Corporate Safety and Security Certificate

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  • Objectives
    This program will prepare students for safety and security roles in a variety of industries such as mining, education, casino, energy, retail, medical, residential and entertainment. Students will be able to communicate effectively with all persons in both peaceful and conflict situations. They will know how to conduct effective patrols, manage movement of people and vehicles, utilize electronic security equipment and manage access control. They will be experienced note takers and will be able to conduct investigations, collect evidence (when appropriate), make arrests when necessary, write informative reports regarding their actions and provide evidence as expected. Students will interact with the community, be sensitive to diversity and have an ability to keep themselves and other corporate members safe. Graduates will have exposure to supervisory expectations and have an introductory understanding of budgets, health and safety, unions and media interaction. Managing risk and responding in emergencies will round out the educational experience.
  • Academic title
    Corporate Safety and Security Certificate
  • Course description
          Semester 1
        * ENG1175   -   003   -   Note Taking and Report Writing

          In this course, the student will identify relevant information and record it in a law enforcement notebook, using a generally accepted format. In addition to proper note taking, the student will demonstrate his/her ability to write a clear and concise report relating to their actions taken in a simulated incident. Students will organize their reports into files and electronically send them to their professor for grading purposes.

        * LAW1105   -   003   -   Ethics & Diversity Issues

          In this course, students will demonstrate an ability to act in a manner that is consistent with equity and fairness while working with a diverse population (in both conflict and non-conflict situations). Students will consider options and their stakeholders when confronted with an ethical dilemma.

        * SEC1100   -   003   -   Security and Communities I

          In this course, students will demonstrate a willingness to interact with the community in a safety role. Students will become St. John Ambulance volunteers and provide safety services at community events. In return for their volunteer efforts, students will receive first aid instruction and will demonstrate sufficient skills and knowledge to receive their Standard First Aid and C.P.R. "C" certificate. This service will enhance student confidence and will allow for an opportunity to demonstrate leadership skills.

        * SEC2322   -   003   -   Security Guard Duties & Responsible

          Students will apply effective patrol procedures, and be taught how to use technical equipment such as CCTV, electronic closing devices, and alarm systems. The security role, with respect to the implementation of emergency procedures, will be explained and students will demonstrate an ability to apply these concepts in a practical setting. Through mock exercises, students will develop skills relating to the security role in labor disputes and how to effectively implement traffic control procedures.

        * SEC2400   -   003   -   Conflict Management

          In this course, students will be able to demonstrate verbal and non verbal strategies for dealing with conflict. They will be prepared for dealing with aggressive behaviour that may be caused by alcohol/drug abuse, or a mental disorder. Students will study the dynamics of a domestic dispute and develop negotiating skills to resolve the conflict. Stress management will also be discussed so that the graduate is prepared for a career in corporate safety and security. The importance of safety and recognizing when police are to involved will be stressed throughout the course.

        * SEC2410   -   003   -   Security Guard: Powers of Arrest

          The authority to use force and the Use of Force Model are described and students learn the theory that binds their actions. Use of force demonstrations, including handcuffing and baton use are provided.

          Semester 2
        * SEC1200   -   003   -   Security & Communities II

          This course builds on the skills acquired in Security and Communications I. Students will continue to provide safety services as volunteers at community events. Students will be given the opportunity to further develop their first aid knowledge and skills to receive the Medical First Responder Certificate.

        * SEC1205   -   003   -   Investigations and Evidence

          In this course, students will demonstrate the ability to perform the following duties relating to an investigation: * - consider safety as the number one priority when responding to an incident * - evaluate circumstances and involve police when appropriate * - perform crime scene management duties * - gather information that would be relevant to the safety and security of people and assets affiliated with the corporation * - interview and obtain relevant information from complainants, victims, witnesses and suspects * - obtain verbatim statement from complainants, victims, and witnesses * - identify suspects based upon the collection of evidence * - prepare and present their case in a quasi judicial setting.

        * SEC1210   -   003   -   Private Investigator/Casino Duties

          In this course, students will be introduced to the Ontario Lottery and Gaming industry, focusing on casinos and casino security. To successfully complete this course, students will have to demonstrate customer service skills and follow best practices as they relate to the casino environment. The students will be able to analyze casino problems and develop Crisis Management Plans. The students will be exposed to the varied duties of a Private Investigator. Students will also explore legislation pertaining to this career and students will demonstrate an ability to conduct surveillance. Safety and ethical issues associated with Private Investigating will be stressed throughout.

        * SEC1215   -   003   -   Personal Safety Techniques

          In this course, the student will be introduced to self defence techniques that may be utilized to diffuse a situation or react in a way that promotes self defence. A "hands on" learning style is utilized. The students will demonstrate the following: * - how to avoid confrontation through the use of verbal descalation * - the basic rules of self defence * - an understanding of body dynamics and body mechanics * - how to identify and deal with escalating levels of aggression * - how to quickly identify vulnerable areas of the body * - how to react to punches, kicks and grabs * - how to use counter techniques and evasive tactics * - how to locate pressure points * - an understanding of legal, medical and tactical implications of self defence techniques.

        * SEC2421   -   003   -   Security Management

          In this course, students will be prepared to assume front line supervisory responsibilities. Selected areas of contract law, tort law, Child and Family Services Act (ON), Occupational Health and Safety Act (ON) and the Residential Tenancies Act (ON) will be studied. Students will learn how to identify risk and develop specific strategies to manage risk. Budget development and human resource management will be introduced at a level that will enable the student to manage a worksite.

        * PSY1104   -   003   -   Int'personal Comm & Trauma Response

          In this course, students will examine a number of pschological topics relevant to emergency responders. Emphasis will be placed upon the development of therapeutic interpersonal skills. Topics include communication theory, self-awareness, perception, listening, non-verbal behaviour, conflict management, leadership and emotion. Where appropriate, students will review topics from a developmental and cultural perspective. Students will be given the opportunity to assess their own values, beliefs and biases for each of the areas studied.

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