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Occupational Health and Safety Ontario College Certificate - Part-time
Method: Part-time
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Occupational Health and Safety Ontario College Certificate - Kitchener - Ontario

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Occupational Health and Safety Ontario College Certificate - Kitchener - Ontario Occupational Health and Safety Ontario College Certificate - Kitchener - Ontario
This part-time certificate program will provide a fundamental understanding of Occupational Health and Safety. The program is practical in nature and will be of interest to those having responsibilities for Occupational Health and Safety in their workplace, i.e. Health and Safety managers, Occupational Health Nurses, Joint Health and Safety Committee Members etc. or those who have an interest in this rapidly expanding field. It is strongly recommended that students complete the Occupational Health and Safety Legislation course first.
Occupational Health and Safety Ontario College Certificate
Course Description:
OHS1010      Fundamentals Of Ergonomics
Description: Beginning with an overview of occupational ergonomics, this course includes topics ranging from identification of ergonomic risk factors to ergonomic aspects of computer-based work.
Hours: 36
Credits: 3

OHS1030     Industrial Processes
Description: Recommended: OHS1040 Hazard Identification or equivalent knowledge. Designed to support the other courses in the Occupational Health and Safety Program, this course uses an engineering approach to aid in identifying hazards in industrial processes. Tours and the text are used to expose the student to various industries.
Hours: 36
Credits: 3

OHS1040     Hazard Identification

Description: This course will deal with the identification of safety hazards which may be a source of injury to workers. Elimination of safety hazards will be discussed.
Hours: 36
Credits: 3

OHS1050     Fire Safety
Description: This course will address Fire Safety in a variety of workplace settings, and will include some of the basic requirements of the relevant codes (Building Code, Fire Code(s), NFPA documents). Hands-on fire extinguisher training and standpipe training will be provided.
Hours: 36
Credits: 3

OHS1060     Introduction To Occupational Hygiene
Description: Recommended: Students should complete this course prior to taking OHS1090 Sampling and Analysis. Level IV Mathematics and Science would be an asset. Focusing on fundamental hygiene principles, recognition, and control as it relates to workplace exposures to hazardous agents, this course examines basic health effects caused by workplace exposures to toxic materials.
Hours: 36
Credits: 3

OHS1070     Occupational Health And Safety Administration

Description: Beginning with a review of the reasons why health and safety program is of benefit to workplaces, this course covers some principles in the development and monitoring of workplace health and safety programs using a management model. Also included is a discussion on the importance of involvement by all levels of workers and management.
Hours: 36
Credits: 3

OHS1080     Occupational Health And Safety Legislation
Description: Providing an appreciation of relevant and ever increasing Health and Safety Legislation, this course discusses responsibilities of employers, supervisors and workers. There will be a review of the Occupational Health and Safety Act, Industrial Regulations, Designated Substance Regulations, WHMIS Regulations, and Smoking in the Workplace Legislation.
Hours: 36
Credits: 3

OHS1090     Sampling And Analysis
Description: Recommended: OHS1060 Introduction to Occupational Hygiene or equivalent knowledge. Beginning with a review of basic concepts in occupational hygiene, this course examines development of sampling strategies for the evaluation of chemical and physical agents. Discussion and practical hands-on training regarding the sampling of airborne chemical agents will be used.
Hours: 36
Credits: 3
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