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  • Entry requirements
    Pre-requisites Students are requested to have one of the following pre-requisites to qualify for enrolment into a Canadian Tourism College Diploma or Certificate program: 1. Grade 12 graduation from a Canadian High School or an equivalent level institution Worldwide; 2. Successful completion of the Government Equivalency Diploma (G.E.D); 3. Apply as a mature student, be over 19 years of age and successfully complete the Canadian Tourism College Entrance Exam with a passing grade of 65%. In addition, CTC recommends the following personal attributes: to like working with people, to have a positive attitude, to be enthusiastic, to be responsible, to be willing to learn and to be ready to take on new challenges and ideas. Canadian citizenship or landed immigrant status is required. International students are required to possess a valid Study Visa by the program start date. International students are also required to have sufficient accident and medical insurance to cover any injuries or illnesses that may occur during the educational term. International students and local students where English may not be their first language are required to be able to write, converse in the English language and have a high level of reading ability. Recommended assessment levels are any one or more of the following: TOEFL score paper based 490 TOEFL score computer based 163 TOEFL Internet based 57 IBT TOEIC Test 720 Cambridge First Certificate in English (FCE) Successful completion of grade 12 English from a Canadian High School or Community College Successful completion of the CTC English Assessment with a passing grade of 65% Successful completion of ESL from a recognized English Language School If English is not the first language, we would like to recommend registration into CTC's 4-week English For Tourism Certificate program. If more comprehensive ESL training is required, please contact an Enrollment Coordinator at CTC so we can make arrangements for some online ESL training through CTC or assist in arranging ESL classes at a partnership school.
  • Course description
    Full-time (Morning and Afternoon classes 3 days per week)
    38 weeks - 840 hours - 8.9 months

    The world of hospitality is interesting, diverse and varied. As a consequence, students wishing to join this popular and growing industry will find the Hospitality Cruise Business Diploma to be an excellent springboard to gaining knowledge and understanding about the industry as a whole. The computer components of this certificate course are considered essential in building and enhancing digital literacy skills for today's job market. Upon completion of this program, students will have the skills and knowledge to gain an entry-level position within the hospitality industry as well as earn the world's first validated standards-based training and certification program for basic computing, internet knowledge and skills and Microsoft Office Specialist certification from the Microsoft Corporation.

    Course Outline Hospitality Cruise Business Diploma

    Health and Wellness in the Workplace

    According to research, enhancing health and wellness rests not only with the individual, but with the management of organizations. They must realize that wellness is not a static stage. High-level wellness involves giving good care to your physical self, using your mind constructively, expressing your emotions effectively, being creatively involved with those around you, and being concerned about your physical, psychological and spiritual environments. Furthermore, this course will outline the importance of personal responsibility for their health and acquire the skills they need to protect their well-being and prevent serious health problems, so that they may be successful in their careers.

    Conventions Management and Event Planning
    Convention management plays a major part in revenue generation for Vancouver and Canada as a whole. It continues to be one of the fastest growing sectors in the industry and attracts many new entrants to the market. Furthermore, the demand for effective and organized Event Planners has never been higher. This course explores the world of conventions from a property perspective as well as an Event Planning perspective and offers critical learning about and all aspects of managing events along with personal growth and confidence building activities, team dynamics and motivation.

    The Cruise Line Industry
    The cruise line industry is the fastest growing segment of the travel industry. As a consequence, the inclusion of this module is aimed for those wishing to consider entering this "floating resort" employment market. The cruise line attraction is based mainly on the opportunity to travel the world while getting paid and, the diversity of opportunity that lies while on board and for many years to follow. Consequently the need to understand how this complex sector operates is critical for all students studying in hospitality. This course guides the student through a precise and accurate perspective of the cruise line industry and allows for understanding to be gained in all areas preparing the student for entry into this exciting industry!

    Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) Certification
    CTC is the only CLIA designated training centre in Western Canada and we are pleased to include this very specialized training and certification for the Hospitality Cruise students. CLIA Representatives are flown into Vancouver to provide this unique training program at CTC for it's students and industry (on a space availability basis). The seminars focus on Princilpals of Professional Selling, Cruise Vacations, Psychology of Selling, Power Selling Techniques and Cruise Geography. Upon successful completion of the 5 CLIA seiminars students will earn the Associate Cruise Program Certificate offered by CLIA and CTC and will have completed the first step in earning their Accredited Cruise Counsellor (ACC) designation through CLIA.

    Marketing & Finance
    The hospitality industry is like any other large income-generating sector and consequently, a basic understanding of business finance and sales and marketing is crucial to any student wishing to pursue a career in hospitality. This module outlines basic fundamentals of business finance and marketing and illustrates the importance of the marketing and selling principles in the industry. Students undertaking this module will gain an understanding of the concepts and theory of these interesting and important areas.

    Guest Service and Communication Skills
    As the hospitality industry continues to evolve and change, the one remaining constant is the demand and expectations for all guests in the world of hospitality to be "WOWED." Managing the guest experience in an efficient and effective manner is now a requirement for every organization involved in the hospitality industry. Thus, the goal of this module is to increase the understanding of the guest service sector, the knowledge of current trends, the ability to interpret those trends, and the development of the fundamentals skills necessary to achieve excellence in the competitive world of hospitality.

    Food and Beverage
    The food and beverage sector of the industry generates fifty five billion dollars (Canadian) annually and is still expanding in order to keep pace with the growth of tourism in Canada. This course explores the elements of food and beverage including the importance of proper sanitation, how to merchandise, how to take and place food and beverage orders and pick up food as well as proper serving and clearing of guests; meals. Information about reservations, priority seating and reservations systems will also be discussed. Most importantly, students will learn the confidence and the skills necessary that will serve them well as they serve their guests professionally and efficiently.

    Career and Personal Development
    Reflecting on ones past, present and what the future holds, is very important but people don't' take the time out of their busy lives to do this. This module will ensure that students reflect on various aspects of their life and draw conclusions as to what the future holds for them. Students will then cover all aspects of career development including resume writing, application cover letters, job sources, interview skills, practices and principles including a practical hands-on skills training during interviews. Additionally, this module explores the principles of interpersonal skills and how students may use the newly acquired knowledge to assist them in personal confidence building and self-improvement for individual or team working environments.

    Internet and Computing Core Certification (IC3)
    This program is the world's first validated standards-based training and certification program for basic computing, Internet knowledge and skills. Successful completion of IC3 ensures you have the knowledge and skills required for basic use of computer hardware, software, networks, and the Internet. IC3 is the gateway to advancement in education, employment, or other certification programs. IC3 is divided into three parts: Computing Fundamentals, Key Applications and Living Online.

    Microsoft Office Specialist (Office Specialist)
    This program is the only comprehensive, performance-based certification program approved by Microsoft to validate desktop computer skills using the Microsoft Office programs:

    Microsoft Word (Core & Expert)
    Microsoft Excel (Core & Expert)
    Microsoft Outlook (Core)
    Microsoft PowerPoint (Core)
    Microsoft Access (Core)

    The Office Specialist program provides computer program literacy, measures proficiency, and identifies opportunities for skills enhancement. Successful candidates receive an Office Specialist certificate that sets them apart from their peers in the competitive job market. The certificate is a valuable credential recognized worldwide, as proof that an individual has the desktop computing skills needed to work more productively and efficiently.

    The Office Specialist program is offered at two levels of certification: Core and Expert. Core is an introduction to the computer application, whereas Expert is an advanced level of the corresponding computer application.

    Behavioural Assessment
    In this course you will take a behavioral test so that you can better understand yourself, discovering both strengths and weaknesses. A report will be generated that analyzes your behavioral style, so that you can develop strategies to meet the demands of the office environment. This is a standard test used by recruitment agencies domestically and internationally.

    Conflict Resolution
    This course is to help develop skills in coping with conflict in an office environment. You will learn how to recognize the needs of difficult people in a one-on-one or group setting, develop non-threatening ways to start a dialogue, analyze people's responses to non-stressful and stressful situations, develop strategies on how to handle conflict and to develop strategies on how to have an optimum outcome that would satisfy all parties involved in conflict.

    How to Lead a Meeting
    In this course you will be introduced to a better understanding of staff meetings. You will learn the role of the chairperson, secretary and participants in a staff meeting, how to prepare for a staff meeting, implement a staff meeting agenda, coordinate individuals so the a meeting can start on time, assign responsibilities to each member of the meeting, demonstrate leadership by making sure that the meeting topics do not stray from the agenda and to develop an action plan to ensure that meeting minutes are followed.

    How to Give Effective Presentations
    In this course you will be introduced to the basic steps, guidelines and common errors in written, oral and visual presentations. You will identify the guidelines and various media used in effective presentations, evaluate the best media to communicate an idea, identify 10 key steps to making an effective presentation, and demonstrate knowledge of presentation subject matter. In addition to the technical aspects of effective presentation skills development, you will exhibit how the speaker is a key part of the presentation in their physical appearance, manners, and voice. You will present either a written, oral or visual presentation in class.

    Study Skills
    In this course you will be introduced to a better understanding of how to study. You will learn the ability to set short-term and long-term goals and to design a plan of study that leads to short-term goals. You will also be learning strategies and techniques to improve memory retention, and understanding how people learn, note-taking techniques for reading and listening, techniques for building and developing retention of daily lessons, skills in following instructions, search techniques, types of learning and use of feedback, test-taking techniques, and the ability to incorporate constructive criticism into study practice.

    How to Work in a Team
    In this course you will be introduced to a better way of working with colleagues in the office environment. You will learn how to explain the need for good working relationships in offices, differentiate effective verbal and non-verbal communications skills, utilize listening and observations skills in a case scenario, demonstrate tactful negotiation skills, explain the benefits of cooperation in an office environment, and to apply problem-solving skills in a given scenario.

    Front Office Procedures (AH & LA)
    The front office is a finely tuned, centrally located and critical part of any hotel or resort operation. For those students who have a desire to work directly with the public, this module offers understanding and knowledge on how this important area operates and how critical its contribution to the overall effectiveness of hotel management. The module explores the lodging industry, hotel organization, front office operations, the reservation process, registration, front office responsibilities, security, front office accounting, check-out and settlement, the role of housekeeping, the front office audit, revenue management and finally managing human resources.

    The International Hospitality Business - Management and Operations
    The International hospitality business module allows students to gain a clear understanding of how an effective global hospitality manager gains a broad trans-disciplinary perspective including studies in politics, culture and geography. Students gain an understanding of how to deal with the management of operations in foreign countries due to the explosive growth of the international hospitality industry. The module further explores the complex issues faced by managers when they are assigned to work oversees, gaining an insight into international hospitality firms' policies regarding development strategy, organizational structure and human resource management. Recognizing the international hospitality industry as an integral part of the service import export business will assist students to gain a better understanding of managerial roles.

    Cruise Operations Management
    The cruise line industry is the fastest growing segment of the travel industry and with steady deployment of new mega-ships; recruitment is an on-going human resources initiative. As a consequence, this module is a multi faceted learning opportunity embracing the key operational areas such as hotel operations, restaurant food and beverage and guest management. Students will have a behind the scenes look at how cruise ship plan itineraries, and will also provide the students with an in depth look at different jobs and departments on a cruise ship both off-shore and onboard. This course is great for those who desire to gain knowledge and understanding of these key areas of cruiseship management.

    Eco/Adventure Tourism
    Many hospitality clients choose to include some sort of adventure or eco-tourism product in their travel plans so this one-day training seminar will be taught to introduce the students to importance of the ever-growing Eco/Adventure tourism industry.

    Students will be required to complete 160-hour of hands-on training in a hospitality-related environment. To qualify for internship, students are required to maintain a grade average of 70% or higher and a minimum attendance of 90%.

    Field Trips
    A series of field trips will provide the students with exposure to a variety of hospitality organizations, the opportunity to speak to the professionals, gain the experience of being toured "behind the scenes" in functioning hotel and to see first hand a variety of tourism occupations.

    Certificates training included in the program
    WorldHost - Fundamentals
    This provincially recognized certificate is designed to provide service professionals with the skills and knowledge they need to provide excellent service. It also encourages participants to feel a sense of personal pride and commitment to their work in the tourism industry.

    WorldHost - Service Across Cultures Certificate
    This half-day seminar is designed to assist service professionals so they may increase their knowledge about visitors from other cultures and to provide practical suggestions to improve communication and customer service skills. The seminar also challenges our cultural biases and misconceptions and provides information about the travel trends of visitors from other countries.

    WorldHost - Sales Powered By Service
    Sales Powered By Service is a three-hour SuperHost - Face to Face polishing workshop that supports front-line employees to be more effective sales representatives through a service focus. Reviews the sales cycle and how it influences your customers' purchasing decisions. Discusses the value of knowing your products/services and the needs of your customers. Understanding the impact of "moments of truth." Explains the benefits of selling beyond the basics.

    WorldHost - Solving Problems Through Service
    Solving Problems Through Service is a three-hour SuperHost - Face to Face polishing workshop that supports front-line employees in being effective problem solvers in their role as service providers. This workshop provides effective training tools for anyone who is dedicated to providing exceptional customer service. Presented in a highly interactive, informative and fun learning environment, participants are encouraged to take ownership of their role in influencing customers' buying process. The objectives of the workshop are: to understand the value of an anticipatory service approach; to use creative thinking in challenging situations; to say no graciously and how to apply a problem-solving approach.

    WorldHost - Japanese Service Expectations
    Japanese Service Expectations is a one-day SuperHost Face-to-Face workshop that helps front-line employees understand Japanese visitors, their culture and their customer service expectations. Participants learn what the Japanese expect in the way of customer service, including how to properly address visitors, key words and phrases in the Japanese language and other cultural awareness skills to better serve BC's important and growing Japanese overseas market. Upon successful completion of this seminar, students will receive a certificate of completion from Tourism British Columbia.

    BASICS.fst Food Safety Training Certificate
    (similar to Food Safe level 1)
    BASICS.fst is the most advanced and internationally recognized food hygiene training currently available. Students gain a complete understanding of food hygiene regulations and practices within the hospitality industry. All concepts of the food chain are examined in detail and a complete understanding of the responsibilities required from the management perspective. This course may be taken either on-line or in a classroom environment.

    The following textbooks are included in the Hospitality Certificate program and students may keep them: Managing Front Office Operations (AH & LA) and Essentials of Business Communications. All other resources will be loaned from the CTC College Library.

    Diploma and Certificates included in this program
    Canadian Tourism College Hospitality Cruise Business Diploma, American Hotel and Lodging Association Front Office certificate, BASICS.fst, Microsoft Word Specialist & Expert, Microsoft Excel Specialist & Expert, Microsoft Outlook Specialist, Microsoft PowerPoint Specialist, Microsoft Access Specialist, IC3 Certification, WorldHost - Fundamentals, Service Across Cultures, Solving Problems Through Service, Sales Powered By Service and Japanese Service Expectations

    Additional certificates recommended complimenting the Hospitality Cruise Business Diploma.

    First Nations Cultural Tourism Certificate
    This full day seminar provides the participant with insight into First Nation's tourism in BC. The student will learn about the First Nations culture and its impact on tourism within BC. The seminar will provide information on history, native terminology and social structure within the First Nations of BC.

    Assisting Customers with Disabilities Certificate
    Disabled travellers now account for a significant share of the travel market and consequently present service professionals with alternative service requirements. This one-day seminar is designed to assist customer service representatives in the understanding and service requirements for guests with disabilities and how to most professionally meet and exceed their needs and expectations.

    WorldHost - Customers with Disabilities
    This is an introductory half day seminar designed to provide service professionals with the skills and knowledge to service customers with disabilities. This provincially recognized certificate also provides practical advice and corrects language usage for serving customers with disabilities.

    Emergency First Aid
    First aid is now a most critical aspect of the travel, tourism and hospitality industry and is a key requirement in all recruitment phases for the hospitality professional. This one-day course includes all aspects of emergency first aid CPR B for adults, infants and children. Having current first aid training certification is a valued skill recognized by employers worldwide.

    This seminar will provide a framework for leadership and introduce students to the tools and techniques that will smooth their transition from employee to leader and show them how to lead a team, not just manage it. The seminar will cover such topics such as motivation, communication, influence, evaluating performance and personal and professional development. It will also help identify personal leadership styles to assist junior/newly appointed managers in making valuable contributions to their organization and inspiring others.

    ADVANCED.fst Food Safety Training
    (similar to Food Safe level 2)
    Building on the principles of basic food hygiene, this course seeks to widen the food service professional's ability to set clear systems and procedures in the workplace thus complying with current legislation. Internationally recognized, this is a complete advanced food hygiene course covering in detail all aspects of the food chain and its implications to the food service provider today.

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