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 Who is looking out for your career? Your employer? probably not, your accountant? we doubt it. However at ICI we are looking out for your interests. Not only will we teach you with the most effective skills and knowledge we will also help get your dream job or even help you start your own business!

The International Career Institute (ICI) is a leading provider of distance education. Using experienced industry based faculty and the latest resources ICI delivers over 100 exciting career and lifestyle focused courses to a broad range of people and business's world wide.

International Recognition & Credibility

ICI is recognized internationally. The Institute has:

   1. Established formal standing with various government & industry bodies,
   2. Been supported by professionals throughout the world,
   3. Courses are developed in cooperation with government education agencies and industry representatives,
   4. Graduates have obtained employment and established successful businesses across a wide range of industries,
   5. 32% of ICI students are in fact employees of companies and government departments. Course fees are either partially or fully funded by employers. The following is a partial list of companies and government departments which have enrolled staff into ICI courses:
          * Department of Defence,
          * Microsoft,
          * AT&T,
          * Navman Technologies,
          * Colliers International,
          * Mitsubishi Corporation,
          * Pearson Education,
          * John Paul College,
          * Brookfield Multiplex,
          * Accor,
          * General Motors,
          * Bank of America,
          * HSBC Bank,
          * American Express,
          * 3M,
          * FedEx,
          * Workplace Authority,
          * Centacare Employment Group,
          * MAX Employment,
          * Employment Directions Network,
          * Shell,
          * Calvin Klein,
          * Coca-Cola Amitil,
          * and many more...

    ICI is Accredited and Recognised by the International Association of Private Career Colleges. IAPCC accreditation ensures that the Institute has met IAPCC benchmarks in the areas of course content, course delivery, student assessments, administration and the tutorial faculty.

    ICI is a member of the College of Teachers. The College was founded by Royal Charter in 1849. Its institutional members are organisations with an educational interest and includes schools, colleges, universities, professional associations and training organisations throughout the world. Everything the College does is driven by a commitment to raise standards in education and improve learning for all.


Our mission is to provide our learners with high quality courses that develop highly effective graduates who have the knowledge and skills to embark on a new chosen career or advance themselves in careers they may already be engaged with.


"Real Skills for the Real World" is the fundamental philosophy toward learning at ICI. Our learning content, faculty and graduate outcomes are geared towards imparting practical knowledge and skills. The Institute was founded on the principle that the key to success in today’s business and work environment is knowledge.


The International Career Institute is a private provider of education and training whose purpose is:

    * To create and advance new and existing career prospects for its learners.
    * To instil within each student that the key to success in today’s business and work environment is knowledge.
    * To cater to a broad range of people ranging from school leavers to men and women in established careers.
    * To offer programs that focus on the application of theory, concepts and skills so that graduates can meet future challenges that may be presented.
    * To provide curricula developed in consultation with practitioner faculty who are industry experts.
    * To support students with services that foster success, personal development and career potential.


”Secure Your Future”, derived from the Latin “Munite Futurum”, is our Institute’s motto.

- President's Welcome Message -

    Dear Prospective Student

    We are glad you are visiting our website today. If you want to prepare for a better, brighter future, you’re at the right place! And you’re not alone. Right now, thousands of ICI students are at home or work, experiencing the convenience and excitement of our self-paced, professional-level distance learning programs.

    Just think: in less than a year from now – perhaps as little as several months — you could be receiving your diploma in a field that fits your interest, talents and goals. There is nothing to compare with the sense of self-confidence that comes from having specialized knowledge and skills. Your diploma will give you the competitive edge as you pursue exciting career opportunities.

    ICI is a proven educational method, committed to student service, and reasonable tuition prices which results in an outstanding learning experience. We hope you’ll join us today. We’ll be right there with you from Lesson One until graduation day.

    Take the next step towards achieving your goals today by learning how to enrol.

    Yours Sincerely,

    International Career Institute

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