English as a Second Language (ESL) Certificate

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  • Course description
    ESL classes welcome international and domestic students. Classes begin in January, May and September. Students may enrol at any time in the semester for Intermediate ESL classes depending on availability of space, and may stay for any length of time. We provide a supportive and rewarding environment for students interested in developing their English skills.


    Intermediate ESL

    A variety of materials will be covered with both individual and group instruction. Individual students needs are considered when planning the lessons. The overall goal of the program is to help students to acquire the skills necessary to progress to the Advanced level or function in an English work environment. There are conversation activities with other students and with the instructor. Listening practice with audio, video and guest speakers is done. Students practice reading from a variety of ESL and authentic texts. Writing skills in English are introduced and practiced. The computer lab is used for many activities including some of the reading and writing practice. Instruction will be at an appropriate level for each student. Classes begin in September and January, but students may begin studies on any Monday between September and the end of April.

    Advanced Level ESL
    This course is designed to prepare non-native English speakers for further academic study. It focuses on reading strategies and writing processes. Advanced level offers students instruction and practice in reading, composition and academic study. Advanced Level ESL is offered 1.5 hours per day five days a week. For students wanting full-time study, you will be able to take Advanced ESL
    with options. Students with a CLB of 7 or higher or who are eligible for Advanced ESL 050 may take two other college courses for credit or audit in addition to Advance ESL 050.  Students with a CLB below 7 may take two College Prep courses in addition to Advanced Level ESL or one audit School of Management, Tourism & Hospitality, School of Science, Trades & Technology, School of Liberal Arts or School of Health, Education, and Human Services course in addition to one College Prep course and Advanced Level ESL. Classes begin in September and January.

    ESL Students in College and Career Preparation Program
    Students are enrolled in regular academic classes with Canadian students to study grammar, writing and/or reading in the College and Career Preparation program. In addition to English courses, students may register in other subjects such as computers, psychology, mathematics, sciences, critical issues, and student success. Classes begin in September and January.

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