Bachelor of Science in Nursing (Pembroke Campus)

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  • Objectives
    Nursing science focuses on promotion, maintenance, and restoration of health and quality of life for individuals, families, and communities. The Bachelor of Science in Nursing Program, offered in collaboration with the University of Ottawa, educates nurses at the undergraduate level through an approach that encourages self-direction, critical thinking and life-long learning. As a graduate, you will contribute to the development of nursing as an art and a science and address the challenges facing the health care system. Acting within the context of a multidisciplinary team, you will be in high demand and have a choice of working in hospitals, community health agencies, and long-term care facilities across Canada and around the world. Students enrolling in the collaborative Bachelor of Science in Nursing program may choose to study at either the University or College site.
  • Academic title
    Bachelor of Science in Nursing (Pembroke Campus)
  • Course description

    Level 1

    ANP1105 : Anatomy and Physiology 1

    ENL1100P : Workshop in Essay Writing

    HSS1101 : Determinants of Health Care

    NSG1001 : BSCN Elective Level 1

    PSY1101 : Introduction to Experimental Psychology

    Level 2

    ANP1106 : Anatomy and Physiology II

    ANP1107 : Anatomy and Physiology III

    BAC2100 : Microbiology and Immunology

    NSG2001 : BSCN Elective Level 2

    PHI1370 : Philosophical Issues in Health Care

    Level 3

    HSS2381 : Measurement and Data Analysis

    NSG2317L : Health Assessment (Lab)

    NSG2317T : Health Assessment (Theory)

    NSG4400 : BSCN Elective Level 3

    PHS4300 : Pathophysiology

    PSY2114 : Lifespan Psychology

    Level 4

    HSS3101 : Health Research: Quantitative and Qualitative Approaches

    NSG2113D : Introduction to Nursing Science (D)

    NSG2113T : Introduction to Nursing Science (Theory)

    NSG2313P : Introduction to Nursing Practice (P)

    NSG4401 : BSCN Elective Level 4

    PHA3112 : Clinical Pharmacology

    Level 5

    NSG3111 : Care of the Childbearing Family

    NSG3127 : Nursing Professionalism and Ethics

    NSG3137 : Practicum: Mental Health Nursing

    NSG3311 : Practicum: Childbearing Family

    NSG3320 : Mental Health Nursing

    Level 6

    NSG3103C : Theory in Nursing

    NSG3105 : Care of Adults Experiencing Illness

    NSG3107 : Family-Centered Care of Children with Acute and Chronic Illness

    NSG3305 : Practicum: Care of Adults Experiencing Illness

    NSG3307 : Practicum: Family-Centered Care of Children with Acute and Chronic Illness

    Level 7

    NSG3123 : Community Health Nursing

    NSG3323 : Practicum: Community Health Nursing

    NSG4330 : Complex Nursing Care

    NSG4430 : Practicum: Complex Nursing Care

    Level 8

    HSS4120 : Interprofessional Health Care Practice

    NSG4134A : Political and Economic Contexts of Health Care

    NSG4245 : Practicum: Consolidation

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