Master of Arts in French

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  • Academic title
    Master of Arts in French
  • Course description
    • FREN 5002.03: Méthodes de recherche/ Research Methods.
    • FREN 5006.03: Philologie française: Séminaire de l'histoire du français moderne/French Philology: Seminar on the History of Modern French.
    • FREN 5016.03: Aspects de la traduction/Topics in the Science of Translating.
    • FREN 5122.03: Créativité lexicale/Lexical Creativity.
    • FREN 5123.03: Langue et terminologie savantes/Learned Language and Terminology.
    • FREN 5124.03: Vocabulaire et culture/Vocabulary and Culture.
    • FREN 5125.03: Sémantique/Semantics.
    • FREN 5126.03: Aménagement linguistique/Language Planning.
    • FREN 5127.03: Paraphrase in language and Natural Language Processing/Paraphrase en langue et en traitement automatique des langues.
    • FREN 5130.03: Linguistique saussurienne/Saussurean Linguistics.
    • FREN 5140.03: Dialectologie acadienne et sociolinguistique/Acadian Dialectology and Sociolinguistics.
    • FREN 5180.03: Linguistique de texte/Linguistics of Texts.
    • FREN 5185.03: Les métaphores dans les textes/Metaphors in Texts.
    • FREN 5285.03: Sémiotique appliquée/Applied Semiotics.
    • FREN 5291.03: Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL).
    • FREN 5295.03/5296.03: Séminaire: Didactique des langues secondes/Seminar: Second-Language Teaching.
    • FREN 5300.03: Séminaire de littérature médiévale/Mediaeval Literature Seminar.
    • FREN 5301.03: Lectures: littérature médiévale/Readings in Mediaeval Literature.
    • FREN 5400.03: Rabelais et son temps/Rabelais and His Time.
    • FREN 5401.03: Montaigne et son temps/Montaigne and His Time.
    • FREN 5500.03: L'Aventure intellectuelle du Grand Siècle/The Intellectual Adventure of French Classicism.
    • FREN 5600.03: Le roman épistolaire du 18e siècle/18th Century Epistolary Novel.
    • FREN 5610.03: Ethique et esthétique de la nature dans l'art et la littérature du 18e siècle/Ethics and Aesthetics in 18th century art and literature.
    • FREN 5700.03: La révolution romantique/The Romantic Revolution.
    • FREN 5701.03: Le roman du 19e siècle/ 19th-Century Novel.
    • FREN 5705.03: Le poème en prose au 19e siècle/ The Prose Poem in the 19th Century.
    • FREN 5706.03: Impressionnisme et symbolisme/ Impressionism and Symbolism.
    • FREN 5801.03: Anti-romans du 20e siécle/ Anti-Novels of the 20th Century.
    • FREN 5802.03: La poésie moderne de Char à Bonnefoy/Modern Poetry from Char to Bonnefoy.
    • FREN 5803.03: La littérature contemporaine I/ Contemporary Literature I.
    • FREN 5804.03: Art et littérature/Art and Literature.
    • FREN 5805.03: La stylistique structurale/Structural Stylistics.
    • FREN 5806.03: Poétique et théorie de la littérature/ Poetics and Theory of Literature.
    • FREN 5807.03: Culture contemporaine/ Contemporary Culture.
    • FREN 5808.03: La littérature contemporaine II/ Contemporary Literature II.
    • FREN 5809.03: Art, cinéma et littérature en France: 1980-2002/Contemporary Art, Literature, and Film in France.
    • FREN 5876.03: Aspects de la littérature du Canada français/Studies in French Canadian Literature.
    • FREN 5877.03: Analyse de textes littéraires québécois/ Analysis of Quebec Literary Texts.
    • FREN 5878.03: Postcolonial Theory in African and West Indian Literature.
    • FREN 5910.03: Lecture de textes acadiens contemporains/Supervised Readings in Acadian Literature since 1968.
    • FREN 5920.03: Femmes écrivains et images de femmes dans la littérature française à travers les siècles/French Women Writers and Images of Women through the Centuries.
    • FREN 5995.03: Recherches independantes/Independent Research.
    • FREN 5996.03: Études Indepéndantes/Independent Studies.
    • FREN 5998.03/5999.03: Recherches indépendantes/ Independent Research.

    Thesis Areas

    Modern and contemporary literatures of France, Quebec and Francophonie: poetry and poetics; novel; theatre; the conte fantastique; studies in romanticism, realism and symbolism; theory; art, cinema and other cultural studies.

    Theoretical and applied linguistics through the following fields in particular: contrastive studies; sociolinguistics; lexicology; terminology; translation; semantics; morphology; pragmatics; text linguistics; computer assisted language learning; second language acquisition.

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