Master of Applied Science in Biomedical Engineering

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  • Academic title
    Master of Applied Science in Biomedical Engineering
  • Course description


    • BMNG 5020.03 (A) Cell Biology for Biomedical Engineering
    • BMNG 5040.03 (A) Introduction to Biomedical Engineering
    • BMNG 5110.03 (A) Biocompatibility and Biomaterials Design
    • BMNG 5210.03 (A) Biomedical Instrumentation, Data Acquisition and Analysis
    • BMNG 5260.03 (A) Diagnostic Imaging and Radiation Biology
    • BMNG 5010.03 (B) Introductory Physiology for Biomedical Engineering
    • BMNG 5030.03 (B) Pathobiology for Biomedical Engineering
    • BMNG 5120.03 (B) Biomechanics in Physiology and Surgical Implant Design
    • BMNG 5130.03 (B) Biomechanics of Human Gait
    • BMNG 5140.03 (B) Principles of Biomolecular and Drug Molecule Design
    • BMNG 5150.03 (B) Introduction to Tissue Engineering
    • BMNG 5230.03 (B) Biomedical Signal Analysis and Modeling
    • BMNG 5250.03 (B) Bioelectricity: A Quantitative Approach
    • BMNG 5410.03, 5420.03, 5430.03 (A/B or summer term) Directed Readings in Biomedical Engineering

    Other courses applicable for students in Biomedical Engineering

    Anatomy and Neurobiology

    ANAT 5030.06 Human Histology
    ANAT 5100.06: Human Neuroanatomy.
    ANAT 5130X/Y.06: Topics in Mammalian Embryology and Molecular Developmental Biology.
    ANAT 5200X/Y.06: Research Laboratory Techniques in Anatomy and Neurobiology.

    Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

    BIOC 3200.03: Biological Chemistry.
    BIOC 5010.03: Bioinformatics.
    BIOC 5305.03: Mechanisms of Signal Transduction
    BIOC 5501.03: Medical Biotechnology I.
    BIOC 5603.03: Advanced Laboratory in Biochemical Techniques.
    BIOC 5610.06: Scientific Writing and Advanced Laboratory in Biochemical Techniques.
    BIOC 5700.03: Proteins.


    BIOL 3024.03: Microscopy.
    BIOL 4070.03: Advanced Topics in Animal Physiology.
    BIOL 4404.03: Introduction to Pharmacology I.
    BIOL 4407.03: Introduction to Pharmacology II.
    BIOL 4408.03: Introduction to Pharmacology III.

    Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

    BIOL 5012.03: Advanced Laboratory in Biochemical Techniques.

    Business Administration

    BUSI 5007.03: Strategy and Competitiveness.
    BUSI 6007.03: Starting the Emerging Technology Venture.


    CHEM 3303.03: Materials Science.
    CHEM 3601.03: Chemistry of Living Systems.
    CHEM 5303.03: Physical Properties of Materials.
    CHEM 5502.03: Polymer Science.
    CHEM 6312.03 Colloid and Surface Science
    CHEM 6316.03: Theory of Modern NMR Experiments.
    CHEM 6501.03 Electronic Instrumentation for Scientists
    CHEM 6505.03: Biological Mass Spectrometry.

    Civil Engineering

    CIVL 6153.03 Fiber Reinforced Plastics (FRP)

    Community Health and Epidemiology

    CH&E 5019.03: Principles of Biostatistics.
    CH&E 5020.03: Biostatistical Modelling.
    CH&E 6021.03: Advanced Biostatistics.
    CH&E 6024.03 Methods in Clinical Trials
    CH&E 6030.03: An Introduction to the Fundamentals of Medical Research.

    Computatoinal Biology and Bioinformatics

    CSCI 6801.03: Computational Biology and Bioinformatics.
    CSCI 6802.03: Algorithms in Bioinformatics.
    BIOC 5010.03: Bioinformatics.
    STAT 5620.03: Statistical Issues in Molecular Evolution.

    Computer Science

    CSCI 6505.03: Machine Learning.
    CSCI 6508.03: Fundamentals of Computational Neuroscience.

    Electrical and Computer Engineering

    ECED 4600.03: Modern Control Systems.
    ECED 4760.03: Biomedical Engineering.
    ECED 6260.03: Computer Vision.
    ECED 6265.03: Advanced Computer Vision and Image Processing.
    ECED 6620.03: Optimal Control Systems.
    ECED 6630.03: Introduction to Estimation, Identification and Stochastic Control.
    ECED 6640.03: Mobile Robotics.
    ECED 6650.03: Advanced Topics on Optimization Methods in Engineering and Physics.
    ECED 6660.03: Fuzzy Systems.
    ECED 6810.03: Neural Networks.


    IDIS 6003.03: Materials Science.

    Engineering Math

    ENGM 3032.03: Applied Statistics
    ENGM 3052.03: Applied Numerical Methods..
    ENGM 6610.03: Wavelets and Filter Banks
    ENGM 6671.03: Applied Regression Analysis.
    ENGM 6672.03: Experimental Design in Statistics.
    ENGM 6673.03: Nonparametric Statistical Methods.

    Electronic Commerce

    ECMM 6024.03: New Venture Creation.

    Health and Human Performance

    KINE 5516.03 Neuromuscular Physiology
    KINE 5523.03 Biomechanics of Human Motion
    KINE 5572.03: Topics in Human Performance: Motor Control.
    KINE 5590.03: Measurement and Instrumentation in Human Movement Analysis.

    Health Services Administration

    HESA 6500.03: Intermediate Statistics for Health Services.

    Human Communication Disorders

    HUCD 5120.03: Hearing Measurement
    HUCD 6360.03: Amplification.
    HUCD 6380.03: Electrophysiological Audiometric Measures.
    HUCD 6420.03: Advanced Diagnostic Audiology.

    Industrial Engineering

    IENG 3334.03: Industrial Statistics.
    IENG 3344.03: Operations Research: Linear Models.
    IENG 4432.03: Simulation of Industrial Systems.
    IENG 4443.03: Quality Control and Reliability.
    IENG 4573.03: Industrial Biomechanics.
    IENG 6900.03: Industrial Engineering Methodologies
    IENG 6904.03 Industrial Work Systems Design.


    MGMT 3907.03: New Venture Creation Entrepreneurship
    MGMT 4901.03: Managing the Venturing Process.

    Materials Engineering

    MATL 3621.03: Mechanical Behaviour of Materials.
    METL 6030.03 Fracture of Metallic Materials
    MATL 6010.03: Introduction to Transmission Electron Microscopy.
    MATL 6011.03: Introduction to the SEM and Microprobe.

    Mathematics and Statistics

    MATH 5290.03/4290.03: Mathematical Analysis of Dynamic Biological Systems.
    MATH 5400.03 Applied Math in Science and Industry
    STAT 5500.03 Topics in Advanced Statistics
    STAT 5620.03 Data Analysis

    Mechanical Engineering

    MECH 3900.03: Systems I.
    MECH 4300.03: Stress Analysis.
    MECH 4330.03: Mechanical Design.
    MECH 4444.03: Mechatronics
    MECH 4500.03: Vibrations.
    MECH 4521.03: Applied Dynamics.
    MECH 4600.03: Engineering Measurements.
    MECH 4640.03: Robotics.
    MECH 4650.03: Biomechanical Engineering.
    MECH 4652.03: Kinematics of Human Motion.
    MECH 4660.03: Finite Element Method in Mechanical Design
    MECH 4900.03: Systems II.
    MECH 4950.03: Advanced Control Engineering.
    MECH 6325.03: Micro-electro-mechanical Systems
    MECH 4960.03: Computational Methods in Engineering.
    MECH 6350.03: Advanced Engineering Design.
    MECH 6420.03: Advanced Fluid Mechanics.
    MECH 6510.03: Advanced Mechanics of Solids
    MECH 6620.03: Identification of Systems.
    MECH 6640.03: Robot Mechanics.
    MECH 6660.03: Finite Element Method in Mechanical Design.
    MECH 6950.03: Advanced Control Engineering.

    Micrbiology and Immunology

    MICI 3024.03: Microscopy.
    MICI 3115.03: Immunology.
    MICI 4100.03: Processes and Mediators of Inflammation.
    MICI 4302.03: Molecular Immunology.
    MICI 5003.03: Special Topics in Microbiology and Immunology
    MICI 5006.06: Topics in Advanced Immunology.
    MICI 5601.03: Laboratory Techniques in Molecular Biology I
    MICI 5602.03: Laboratory Techniques in Molecular Biology II.
    MICI 5610.06: Scientific Writing and Advanced Laboratory in Biochemical Techniques.


    NESC 3970.03: Molecular Neuroscience.
    ANAT 5100.06: Human Neuroanatomy.
    CSCI 6508.03: Fundamentals of Computational Neuroscience.
    NESC 6100.06 Principles in Neuroscience
    NESC 6101.03 Principles in Neuroscience: Cellular and Molecular Neuroscience.
    PHYL 5519.03: Molecular Physiology of Ion Channels.
    PHYL 5521.03: Molecular Physiology.


    PATH 5001.03: Advanced Mechanisms of Pathology.
    PATH 5050.03: Immunopathology
    PATH 5100.03: Processes and Mediators of Inflammation.


    PHAC 5405.03: Advanced Pharmacology.
    PHAC 5406.03: Introduction to Pharmacology I.
    PHAC 5603.03: Neuropharmacology of Pain.
    PHAC 5606.03: Molecular Biology for Pharmacology.
    PHAC 5625.03: Electrophysiology and Ca2+ Imaging for Pharmacological Research Cardiac and Other Excitable Cells


    PHYC 5160.03 Mathematical Methods in Physics
    PHYC 5170.03 Topics in Mathematical Physics
    PHYC 5220.03 Microcomputer Based Instrumentation
    PHYC 5311.03: Fluid Dynamics.
    PHYC 6250.03: Experimental Techniques in Material Science.
    PHYC 6291.03 Surface Science I
    PHYC 6400.03: Medical Imaging Physics.
    PHYC 6421.03: Radiological Physics.
    PHYC 6422.03: Radiation Therapy Physics.

    Physiology and Biophysics

    PHYL 3320.03: Human Cell Physiology.
    PHYL 4327.03: Advanced Human Cell Physiology.
    PHYL 5000.03: Scientific Writing and Presentation Skills.
    PHYL 5323.03 Human Physiology: the Mechanism of Body Functions
    PHYL 5504.03: Advanced Topics in Respiration.
    PHYL 5519.03: Molecular Physiology of Ion Channels.
    PHYL 5521.03: Molecular Physiology.


    PSYO 6051.03 Neural Basis of Perception

    Process Engineering and Applied Science: Biological Engineering

    BIOE 3212.03: Measurement and Analysis.
    BIOE 3312.03: Measurement and Control.
    BIOE 3241.03: Industrial Biotechnology.
    BIOE 4331.03: Design of Biomachines.
    BIOE 4351.03: Bioprocess Engineering.
    BIOE 4391.03: Polymeric Biomaterials.
    BIOE 6210.03 (A) Advanced Biochemical Engineering
    BIOE 6350.03 (B) Advanced Instrumentation

    Process Engineering and Applied Science: Chemical Engineering

    CHEE 3550.03: Process Dynamics and Control.
    CHEE 4752.03: Process Modelling, Simulation & Control.
    CHEE 6714.03 Polymer Science
    CHEE 6730.03: Kinetics and Catalyses.
    CHEE 6732.03: Transport Phenomena
    CHEE 6800.03: Chemical Engineering in Biological Systems..


    STAT 5066.03: Advanced Statistical Theory I.
    STAT 5067.03: Advanced Statistical Theory II.
    STAT 5370.03/4370.03: Stochastic Process.
    STAT 5390.03/4390.03: Time Series Analysis I.
    STAT 5620.03/4620.03: Data Analysis.
    STAT 5990.03: Intermediate Statistics for Health Sciences.

Other programs related to biomedical engineering

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