Biotechnology Technologist - Industrial Microbiology Ontario College Advanced Diploma

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  • Objectives
    This nationally-accredited program prepares you for the scientific principles, techniques and skills required in industrial microbiology. Specialized study also includes biotechnology applications, biochemistry, microbial genetics, clinical and environmental microbiology. Proficiency in research laboratory techniques and presentation skills developed through independent projects complements three years of theory and skills application.
  • Practical experience
    There is an optional co-op aspect associated with this program.
  • Academic title
    Biotechnology Technologist - Industrial Microbiology Ontario College Advanced Diploma
  • Course description
    Semester 1 Courses
    Course Code     Course Name     Lecture     Lab

    BI-111     Intro to Biological Systems     3 hrs     2 hrs
    CH-101     Chemistry     3 hrs     2 hrs
    COMM-170/171     College Communication 2 / (ESL)     3 hrs     
    MATH-154     Microcomputer Applications for Technology 1         3 hrs
    MATH-176     Mathematics 2     3 hrs     
    GNED-126     Occupational Health & Safety     3 hrs     
    Semester 2 Courses
    Course Code     Course Name     Lecture     Lab

    BI-121     Microbiology     3 hrs     
    BI-122     Microbiology Techniques         5 hrs
    CH-122     Lab Instrumentation     2 hrs     2 hrs
    CH-125     Inorganic Chem. for Microbiology     1 hr     2 hrs
    MATH-186     Mathematics and Statistics     4 hrs     
    ELECT     Elective     3 hrs     
    Semester 3 Courses
    Course Code     Course Name     Lecture     Lab

    BI-207     Microbiology Project 1         4 hrs
    BI-208     Food Microbiology     3 hrs     3 hrs
    CH-121     Organic Chemistry     3 hrs     2 hrs
    CH-207     Analytical Chemistry     3 hrs     2 hrs
    ENGL-250     Report Writing in a Technical Environment     2 hrs     
    GNED-500     Global Citizenship: From Social Analysis to Social Action     3 hrs     
    Semester 4 Courses
    Course Code     Course Name     Lecture     Lab

    BI-206     Microbiology Project 2         5 hrs
    BI-209     Pharmaceutical Microbiology     3 hrs     3 hrs
    CH-203     Food Chemistry     2 hrs     2 hrs
    CH-222     Biochemistry 1     3 hrs     2 hrs
    ELECT     Elective     3 hrs     
    Semester 5 Courses
    Course Code     Course Name     Lecture     Lab

    BI-302     Microbial Genetics     3 hrs     2 hrs
    BI-303     Microbiology Project 3         6 hrs
    BI-312     Applications of Biotechnology     2 hrs     2 hrs
    CH-302     Biochemistry 2     2 hrs     2 hrs
    Semester 6 Courses
    Course Code     Course Name     Lecture     Lab

    BI-304     Environmental Microbiology     2 hrs     2 hrs
    BI-305     Biotechnology     3 hrs     2 hrs
    BI-307     Microbiology Project 4         6 hrs
    BI-308     Systematic Microbiology     3 hrs     2 hrs


    * Students will be placed in the appropriate English level based on skills assessment results. Students in two- or three-year programs must complete GNED-500 as part of their general education requirements.

    ** Students who test at an advanced level may be accelerated directly into MATH-176 in semester 1 and MATH-186 in semester 2. Those taking MATH-140 will have the opportunity to complete MATH-186 between semesters 2 and 3.

    *** Minimum C grade required for entry into semester 5. To qualify for co-op work terms, completion of 80 per cent of year one courses, a minimum 2.5 GPA, and a minimum C grade in ENGL-170 are required.

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