Advanced Business Studies Certificate - Part-time

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  • Objectives
    This certificate represents a segment of the pathway from Ontario College Diploma and Advanced programs to the Bachelor of Applied Business - International Business Management degree program at Conestoga College. It will provide students with the knowledge necessary to close any gaps between their diploma program and that required to be effective in the degree program. The certificate courses required by each student will vary depending upon the content of the program from which they have graduated.
  • Academic title
    Advanced Business Studies Certificate
  • Course description
    BUS1300     International Business I
    Description: This course will enable students to employ their knowledge of the functions of Canadian business and contrast this with those of other countries. The major functions of business (management, human resources, production, marketing and finance) will be examined in the Canadian environment and compared to the international environment.

    Student will also be able to discuss the intellectual tradition of moral philosophy. They will develop an ethical problem solving framework that will enable them to effectively analyze domestic and international business issues and make ethically sound decisions.
    Hours: 22
    Credits: 2

    BUS1310     International Business II
    Description: This course expands students’ knowledge of basic economic terminology, concepts, methodology and theories, providing an understanding of firm behaviour under various market structures and systems in an international setting, and their application to current global economic issues.

    Students will explore the various international legal systems which can affect Canadian business. They will compare and contrast the Canadian legal system to those of major trading partners and will assess the manner in which these differences or similarities can govern commercial relationships. Students will assess how the Canadian system functions in the context of the legal systems governing other nations and governing international commerce. Students will also explore interpersonal conflict management strategies, enabling them to be more effective in an international business environment.
    Hours: 18
    Credits: 1

    BUS1320     International Supervision

    Description: This course will enable students to combine their existing knowledge of management principles with the skills required to be effective supervisors. Application of topics will centre on the role of the supervisor and the unique skills required to be effective as a front line manager in an international environment or within a multicultural organization.
    Hours: 10
    Credits: 1

    FIN1030     Finance
    Description: This introductory course covers aspects of financial management applicable to organizations operating in international environments. Students will learn to apply the techniques used to control financial risk in international situations.
    Hours: 10
    Credits: 1

    HRM1250     Human Resources Management
    Description: This course will expand the students’ knowledge of Human Resources Management to include the strategic place of this discipline within an international organization. Students will analyze human resource management practices from an international perspective considering strengths and challenges that companies face in establishing international operations and running them successfully.
    Hours: 10
    Credits: 1

    INFO1330     Information Technology

    Description: This course will enable students to expand their knowledge in the areas of enterprise information systems management and design. This knowledge will permit them to operate effectively in multinational and international situations, understanding the issues involved in information management in these different situations.
    Hours: 15
    Credits: 1

    MATH1850     Research Methods
    Description: During this course students will explore basic research methods and their application to business. Students will develop skills at reading and understanding research literature, and will develop expertise in evaluating the validity and reliability of research designs and data.
    Hours: 20
    Credits: 1

    MKT1030     Marketing
    Description: This course will expand students’ marketing knowledge to include the impact of international environments on the marketing process. Differences in planning and implementation of marketing plans in an international arena will be explored. Students will be exposed to the challenges and opportunities which exist in an global environment. Managing all aspects of the marketing function in an international setting will be examined. Specific attention will be given to entry strategies for international markets as well as international promotion and pricing.
    Hours: 10
    Credits: 1

    OPER1030     Operations Management

    Description: This course focuses on increasing students’ ability to apply their knowledge the management functions and objectives of a general manager / operating manager in both domestic and international settings. Functional areas include purchasing, logistics, marketing, research and development, production and human resources which are examined with the objective of identifying opportunities to improve productivity and service levels within a company’s operation.
    Hours: 10
    Credits: 1

    OPER1100     Manufacturing Fundamentals
    Description: This course focuses on increasing student's ability to apply their knowledge in manufacturing processes and functions. Specific attention will be given to the international environments and the fundamentals of supply chain.
    Hours: 15
    Credits: 1

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