Master of Computer Science

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  • Academic title
    Master of Computer Science
  • Course description

    Master of Computer Science
    A MCSc consists of not less than six half-credit classes or their equivalent, and a thesis selected upon the advice of the thesis supervisor. The thesis is equivalent to two credits.

    The thesis shall be written under the guidance of a thesis supervisor, and must be satisfactory to an examining committee established by the Faculty. The candidate must present an oral thesis defence.

    Master of Applied Computer Science
    A MACSc consists of not less than eight half-credit classes or their equivalent and a well defined project. The project is equivalent to one credit.

    The project shall be carried out under the direction of a project supervisor and must be satisfactory to the supervisor and another faculty member before approval is granted. The candidate must give an oral presentation of the project.

    • CSCI 6101.03: Advanced Topics in Analysis of Algorithms.
    • CSCI 6102.03: Computational Geometry.
    • CSCI 6103.03: Network Reliability.
    • CSCI 6104.03: Algorithms and Data Structures for Massive Data Sets.
    • CSCI 6301.03: Computer Software: Requirement Analysis and Specification.
    • CSCI 6302.03: Computer Software: Development and Design.
    • CSCI 6304.03: Visual Programming.
    • CSCI 6306.03: Topics in Program Comprehension.
    • CSCI 6401.03: Distributed Databases.
    • CSCI 6403.03: Advanced Topics in Information Retrieval.
    • CSCI 6404.03: Web Information Systems.
    • CSCI 6405.03: Data Mining and Data Warehousing.
    • CSCI 6406.03: Visualization.
    • CSCI 6501.03: Intelligent Systems.
    • CSCI 6505.03: Machine Learning.
    • CSCI 6506.03: Genetic Algorithms and Programming.
    • CSCI 6508.03: Fundamentals of Computational Neuroscience.
    • CSCI 6509.03: Advanced Topics in Natural Language Processing.
    • CSCI 6514.03: Search and Optimization.
    • CSCI 6602.03: Digital Image Processing.
    • CSCI 6604.03: Advanced Computer Graphics.
    • CSCI 6606.03: Human Factors in On-Line Information Systems.
    • CSCI 6608.03: Advanced Computer Animation.
    • CSCI 6702.03: Parallel Computing.
    • CSCI 6704.03: Advanced Topics in Networks.
    • CSCI 6706.03: Network Design and Management.
    • CSCI 6707.03: Knowledge Management: Concepts and Techniques.
    • CSCI 6801.03: Computational Biology and Bioinformatics.
    • CSCI 6802.03: Algorithms in Bioinformatics.
    • CSCI 6901.03: Directed Studies.
    • CSCI 6902.03: Doctoral Directed Studies.
    • CSCI 6903.03/6904.03/6905.03/6906.03/6907.03/ 6908.03: Special Graduate Topics in Computer Science.
    • CSCI 7001X/Y.06: Research Project in Computer Science.
    • CSCI 7900X/Y.06: Directed Doctoral Research Project.
    • CSCI 9000.00: Master's Thesis.

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