Practical Nursing Diploma

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  • Objectives
    The Practical Nursing program holds, as its philosophy, a set of beliefs and values based on five key concepts, which are derived from the scope of practice described in the Nursing Act, 1991: Client, Health, Nursing, Caring, Learning and Teaching. These key concepts are interrelated, interdependent, and integrated throughout the curriculum.
  • Academic title
    Practical Nurse Diploma
  • Course description
          Semester 1
        * BIO1107   -   003   -   Anatomy & Physiology I

          This course provides an introduction to the subject of anatomy and physiology. There is an emphasis on the relationship between structure (anatomy) and function (physiology) of the organ systems of the human body. Homeostasis will be an underlying theme of the course. Specific disease states will be explored where appropriate for the main purpose of reinforcing specific concepts as they relate to the non-diseased state.

        * ENG1551   -   001   -   Writing Fundamentals: Ind. Study

          This course is required in the first semester of most post-secondary programs at Cambrian. The purpose of the course is to allow students to develop their independent learning skills and to review the fundamental conventions of Standard English.

        * ENG1900   -   002   -   Writing Skills for Human Services

          English 1900 focuses on the development and practice of effective research and writing skills for post secondary and professional, academic purposes in the human services field.

        * PND1100   -   003   -   Professional Growth I

          In this course, the learner will explore personal learning styles, providing the base from which they can develop skills, strategies, and resources that will enhance their success. The concept of teaching/learning and its place in the practice of the Practical Nurse will be introduced. The learner will acquire the knowledge to read and understand research reports and apply nursing research findings to their practice. The concept of caring will be introduced. Standards of Nursing Practice will be introduced and journaling will be used to enhance the learner's understanding of reflective practice.

        * PND1105   -   003   -   Human Relations

          Using an experiential approach, this course will focus the learner on the skills necessary to communicate effectively on a personal and professional level. The concepts of caring will be used as a basis to explore helping relationships, interviewing skills, and group dynamics.

        * PND1110   -   003   -   Health Across the Lifespan I

          This course will expose the learner to theories of growth and development. Selected age groups will be examined with an emphasis on health promotion and health protection requisites, based on current research findings.

        * PND1115   -   003   -   Nursing Theory I

          This course will introduce the learner to the theoretical and conceptual frameworks of health and healthy lifestyles. The dimensions of human needs will be explored with an emphasis on the significance of self-responsibility, culture, and the change process. The evolution of Canada's healthcare delivery system will also be examined.

        * PND1120   -   004   -   Nursing Practice I

          This course will provide the learner opportunities to apply concepts and knowledge gained in the classroom environment to practice settings. The emphasis will be on the health promotion of well individuals. The learner will be exposed to individuals in selected age groups through simulation, practice in laboratory, and through community visits.

        * SOC1000   -   003   -   Introduction To Sociology

          Sociology is the scientific study of human social life. The course focuses on our social actions, interactions, relationships, groups, cultures and institutions with specific reference to our Canadian society. This course invites the student learner to take a fascinating journey into a new world of "sociological imagination". It is the aim of the course to provide students with the basic concepts of sociology in order to encourage them to develop and stretch their sociological insights into both their everyday life experiences and current social issues. The assignments offer students the opportunity to expand their theoretical knowledge by applying the sociological theories to current world social issues affecting Canadian society.

          Semester 2

        * BIO1207   -   003   -   Anatomy & Physiology II

          Prerequisite: BIO 1107

        * ENG1751   -   001   -   Job Search Skills: Ind. Study

          Prerequisite: ENG 1551 Through guided independent study, students will explore the job search process in detail and gain a comprehensive understanding of the theories and practices that lead to successful job searching and career planning. This course will also encourage further development of the independent learning skills and strategies practiced in ENG 1551 and 1581.

        * ENG3200   -   002   -   Effective Workplace Writing

          In this course, students are introduced to acceptable workplace writing practices, preparing them for placements and employment in their respective fields. In the context of Cambrian College's General Education program and Generic Skills Standards the course will provide the opportunity for students to develop greater understanding of the dynamics of the workplace and of the relationships among individuals and society.

        * PND1200   -   003   -   Health Assessment

          This course will provide the learner with the skills required to conduct a holistic health assessment for a normal healthy individual during all stages of the lifespan. The concepts of wellness, health promotion, and client teaching will be integrated throughout the course.

        * PND1205   -   003   -   Health Across the Lifespan II

          This course is a continuation of Health Across the Lifespan I and will examine the development stages of the remaining age groups. The developmental, health promotion, and health protection focus will expand to encompass the populations of family and community as well as the individual.

        * PND1210   -   012   -   Nursing Practice II

          This course further explores the concept of health promotion and health protection with well individuals. The learner will gain basic assessment and nursing skills required to care for the individuals in selected age groups. The course will consist of three components: independent learning, laboratory practice, and clinical experience within community agencies.

        * PSY1050   -   003   -   Introduction To Psychology I

          Psychology is the study of human behaviour. This course is designed to increase your understanding of your own behaviour and the behaviour familiarizing you with important psychological concepts and research findings. PSY 1050 has been designated a General Education Course.

          Semester 3

        * BIO2305   -   004   -   Pathophysiology I

          This course provides the learner with a general understanding and working knowledge of the structure and function of the human body experiencing an acute health challenge. The learner will examine changes that occur in the human body and explore how the body compensates for those challenges. Included in this course is the study of basic principles of microbiology.

        * PND2300   -   002   -   Professional Growth II

          In this course, the Standards, Legislation, Regulations, and Professional Nursing Organizations governing the practice and education of practical nurses will be examined from the perspective of the evolution of nursing. A variety of theoretical nursing models will be explored. The learner will be offered the tools that assist nurses in identifying, understanding, and working through ethical dilemmas and challenges.

        * PND2305   -   002   -   Pharmacology I

          This course introduces the learner to the concepts of pharmacology as selected drug groups are studied. The emphasis of the course will be the role and responsibilities of the Practical Nurse in the administration and monitoring of clients' medications. This course is also designed to assist the learner to acquire the knowledge and master the mathematical skills required to safely administer medications to clients.

        * PND2310   -   004   -   Nursing Theory II

          This course will focus on assisting the learner to develop a holistic approach to nursing. A variety of approaches to learning will be utilized and critical thinking strategies will be emphasized as the learner explores the care of individuals and families experiencing and/or predisposed to acute health challenges in a variety of life situations.

        * PND2315   -   016   -   Nursing Practice III

          This course will provide the learner with opportunities to examine the role of the Practical Nurse when caring for individuals with health challenges. The learner will utilize critical thinking skills to plan and implement holistic nursing care. The experience will take place in the laboratory setting and in a variety of medical-surgical areas.

          Semester 4
        * BIO2415   -   003   -   Pathophysiology II

          Prerequisite: BIO 2305

        * PND2400   -   002   -   Pharmacology II

          This course continues with the study of the concepts of pharmacology introduced in Pharmacology I as further drug groups are studied. The emphasis continues to be the role and responsibilities of the Practical Nurse in the administration of client medications.

        * PND2405   -   002   -   Professional Growth III

          This course will prepare the learner for entry into the workplace through exploration of leadership, conflict resolution, advocacy, and job search skills. Leadership and management roles within healthcare agencies will be examined with a focus on the nurse as a change agent. Inherent in this course will be preparation for the pre-graduate experience.

        * PND2410   -   003   -   Nursing Theory III

          In this course, the learner will continue to develop a holistic approach to nursing. A variety of approaches to learning will be utilized and critical thinking strategies will be emphasized. The learner explores the care of individuals, families, and groups experiencing common chronic health challenges requiring rehabilitative, restorative, and palliative care. The learner will also explore the care of individuals experiencing mental health challenges.

        * PND2415   -   016   -   Nursing Practice IV

          This course will provide the learner with opportunities to examine the role of the Practical Nurse when caring for individuals who require supportive, rehabilitative, and palliative care. The learner will also be exposed to individuals with mental health challenges. Critical thinking skills will be refined to plan and implement holistic nursing care. This experience will take place in the laboratory setting and in a variety of clinical settings.

        * PND2425   -   020   -   Nursing Practice V

          This clinical experience will provide the learner with the opportunity to consolidate skills and knowledge at a level approaching that of a beginning graduate. Partnered with a Registered Practical Nurse as a preceptor, the learner will gradually increase nursing practice skills within the professional role. This experience will take place in both acute- and long-term settings over a ten-week period.

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