Bachelor of Tourism Management

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  • Objectives
    The Bachelor of Tourism Management Degree program prepares students for senior-level positions within the tourism industry. The program emphasizes leadership, strategic and business management expertise, as well as industry-specific skills in areas such as marketing research, promotions, product development, tourism policy and planning, and risk management. The intent of the degree program is to provide the most up-to-date knowledge, innovations, technologies, and management techniques for administrators and entrepreneurs in the tourism industry, and to provide advanced professional training for diploma holders in the workforce. The degree forms an integral part of the British Columbia Tourism Learning System.
  • Academic title
    Bachelor of Tourism Management
  • Course description
    Pre-requisite Diploma    Course Credits
    Choose 60.00 credits from the following list:    60.00
    • REC    Outdoor Recreation Management Program Diploma    60.00
    • TOUR    Destination Resort Management Co-op Program Diploma    60.00
    • TOUR    Tourism Management Co-op Program Diploma    60.00
    • TOUR    Tourism Management for International Students Program Diploma    60.00
    Credits    60.00

    General Education Required Courses    Course Credits

    Required:    3.00
    • ENGL    100-level English or higher    3.00
    Choose 3.00 credits from the following list:    3.00
    • ASTR    Astronomy    3.00
    • BIOL    Biology    3.00
    • CHEM    Chemistry    3.00
    • GEOG    Geography (Physical 112, 114, 214, 221)    3.00
    • GEOL    Geology    3.00
    • KIN    Kinesiology (KIN 142 or 143)    3.00
    • PHYS    Physics    3.00
    Choose 3.00 credits from the following list:    3.00
    • BADM 210    Business Statistics    3.00
    • MATH 101    Introduction to Statistics    3.00
    • TOUR 350    Quantitative Methods for Tourism Management    3.00
    • Statistics 100-Level or higher    3.00
    Choose 6.00 credits of electives:    6.00
    • AHIS    Art History    3.00
    • ANTH    Anthropology    3.00
    • CHIN    Chinese    3.00
    • CRIM    Criminology    3.00
    • ECON    Economics    3.00
    • ENGL    English    3.00
    • FREN    French    3.00
    • GEOG    Geography (Human)    3.00
    • GERM    German    3.00
    • HIST    History    3.00
    • JAPN    Japanese    3.00
    • LING    Linguistics    3.00
    • MUS    Music    3.00
    • PHIL    Philosophy    3.00
    • POL    Political Studies    3.00
    • PSYC    Psychology    3.00
    • SART    Studio Art    3.00
    • SOC    Sociology    3.00
    • SPAN    Spanish    3.00
    • THAI    Thai Language    3.00
    • THTR    Theatre    3.00
    • WMST    Women's Studies    3.00
    Choose 3.00 credits from the following list:    3.00
    • ECON    100-Level Economics or higher    3.00
    Choose 3.00 credits from the following list:    3.00
    • GEOG    Non-physical Geography 100-level or higher (Human, Cultural or Regional)    3.00
    Credits    21.00

    Upper Level Required Courses    Course Credits

    Required:    24.00
    • CMNS 354    Advanced Communications Skills for Tourism Management    3.00
    • TOUR 327    Research Methods and Applications in Tourism    3.00
    • TOUR 342    Enviornmental Stewardship for Tourism    3.00
    • TOUR 422    People Management - Human Relations in Tourism    3.00
    • TOUR 423    Tourism Planning and Policy    3.00
    • TOUR 424    Entrepreneurship in Tourism    3.00
    • TOUR 425    Financial Management for Tourism    3.00
    • TOUR 440    Graduating Research Topic and Mentorship    3.00
    Credits    24.00

    Upper-Level Tourism Specialty Courses    Course Credits

    Choose 15.00 credits from the following list:    15.00
    Any five of the speciality courses or approved alternate upper level courses
    • TOUR 301    Business Law in Tourism    3.00
    • TOUR 321    Organizational Leadership in Tourism    3.00
    • TOUR 326    Advanced Topics in Cross-Cultural Tourism    3.00
    • TOUR 328    International Destination Marketing    3.00
    • TOUR 331    Regional Topics in Tourism    3.00
    • TOUR 341    Advanced Tourism Product Development    3.00
    • TOUR 343    Cultural Tourism Management    3.00
    • TOUR 344    International Ecotourism    3.00
    • TOUR 351    Tourism Consumer Behaviour    3.00
    Credits    15.00
    Total Program Credits    120.00

    CMNS 354    Advanced Communications Skills for Tourism Management
    3.00 credits    (3,0,1) hrs    15 wks
    Prerequisite: CMNS 154 or equivalent, or any first year University Transfer English course
    Intended for students registered in the Tourism Management degree program, CMNS 354 develops advanced skills in written and verbal communications, including technical writing, presentation skills, and information technology applications.
    Note: Prerequisites may be waived by permission of the instructor.
    Note: This course is restricted to Tourism and Communications program students.

    TOUR 301    Business Law in Tourism
    3.00 credits    (4,0,0) hrs    15 wks
    Prerequisite: TOUR 208 or BADM 107
    By the end of this course students should be able to appreciate the impact of applicable Canadian Law on tourism business ventures. Students will be introduced to relevant B.C. and Federal statute law as well as applicable judge-made law. They will learn about important legal issues and legal challenges facing tourism businesses. The rights and potential liabilities of the various parties in tourism business relationships will also be discussed
    TOUR 321    Organizational Leadership in Tourism
    3.00 credits    (4,0,0) hrs    15 wks
    Prerequisite: REC 245 or BADM 106
    Advanced skills in organizational leadership, including leadership approaches, motivation, understanding of organizational culture, and management of working relationships.

    TOUR 325    Tourism Managerial Accounting
    3.00 credits    (4,0,0) hrs    15 wks
    Prerequisite: TOUR 116
    The focus of this tourism service-industry course is on using financial information for management decision making. Specific topics include financial statement analysis, budgeting and planning, cost-volume-profit relationships, and cash management and control. The course will include several tourism industry cases, and a final major case or project, which is the development of the financial portion of a business plan.
    Note: Please note that students must have completed an introductory Financial Accounting course as a pre-requisite to this course.

    TOUR 326    Advanced Topics in Cross-Cultural Tourism
    3.00 credits    (4,0,0) hrs    15 wks
    Ability to apply cross-cultural communications skills and knowledge, including conflict resolution and negotiation skills, with employees, clients and customers from different cultures. Ability to apply leadership and negotiation skills to community issues in tourism.

    TOUR 327    Research Methods and Applications in Tourism
    3.00 credits    (4,0,0) hrs    15 wks
    Ability to use market research skills needed for the effective management of tourism operations, including survey techniques.

    TOUR 328    International Destination Marketing
    3.00 credits    (4,0,0) hrs    15 wks
    Students will develop the capability to manage tourism operations in an international context -- economic, political, legal, cultural, and financial environments.

    TOUR 331    Regional Topics in Tourism
    3.00 credits    (1,0,3) hrs    15 wks
    This course provides students with the experience to study overseas where they can develop the skills to describe the geographical, historical and economic context of tourism of the destinations under consideration. Students will learn to analyze product and destination development in relation to regional culture and target markets, and to assess the benefits and impacts of tourism on economic and social development. Research skills will be applied to the evaluation of the future of tourism and development in the region, and students will gain practice in the development of a code of conduct to maintain the sustainability of the tourism industry in the region.

    TOUR 341    Advanced Tourism Product Development
    3.00 credits    (4,0,0) hrs    15 wks
    Students will develop advanced skills in product development based on market and demographic research, including marketing, pricing, competitive analysis, and conceptualizing new products across a range of industry sectors.

    TOUR 342    Enviornmental Stewardship for Tourism
    3.00 credits    (4,0,0) hrs    15 wks
    Prerequisite: REC 152
    Students will review principled negotiation, the ethics of environmental stewardship, the environmental legislative regime and provincial resource policy, geographical information system applications, negotiations of land use agreements, co-management approaches, and sustainability issues using case studies.

    TOUR 343    Cultural Tourism Management
    3.00 credits    (4,0,0) hrs    15 wks
    This course deals with the management of cultural, heritage, and entertainment tourism. Topics include negotiating agreements with municipalities, planning approaches, sponsorships, protection of heritage properties, museum tourism, and performing arts and visual arts partnerships.

    TOUR 344    International Ecotourism
    3.00 credits    (4,0,0) hrs    15 wks
    This comparative approach to eco-tourism in different countries will highlight issues of sustainability, planning, socio-cultural issues, and economic demand.

    TOUR 350    Quantitative Methods for Tourism Management
    3.00 credits    (4,0,0) hrs    15 wks
    Prerequisite: REC 149 or TOUR 149 or BCPT 123
    Students will be introduced to a variety of quantitative tools used to aid decision-making in the tourism industry. Financial and statistical concepts, methods, and applications will be examined.

    TOUR 351    Tourism Consumer Behaviour
    3.00 credits    (4,0,0) hrs    15 wks
    This course examines and evaluates consumer behaviour in the tourism industry. Students will learn key theoretical perspectives and will analyse the relationship between tourist motivation and particular tourism products. They will be able to explain the reasons for variations between market sectors, and will become conversant with recent developments in tourist psychology and tourism consumer behaviour research.
    Note: Acceptance into the Bachelor of Tourism Management Degree program of study or diploma level Marketing courses or equivalent experience.

    TOUR 422    People Management - Human Relations in Tourism
    3.00 credits    (3,0,1) hrs    15 wks
    Advanced human resource management skills and professional knowledge for application to the tourism workforce including the best practices of recruitment and selection, motivating and managing performance, compensation and benefits, and employee and labour relations techniques which align with the business strategy of the tourism operation.

    TOUR 423    Tourism Planning and Policy
    3.00 credits    (4,0,0) hrs    15 wks
    Use and apply planning and policy knowledge specific to tourism, including planning and policy negotiation skills, advanced policy and planning writing skills, and organization and leadership of planning initiatives.

    TOUR 424    Entrepreneurship in Tourism
    3.00 credits    (0,0,4) hrs    15 wks
    Prerequisite: TOUR 125 or 261 plus completion of 90 credits towards Bachelor of Tourism Management Degree including TOUR 341 or 441
    Advanced capabilities in tourism product development, including innovation within the entrepreneurial process and through existing organizations with the entrepreneurial process.

    TOUR 425    Financial Management for Tourism
    3.00 credits    (4,0,0) hrs    15 wks
    Prerequisite: TOUR 125 or 261
    Applied financial management and planning capabilities, including financial ratios, budgets, pro forma statements, risk management, and working capital management.

    TOUR 440    Graduating Research Topic and Mentorship
    3.00 credits    (0,0,4) hrs    15 wks
    Prerequisite: Completion of 90 credits towards Bachelor of Tourism Management Degree including ENGL 100 or higher and TOUR 327 or 427
    The Graduating Seminar consists of two concurrent parts: a supervised graduating research paper and a structured mentorship program. The graduating paper requires the identification of an important issue or topic, selection of formal methodology, review of the literature, qualitative or quantitative research, analysis of results and final conclusions with comprehensive referencing and a bibliography. The mentorship program enables a one-on-one relationship with a mentor in the tourism industry or in a related field. It exposes each student to a positive role model and broadens each student's awareness of workplace issues and opportunities, in preparation for their transition into the professional workforce.

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