Professional Scuba Dive Instructor Certificate

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  • Objectives
    Students will experience 100 dives as they explore the scenic Sunshine Coast. With the ocean as a classroom, students will have a first-hand opportunity to develop the skills, confidence and competence to build a successful long-term career in tourism management.
  • Practical experience
    The program concludes with a three week practicum course where students work with industry professionals, gain valuable job contacts and placement prospects. The practicum location may be local or in a tropical destination with leaders in the scuba tourism industry.
  • Academic title
    Professional Scuba Dive Instructor Certificate
  • Course description
    First Term    Course Credits
    Required:    9.00
    • CMNS 154    Communications in Outdoor Recreation and Tourism    3.00
    • TOUR 111    Tourism Introduction: Theory and Practice    3.00
    • TOUR 205    Tourism Sales    3.00
    Credits    9.00

    Second Term    Course Credits

    Required:    9.00
    • TOUR 104    Marine Tourism and Interpretation    3.00
    • TOUR 136    Professional Dive Practicum    3.00
    • TOUR 208    Risk Management for Tourism and Outdoor Recreation    3.00
    Credits    9.00

    Dive Certificates/Credentials    Course Credits

    Required:    0.00

    Diving Emergency Mgmt Provider
    Gas Blender-Dive Sci & Tech
    Emergency First Response
    Emerg 1st Rsp-Instruct/Child
    Advanced Diver
    Rescue Diver
    Deep Diver
    Night Diver
    Enriched Air Diver
    Underwater Navigator
    Open Water Dive Course
    Equipment Specialist
    Project Aware Fish Iden
    Boat Diver
    Drift Diver
    Master Scuba Diver Prep
    Underwater Photographer
    Dry Suit Diver
    Instructor Development Course
    Pleasure Craft Operation

    Credits    0.00
    Total Program Credits    18.00

    CMNS 154    Communications in Outdoor Recreation and Tourism
    3.00 credits    (4,0,0) hrs    15 wks
    This writing for Outdoor Recreation and Tourism Management course covers reports, memoranda, press releases, articles, briefs and proposals.
    Note: This course is restricted to WLP and REC program students.

    TOUR 104    Marine Tourism and Interpretation
    3.00 credits    (6,0,0) hrs    10 wks
    The objective of this course is to enable students to develop an awareness and understanding of the marine near-shore environment. The content will focus on learning about marine resources within the context of tourism development and responsible stewardship by user groups within the marine tourism field.

    TOUR 111    Tourism Introduction: Theory and Practice
    3.00 credits    (4,0,0) hrs    15 wks
    An introduction to the key concepts, language, and issues facing the tourism industry. Trends, market profiles and demographic factors, key industry sectors, tourism geography and key regional products in B.C., tourism's role in community development, social impacts of tourism, transportation, communication, and legal issues in tourism.

    TOUR 136    Professional Dive Practicum
    3.00 credits    (0,0,35) hrs    04 wks
    Prerequisite: CMNS 154, REC 149, TOUR 104 and a cumulative GPA of 2.50
    The Scuba Dive practicum aims to provide work experience in the recreation dive industry. It is designed to complement the theoretical and practical components of the program, and to be of value to students in obtaining future employment.

    TOUR 205    Tourism Sales
    3.00 credits    (6,0,0) hrs    10 wks
    Prerequisite: TOUR 112
    This course explores the development of a personal selling philosophy for those active in the tourism and hospitality industry. Topics covered include selling techniques, communication strategies, human motivation, marketing mix, and verbal and non-verbal skills.

    TOUR 208    Risk Management for Tourism and Outdoor Recreation
    3.00 credits    (5.45,0,0) hrs    11 wks
    This course is designed to familiarize students with the concepts of risk management and legal liability as it applies to the tourism industry. Students will be introduced to areas of risk, methods of identifying risk, and risk management systems. They will learn about important challenges facing tourism operations. Students will be familiarized with methods of reducing risk. They will also be introduced to the rights and liabilities of different parties relative to their relationships within the tourism industry.

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