Concordia is a large, urban university in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. The university's two campuses are set approximately 7 km apart: Sir George Williams campus in the downtown core of Montreal, and Loyola campus in the residential west-end of Montreal. They are connected by a free shuttle bus service for students, faculty and staff.

      Concordia continues its drive to provide first-class teaching and research facilities, including new buildings and residences. We have been doing it for over a hundred years and we’re still at it – to deliver new and improved facilities to create the best possible learning, teaching and research environment to meet our present needs and to take us dynamically into the future.

      One of Canada's most innovative universities, Concordia values inter-disciplinary approaches to learning, and is dedicated to offering the best possible scholarship, research and training

      Concordia has four faculties and a School of Graduate Studies, as well as numerous colleges, centres and institutes.

Faculty of Arts and Science

      Concordia’s largest faculty, Arts and Science, is home to 26 departments and colleges and some 15,000 undergraduate and graduate students. With over 250 new tenure-track professors hired in recent years and new or renovated state-of-the-art facilities, the faculty is an exciting place to undertake post-secondary studies in the humanities, the natural sciences or the social sciences.

Faculty of Engineering and Computer Science

      Concordia’s Faculty of Engineering and Computer Science is dedicated to preparing students for professional careers through the delivery of quality academic programs designed to meet the challenges of technological change in society. Among Canada’s largest engineering faculties, it provides programs in Building, Civil, Computer Engineering, Electrical, Industrial, Mechanical and Software Engineering, as well as programs in Computer Science.

Faculty of Fine Arts

      The Faculty of Fine Arts is unique in Canada, offering an unparalleled range of programs in the visual and performing arts. Faculty members are both professional artists active in their fields and scholars dedicated to creative work and research. They provide a challenging diversity of viewpoints that is supplemented by extensive programs of visiting artists and scholars.

John Molson School of Business

      The John Molson School of Business aims to educate and graduate its over 6000 students with the skills essential to thrive in today’s fiercely competitive workplace. JMSB programs are designed to ensure that what is taught is solidly grounded in reality, and thus many JMSB faculty members have real-world experience in their respective fields alongside their academic distinction.

School of Graduate Studies

      At Concordia, some 5000 graduate students conduct research and creative work in over 100 programs. The School of Graduate Studies includes a wide range of specialities, interdisciplinary programs and outstanding research, and students can pursue their graduate degrees in a multicultural university where arts, culture, business, industry, research centres and libraries provide many opportunities.

Co-operative Education

      Concordia’s Institute for Co-operative Education program allows students to gain real-world work experience in their chosen fields by alternating school terms with work terms. Over 30 programs across all faculties are available through the Co-op institute.

Continuing Education

      The Centre for Continuing Education is an integral part of Concordia University. It enhances the general mission of the university by delivering a wide range of innovative non-credit programs that provide a unique and challenging experience for both local and international students.


      eConcordia provides an alternative learning platform through a selection of flexible, practical and user-friendly on-line courses combining cutting edge technology with Concordia University 's prestigious curriculum and faculty.

John Molson Executive Centre

      The JMSB Executive Centre caters to the training needs of companies and executives by offering tailored training solutions to corporations and executives.

Training offer

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