s): MATH 172, MATH 072 or equivalent.
    MATH 072

     MATH 072 Advanced Math 1

    (4 credits) F, W, P, S (5,3,0,0)

    This course is the first half of Math 11 and provides the algebra skills required for statistics, criminal justice and some business programs. Topics include: linear equations and inequalities, rearranging formulas, linear equations in two variables, systems of linear equations, integer and rational exponents, polynomials and factoring.

    Prerequisite(s): "C+" in Principles of Math 10; or a "C-" in Principles of Math 11; or a "C" in MATH 053 or MATH 057; or assessment.

    Total Credits            14.0

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