Mining Engineering Technology Advanced Diploma

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  • Objectives
    The mining technologist, like the mining technician, functions as a part of an engineering team. However, the technologist receives a greater depth of training in mining theory and the associated mathematics and computer techniques. The technology courses place more emphasis on problem solving and design work in the classroom.
  • Academic title
    Mining Engineering Techonology Advanced Diploma
  • Course description
          Semester 5
        * MNG3500   -   005   -   Mine Ventilation Planning

          This course deals with properties of air and airflow in ventilation systems. Designing and implementing ventilation schemes for mines and investigation and problem-solving on existing systems are included. The planning of duct systems, solution of network flows, and selection of fans for ventilation systems are also covered.

        * MNG3505   -   003   -   Environmental Manage't for Mining

          This course will introduce the student to basic causes of environmental problems in the mining industry and steps to be taken to minimize their environmental impact. Typical problems to be addressed include hazardous materials, air, water, and noise pollution, as well as the management and monitoring of the environment. This requires an understanding of the applicable Acts & Regulations of our Provincial and Federal governments. Ohter topics include: environmental issues, typical waste management practices, sampling technique, risk assessment, certificates of approval, case studies, field trips, and guest lecturers.

        * MNG3531   -   004   -   Scheduling-Estimating/Mine Projects

          Students will be introduced to the fundamentals of costing, scheduling, and reporting on mineral industry ventures including investigation of the metals market and study of mine capital and operating costs with respect to size and life of the project. Students will prepare cost estimates, budgets, and feasibility studies with the aid of spreadsheet programs and project planning software.

        * MNG3560   -   001   -   Mining Technology Placement

          Sorry - no current subject description

        * MNG3625   -   005   -   Applied Geomechanics

          This course will apply the fundamentals of geomechanics principles as to mine design and planning. A focus on hard rock materials and the underground mining design environment will be made. Topics include: concepts of in-situ and mining-induced stress and stress distribution in rock masses. Failure criteria for brittle and elastic substances. Physical properties or rock and methods of determination for intact rock and rock mass strength. The influence of structural geology on mine stability and design. Design considerations for openings and systems of openings. Stored energy and rock bursts. Stability of stopes and the role of backfill in mining.

        * SUR3600   -   004   -   Surveying III

          This course is a continuation of Surveying II. Students will use the proper methods and procedures to install survey stations, line and grade for development and production, drill hole layout and pick-up, raise location and control, and all the calculations and planimeter work required to complete these various tasks. Students will also apply these survey skills with the use of modern total-stations, G.P.S. equipment, and computer software applications.

        * TEC3501   -   001   -   Technical Report Research

          Prerequisites: ENG 1780, ENG 1751 In this course, students will select and research a topic for their technical report, which is required in the final semester of their program. Students will assess and use primary and secondary research sources that best support the goals of the technical projects. To obtain approval for their topics, students will present both a written and oral proposal to their professors.

          Semester 6

        * GEO3611   -   005   -   Mineral Economics & Project Mgmt.

          Part one is an introduction to economics, with regard to supply and demand, world trade in minerals, end use of economic minerals, and price behaviour of metals and minerals. The economics of large scale and small scale ventures, how technology affects economics and applications to mineral industry ventures. Mining property valuation will be performed, given details of the ore body and the total costs forecast for the operation. Part two covers project management including the construction and use of Gantt charts, flowcharts, and PERT techniques. The laboratory classes will feature Project software such as Microsoft Project, Microsoft Excel, cost estimation algorithms, and cost indices.

        * GIS3600   -   003   -   GIS Applications

          An introductory course in (GIS) Geographic Information Systems as applicable to civil/mining/geology engineering technology. Emphasis on combining various skills acquired in civil/mining/geology technology education to process data geometrically using AutoDesk Map 3D 2007.

        * MNG3520   -   004   -   Air/Water/Elect. Distribution

          This course gives a practical knowledge of mine plants useful to a mine supervisor or as an introduction to the selection of mining plants for a technologist working in an engineering department. The course will cover characteristics, selection and applications of mining plants including mine dewatering, pumps and pipelines, compressed air plant and distribution, mine electrical power requirements, and supply and distribution.

        * MNG3611   -   004   -   Mine Problems & Equipment

          In this course, a series of practical problems are presented for solution using the full spectrum of skills acquired during the previous five semesters. These problems will reflect the actual situations a technologist will be expected to solve on a daily basis in an operating mine.

        * MTH2330   -   003   -   Applied Math

          This course will use problems designed from the areas of specialization in all sections of the course. This course begins with a review of Statistics and Differential calculus and continues into the introduction of Integral Calculus. Problems in all three areas will emphasize math as a problem-solving tool. The fundamentals of parametric analysis using a spreadsheet are introduced using equations and systems of equations from the areas of specialization. Differential Equations and their specific application to engineering problems will be introduced.

        * MTH3026   -   003   -   Geoscience Computer Applications

          Use of software in technological applications. The course covers such topics as transfer of data between applications, advanced Internet search techniques, advanced word-processing techniques for technical purpose, advanced spreadsheet applications, introduction to database design and use, design, construction and editing of technical drawings using CorelDRAW, and an introduction to a particular integrated mine planning software suite (SURPAC).

        * TEC3601   -   001   -   Technical Report

          Prerequisite: TEC 3501 - Technical Report Research Students complete a formal engineering technical report based on primary and secondary research compiled in TEC 3501 and the final semester. Students further refine their communication, presentation, researching and report writing skills. In addition, students describe their technical report in an oral presentation and demonstrate knowledge of the subject by defending their report data before professors and classmates. The technical report must include sufficient technical content to demonstrate a level of knowledge expected of engineering technology students. The report must also meet the standards set by the Canadian Council of Technicians and Technologists.

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