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Golf and Recreational Club Management Ontario College Diploma

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  • Objectives
    This tailor made program allows applicants the opportunity to explore the numerous career opportunities available in the ever growing golf and recreational club industry, not only in Ontario, but nationally and internationally. Students will develop expertise in financial and business challenges specific to these types of facilities, such as: human resources, membership management, accounting functions, and the list goes on..... Students will also gain hands-on practical exposure to all the equipment and landscape concerns required to run a successful facility whether it be golf, ski, tennis, arena, or any recreational facility. They will gain a strong appreciation for retail management and for the necessities of a strong food and beverage department.
  • Practical experience
    This is a two year program with co-op work terms.
  • Academic Title
    Golf and Recreational Club Management Ontario College Diploma
  • Course description
    Level 1    Credits
    Gen Ed - Take a 3 credit General Education elective course
    Take all of the following Mandatory Courses:
    • BUSI-1063    Business for Club Managers-Intro     3.00
    • RECN-1029    Golf & Recreation in Canada     3.00
    • RECN-1028    Playing the Game     4.00
    • SFTY-1028    Health & Safety     2.00
    • WRIT-1042    Reason & Writing 1-Tourism& Hospitality     3.00
    • FDMG-1021    Food & Beverage - Practical     2.50
    • FDMG-1019    Food & Beverage Service Theory     1.00
    • HOSP-1001    Hospitality Career Focus     1.00
    • HORT-1042    Turf Management 1     2.00

    Level 2    Credits
    Take all of the following Mandatory Courses:
    • MGMT-1157    Leadership & Organizational Skills     3.00
    • MKTG-1042    Marketing/Public Relations for Club Mgrs     3.00
    • ACCT-1064    Principles of Accounting for Clubs     4.00
    • MGMT-1158    Guest Membership & Sales Management     3.00
    • HOSP-1011    Pro-Active Customer Serv/Millennium     3.00
    • FDMG-1039    Dining for Professional Success     3.00
    • HORT-5005    Turf Management 2     3.00

    Level 3    Credits

    Take all of the following Mandatory Courses:
    • ACCT-3031    Principles of Accounting 2 for Clubs     3.00
    • HOTL-3004    Food Beverage & Labour Cost Control     3.00
    • MRCH-1012    Golf Shop Operations & Retail     3.00
    • MGMT-1160    Club-Project Management Strategies     2.00
    • COMM-3041    Professional Communication for Tour/Hosp     3.00
    • BEVR-1004    Wines of the World     3.00

    Level 4    Credits

    Take all of the following Mandatory Courses:
    • LAWS-1029    Law & Insurance-Hospitality Industry     3.00
    • MGMT-5035    Golf & Club Facilities Management     4.00
    • COMP-5054    Software Solutions     2.00
    • MGMT-5036    Golf & Club Management Capstone     3.00
    • MGMT-1159    People Resource Management     3.00
    • ECON-6001    World Economics     3.00

    Gen Ed - Electives

    Take 3 General Education Credits -
    Normally taken in Level 1

    ACCT-1064 -  Principles of Accounting for Clubs

    An introduction to accounting, utilizing an accounting software program. Students will learn to manage sales, accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll, monthly account reconciliation. The student will apply their accounting and software skills using a real-world scenario to maintain a complete accounting of a given company's financial activity.

    ACCT-3031 -  Principles of Accounting 2 for Clubs
    This course is a continuation of the study of Financial Accounting at an introductory level. Students will cover additional material related to:- asset, liability, and owner's/shareholders equity accounts- analysis of financial statements including Balance Sheet, Income Statement - retained Earnings and Cash Flow- internal controls, budgeting, technology, leasing, payroll, taxes.

    BEVR-1004 -  Wines of the World
    The student will learn the fundamentals of wine making, including the effects from soils, climate and geographical location in order to gain a greater appreciation for the uniqueness of each wine produced. They will study the history of the worlds wine producing regions and their impact on today's abundant market.

    BUSI-1063 -  Business for Club Managers-Intro

    The purpose of this course is to explore the various functional areas of business in Canada, and to demonstrate the interrelationship amongst these areas, with strict attention to the Golf and Club Industries. Students are introduced to many concepts, including: major business trends, the role of government in business, production and operations, employee-management issues, and financial resources management.

    COMM-3041 -  Professional Communication for Tour/Hosp

    This course develops students' professionalcommunication skills (both oral and written) forthe hospitality industry. Students produce avariety of documents appropriate for theirworkplaces, from e-mails and letters to reportsand r233sum233s. Tone, format, organization, andword choice are critical factors in thesedocuments. Students incorporate research, criticalthinking, summarizing, documenting, and oralpresentations. They also address variouscommunication challenges in a diverse workplace. Acomputer lab is used for writing assignments in asimulated work environment.

    COMP-5054 -  Software Solutions

    A course designed to develop the fundamentalknowledge and skills required to plan, produce andpresent multi-media communications packages, withemphasis placed on practical use of current andemerging technologies.

    ECON-6001 -  World Economics

    A study of the principles of economics, as related to the distribution of goods and services in the tourism/hospitality industry. Major topics include the theory of consumer demand, output and price determination by firms, government intervention, international trade, money and banking, stock markets and the determination of overall levels of employment and income.

    FDMG-1019 -  Food & Beverage Service Theory

    Together with the practical environment of FDMG-1021 Food and Beverage Service Practical, the student will also have the opportunity to learn some of the many theoretical components related to the Food and Beverage department of a hospitality business.

    FDMG-1021 -  Food & Beverage - Practical
    The student will explore the fundamentals of formal service, casual dining, banquet service and counter service. The course is designed to give the student the opportunity to learn serving and basic food prep skills in a practical and safe environment, through the day-to-day operation of the Divisional Restaurant and Deli/Cafe. Students will gain confidence, and communication skills as they explore the finesse of serving the public.

    FDMG-1039 -  Dining for Professional Success
    Enjoy the tastes, sounds and aromas as you dine each week. This exploration of culture and customs in various national dining practices is designed to create an awareness of and develop sensitivity to different cultural behaviors and customs, especially for students traveling outside their own country or who will be dealing with people of other countries or cultures. Students will explore the influence of culture, religion, geography and history on dining practices around the world.

    HORT-1042 -  Turf Management 1

    For a golf club, turf is your most valuable asset.This course will introduce the student to thebasics of turf management, both from a golf courseperspective as well as the other turf uses such ascommercial, residential, and industrial settings.The student will learn basic plant physiology,various uses for turf as well as the advantagesand disadvantages of the various types of grasses.

    HORT-5005 -  Turf Management 2

    The advanced level of this course will introducethe student to soils, soil amendments and basicchemistry as it applies to the turf industry. Thestudent will learn about landscaping, renovationof turf areas as well as the various methods todesign and maintain a turf plot for a variety ofuses. Students will gain greater appreciation forthe elements of design as it pertains to golf andthe aesthetics of landscaping.

    HOSP-1001 -  Hospitality Career Focus
    This course will define the necessary tools and skills required to implement a successful career strategy and plan, from self-evaluation to the procurement of suitable employment. Students will be introduced to the many diversities of hospitality industry employment with special emphasis on marketing oneself into an appropriate hospitality career. This course will augment the work placement process.

    HOSP-1011 -  Pro-Active Customer Serv/Millennium

    The growth, changes and ever-increasing and demanding customer in the service industry, necessitates a revolutionary change in the delivery and modalities used in customer service delivery. This course is designed to increase the student's awareness of the consumer and their spending habits, dissect their needs, manage scarce resources and utilize technology to best anticipate and meet the needs of the consumer and provide the client with an unforgettable experience; cementing their loyalty for future business.

    HOTL-3004 -  Food Beverage & Labour Cost Control

    This course is designed to introduce the student to the techniques used in the control of food, beverage and labour costs. The student will be able to calculate all costs and be able to discuss the causes of variances between forecasted figures and actual results. They will have an appreciation for control systems and their implementations within the hospitality industry.

    LAWS-1029 -  Law & Insurance-Hospitality Industry

    A generalized course developed to provide the fundamental knowledge of the Laws governing the hospitality industry in Ontario. Risk management will be a key focus for the Insurance requirements of the golf industry. Emphasis will be placed on proper insurance coverage to meet the needs of the club.

    MGMT-1157 -  Leadership & Organizational Skills

    This course is designed to identify leadership styles and to allow the student to develop multi-tasking capabilities within the framework of the most suitable leadership environment.

    MGMT-1158 -  Guest Membership & Sales Management

    This course will explore the different revenue and sales potentials within the club setting. It will profile the various types of memberships that are created to suit a club’s needs, and how to execute sales strategies to create an economically viable club.

    MGMT-1159 -  People Resource Management

    The emphasis of this course is to explore the intricacies of the Human Resources Department of a Golf and Recreation enterprise, in particular the various acts and legislation governing employers and employees in the province of Ontario. Students will also have an opportunity to explore their own personal management style. Through interactive lectures and case studies you will explore the avenues to take when handling the numerous demands placed upon supervisors and managers and learn methods of achieving results through proactive people skills.

    MGMT-1160 -  Club-Project Management Strategies

    This course will provide the student with concrete skills in project management as it applies to the Golf and Club Industry. Students will explore all the components of a successful event from, conception, budgeting, coordinating, executing and evaluating an event.

    MGMT-5035 -  Golf & Club Facilities Management

    Facilities management will take the Golf and Recreational Club Management student into the daily operation of the different facilities that make up the industry. Through tours of golf clubs, swimming facilities, ski clubs, curling clubs, racquet clubs, health and fitness clubs and others, the students will be provided with hands-on practical experience in the management of the facilities and resources located at these properties. Emphasis on care and repair will be applied to equipment and physical plant.

    MGMT-5036 -  Golf & Club Management Capstone

    In the final semester of this program students will be provided an opportunity to synthesize their learning in a culmination of planning a recreational event, utilizing project management skills, marketing techniques, including branding, budgeting for expenses incurred (both forecasted and actual), using sound business practices to make effective decisions. In addition, the evaluation will also focus on the students understanding of customer service, ability to manage human resources, while addressing the specific sport and/or recreational activity and customer group.

    MKTG-1042 -  Marketing/Public Relations for Club Mgrs

    This course is designed to apply marketing knowledge and skill as it relates to the Recreational Club environment. We will address the preparation of media kits, developing marketing plans, execution of the plan, building/ marketing business, including media allotment, product/service branding and public relations.

    MRCH-1012 -  Golf Shop Operations & Retail

    The purpose of the course is to explore the importance and various functions of the Golf Shop Operation. From tee time and tournament bookings to merchandising and retail, students will gain a better understanding and appreciation for the golf shop operation. Students will explore all components of the golf shop operation and the impact on course revenues.

    RECN-1028 -  Playing the Game

    That's right, you will play the game! Through actual play the student will become familiar with the rules and techniques of playing the following recreational activities: golf, racquet sports, curling and even playing cards. They will also become familiar with numerous styles of tournaments or events surrounding these activities. At the completion of this course students will come away with a critical eye, be able to recognize the key elements and attention to detail required to organize a truly successful club event.

    RECN-1029 -  Golf & Recreation in Canada
    An historical perspective on games and sports in Canada. It will provide an overview of the facilities, equipment, tournament organization and the social components that surround the game. Particular attention will be placed on the professional associations and personalities in sports and recreation and their impact on the business end of sports and recreation for the general public.

    SFTY-1028 -  Health & Safety

    This course is designed to "load up" the student with necessary certificates and training to prepare them to work in all areas of a club environment, including; WHMIS training, Smart Serve, CPR/Heartsavers AED, and ever evolving government regulations.

    WRIT-1042 -  Reason & Writing 1-Tourism& Hospitality

    This course will introduce tourism and hospitalitystudents to essential principles of reading,writing, and reasoning at the postsecondary level.Students will identify, summarize, analyze, andevaluate multiple short readings and writepersuasive response essays to develop theirvocabulary, comprehension, grammar, and criticalthinking.

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