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  • Academic title
    Master of Arts in English
  • Course description

    Class work must include a graduate seminar (half or full-year) in the thesis area; at least one graduate seminar in a field unrelated to the thesis; and additional seminars in English to make up the equivalent of two and a half full-year seminars. Master's students must also complete ENGL 8000, the MA thesis prospectus, usually in the winter semester. With the approval of the Graduate Committee, a graduate class in another department relevant to the candidate's thesis may take the place of one of the additional seminars, and under certain conditions a reading class may take the place of the seminar in the thesis area.

    Before graduation all students are required to demonstrate some proficiency in at least one language other than English that is relevant to their studies.

    A thesis, equivalent to two classes, is required.

    Graduate Seminars
    Approximately six full-year seminars or the equivalent are offered each year.

    • ENGL 5000.03: Directed Readings I.
    • ENGL 5001.03: Directed Readings II.
    • ENGL 5002X/Y.06: Selected Readings in English.
    • ENGL 5110X/Y.06: Middle English Literature.
    • ENGL 5116.03: Gift and Exchange in Middle English Literature.
    • ENGL 5117.03: Medieval Romances.
    • ENGL 5118.03: Reading the Canterbury Tales (All of Them).
    • ENGL 5119.03: Chaucer - Dream Visions and Tales other than Canterbury.
    • ENGL 5130.03: Gender and Sex in Medieval Literature.
    • ENGL 5131.03: The First Millennium and Beyond.
    • ENGL 5135.03: England's Late-Medieval Alliterative Poetry.
    • ENGL 5227.03: Re-Imagining the Plot in Selected Shakespearean Tragedies.
    • ENGL 5230X/Y.06: Renaissance Poetry and Rhetoric.
    • ENGL 5235.03: Milton's Paradise Lost.
    • ENGL 5246.03: The Drama from Marlowe to Ford.
    • ENGL 5250X/Y.06: Renaissance Dissident Writers.
    • ENGL 5258.03: Early Modern Privacy.
    • ENGL 5265.03: Writing Women/Women Writing in Early Modern England 1540-1640.
    • ENGL 5266.03: Mothers and Maternity in Early Modern England 1580-1670.
    • ENGL 5268.03: Gender and Politics in Jacobean London 1610-1624.
    • ENGL 5275.03: Voyeurism in Early Modern Culture.
    • ENGL 5280.03: The Theory and Practice of Literary Pleasure.
    • ENGL 5306.03: The Restoration Theatre.
    • ENGL 5310X/Y.06: Restoration and Augustan Satire.
    • ENGL 5315X/Y.06: The Eighteenth-Century English Novel.
    • ENGL 5316.03/5317.03: Studies in the Eighteenth-Century English Novel.
    • ENGL 5331.03: Eighteenth-Century Constructions of Authorship.
    • ENGL 5335.03: Reading Pope and Swift: Satire, Entrapment, Theory.
    • ENGL 5355.03: Eighteenth-Century Popular Literature and History: An Interdisciplinary Approach.
    • ENGL 5404.03: Ireland and the Geopolitical Imaginary in British and Irish Literature, c. 1750-1850.
    • ENGL 5405X/Y.06: The Wordsworth Circle: The Politics and Poetics of Literary Converse.
    • ENGL 5407.03: Landscape and Loss: Nineteenth-Century Irish Literature.
    • ENGL 5411.03: Women and Men in the Romantic Era.
    • ENGL 5414.03: Romantic Women Writers.
    • ENGL 5415X/Y.06: Wordsworth and Coleridge.
    • ENGL 5416.03: Bront? Dissemination's.
    • ENGL 5417.03: The 1790s: The Revolutionary Decade.
    • ENGL 5419.03: Digital Romanticism & Print Culture: The Case of John Thelwall.
    • ENGL 5420.03: Keats and Shelley.
    • ENGL 5423.03: Race, Religion, Gender and Nation in Nineteenth-Century Literature.
    • ENGL 5426.03: The Ethics of Victorian Fiction.
    • ENGL 5450.03: Studies in the Victorian Novel: George Eliot and History.
    • ENGL 5455.03: Filming Jane Austen.
    • ENGL 5460.03: The Moral of the Story: Reading in Fiction and Ethics.
    • ENGL 5465.03: Victorian Women Writers.
    • ENGL 5518.03: Catholicism and Modern Literature.
    • ENGL 5523.03: Postmodern Fiction.
    • ENGL 5545.03: George Orwell and the Politics of the Plain Style.
    • ENGL 5562.03: Telling the Truth in America: Franklin to Faulkner.
    • ENGL 5625.03: Studies in Modern Canadian Poetry.
    • ENGL 5650.03: Nations Within: The Politics and Poetics of Native American Literature.
    • ENGL 5670.03: Canadian Editions.
    • ENGL 5675.03: Editing Canadian Modernism.
    • ENGL 5680.03: Writing in Canadian: Globalization and Contemporary Canadian Literature.
    • ENGL 5700.03: South African Literature in a Century of Struggle.
    • ENGL 5805.03: Walt Whitman and Emily Dickinson.
    • ENGL 5811.03: American Lives.
    • ENGL 5812.03: Ideas of the Western.
    • ENGL 5813.03: Literature of the American Prison.
    • ENGL 5814.03: The Afterlife of Henry James.
    • ENGL 5828.03: Ralph Ellison's America.
    • ENGL 5829.03: Turning a Lens Into a Mirror: The Stereotype in Ellison and Everett.
    • ENGL 5830.03: Reading American Modernism.
    • ENGL 5840.03: Literary Talk: Modernism.
    • ENGL 5845.03: Forms of Modern Literary Production.
    • ENGL 5850.03: Aesthetic Scandals of the Twentieth Century.
    • ENGL 5875.03: Twentieth-Century African-American Intellectual Debate.
    • ENGL 5911.03: Between Literature and Philosophy.
    • ENGL 5917.03: Critical Theory: The Ethical Turn.
    • ENGL 5926.03: Travelling East.
    • ENGL 5928X/Y.06: Literary Couples and Collaborators.
    • ENGL 5935.03: Canonicity.
    • ENGL 5945.03: Representations of Slavery: Race, Writing and Gender.
    • ENGL 5950.03: Literary Labors.
    • ENGL 5956.03: Sexuality and the Literature of the Fantastic.
    • ENGL 5996.03: Canadian Multicultural Fictions: Ethnicity, Race and Reading.
    • ENGL 8000.00: English MA Thesis Prospectus.
    • ENGL 9000.00: MA Thesis.

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