Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning Techniques Certificate

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  • Objectives
    As an accredited training institution registered with Technical Standard Safety Authority (TSSA), this program trains students as "Gas Technicians II". Graduates may apply to the Technical Standard Safety Authory (TSSA) for certification and be qualified to work in the heating, ventilation and air conditioning field. Sheet Metal will also be covered relating to the layout, installation and service of residential hydronic and forced warm air systems. Theory and practical lessons are split approximately 50/50.
  • Academic title
    Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Techniques Certificate
  • Course description
    Semester 1
    # ENG1581   -   001   -   Communication Fundamentals:Ind. Stu.

    The students will develop independent learning skills and review the fundamental conventions of Standard English.

    # GAF1100   -   012   -   Gas Technician III

    This course is the first step in the TSSA (Technical Standard and Safety Authority) gas Technician III program. This course covers TSSA Curriculum Modules 1 through 9 as required for certification as a Gas Technician III. This course covers the areas of safety, fasteners, hand tools and power tools, properties, characteristics and safe handling of propane and natural gas, utilization codes, acts and regulations, and an introduction to electricity and introduction to gas appliances. The objectives of this course are met with a mixture of 55% lab and 45% theory.

    # HVA1100   -   002   -   Basic Sheet Metal

    This course is a general overview of the Sheet Metal Trade in relationship to domestic heating systems and the tools of the trade. This course is a combination of theory and hands-on practice in the shop. The students will be using our modern sheet metal shop to complete sheet metal projects.

    # RAC1100   -   004   -   Refrigeration I

    This course will take the student through the basic concepts of the refrigeration cycle and the components of these systems. Also included in this course is the Ozone Depletion Prevention Program.

    Semester 2
    # ENG1580   -   002   -   Applied Communication I

    Prerequisite: ENG 1581 Students will practice the fundamentals of career-related applications of basic communications skills.

    # GAF1200   -   006   -   Gas Technician II (Part I)

    This course is designed to allow the student to complete the TSSA (Technical Standard and Safety Authority) Gas Technician III modules, along with the TSSA Gas Pipe Fitter designation. This is accomplished by the completion of Module 10-Advanced Piping and Tubing Systems, along with Module 15-Gas Meters, Pressure Regulators, and Relief Valves, as well as Module 22-Venting. This is a mixture of 55% shop and 45% theory.

    # OBU1201   -   008   -   Oil Burner Technician III

    Sorry - no current subject description

    # RAC1200   -   004   -   Refrigeration II

    This course is a continuation of Refrigeration I in that the theory will now be expanded upon and reinforced in the shop through the construction of a basic refrigeration system. The student will be able to practice such items as charging evacuating, system operations, and troubleshooting on the shop build systems under different operating systems.

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