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International Business Management Ontario College Graduate Certificate

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  • Objectives
    The focus of the International Business Management program is to graduate students with the skills to effectively investigate, analyse, manage and direct most aspects of international trade for an organization.
  • Academic Title
    International Business Management Ontario College Graduate Certificate
  • Course description
    Year 1
    Take all of the following Mandatory Courses:
    • MGMT-6036    Global Business Environment     3.00
    • MGMT-6027    Int Market Entry & Distribution     3.00
    • MKTG-6012    International Trade Research     3.00
    • FINA-6001    International Trade Finance     3.00
    • ECON-6002    Economic Geography & Int Trade     3.00
    • MGMT-6032    Global HR Management     2.00
    • FDMG-1039    Dining for Professional Success     3.00
    • MKTG-6013    Global Marketing Strategy     3.00
    • MGMT-6035    Global Supply Chain Management     3.00
    • MGMT-6030    International Trade Management     3.00
    • LAWS-6013    Legal Aspects of International Trade     3.00
    • ECON-6003    Econ Geography & International Trade 2     3.00
    • MGMT-6031    Ethics, Social Resp & Sustainability     3.00
    • MGMT-6034    Independent Work Project     3.30

    ECON-6002 -  Economic Geography & Int Trade
    This course will examine globalization, internationalization of business, trade theory, trade policy, global institutions, national disintegration, economic integration, the world monetary system, the origins of banking and currency crisis, international balance of payments, exchange rate policy regimes and the operation of foreign exchange markets. Regional cooperative agreements from sectoral free trade to monetary unions will be explored with particular emphasis on the North American Free Trade Agreement and the European Union.

    ECON-6003 -  Econ Geography & International Trade 2
    National differences in culture, business practice, resource costs, transportation, legal systems, political ideology, economic organization, regulation, corruption and expected future macroeconomic performance are identified by research and analysed as country specific factors influencing trade, investment flows and location decisions by multinational firms seeking to expand markets, to diversify or to outsource inputs as part of a global strategy.

    FDMG-1039 -  Dining for Professional Success

    Enjoy the tastes, sounds and aromas as you dine each week. This exploration of culture and customs in various national dining practices is designed to create an awareness of and develop sensitivity to different cultural behaviors and customs, especially for students traveling outside their own country or who will be dealing with people of other countries or cultures. Students will explore the influence of culture, religion, geography and history on dining practices around the world.

    FINA-6001 -  International Trade Finance
    International Trade Finance focuses on the financial aspects of international trade. Students will focus on the preparation of proposals for presentation to financing sources which will satisfy the basic needs of a company's export/import operations and/or to finance international trade projects.

    LAWS-6013 -  Legal Aspects of International Trade

    Much of today's business operates in a global marketplace. In order to conduct international business in, with or from Canada, whether in 'real' space or 'cyber' space, it is necessary to understand how domestic Canadian law operates, as well as how such law differs when the business extends beyond Canada's boarders. This course will assist the learner to prepare for entering into business transactions with international business associates, focusing on drafting agreements, protecting intellectual property rights, regulatory compliance, and methods for resolving disputes.

    MGMT-6027 -  Int Market Entry & Distribution

    Winning at international trade requires more than just good marketing. Developing a road map for getting products to where they need to go is necessary. This course will help students successfully chart a path to international markets and negotiate any obstacle. Upon completion the student will be able to implement fundamentally sound market entry and distribution plans to achieve a given set of strategic international objectives.

    MGMT-6030 -  International Trade Management
    In today's global economy business people and educated citizens require awareness of the theory, institutions, and environmental elements impacting international commerce. This course identifies key global trends and will assist the learner to develop skills to manage international trade activities to achieve corporate competitive advantage. The international business plan project will prepare students for positions in firms seeking to engage in or expand international trade activities.

    MGMT-6031 -  Ethics, Social Resp & Sustainability
    Today's manager faces unique challenges and must satisfy a diverse set of stakeholder needs, globalization challenges, environmental, social, ethical and economic issues along with an increased demand for accountability, transparency and ethical decision-making. This introductory course will assist the learner to recognize and prepare for present and future responsibilities that have dramatic impact on how we strategically manage ourselves and our businesses.

    MGMT-6032 -  Global HR Management

    Today's manager faces unique challenges as a result of globalization and expansion into international markets. This course introduces the learner to the impact of global conditions on the management of human resources at home and abroad. It considers globalization and multinational human resource management issues in the multinational context, managing and supporting international assignments, and relevant global human resource issues such a as managing patriots and expatriates, recruitment and selection, cultural diversity and behaviour, global business practices, social and international business decorum.

    MGMT-6034 -  Independent Work Project

    The Independent Work Project provides an opportunity for students to gain first-hand experience with an operating business or organization that is attempting to establish or strengthen its international business operations. This experience will involve firms or organizations in the city, region or province. (From time to time, there may be specific international projects within the college or with other academic partners.) The Independent Work Project also exposes students to business leaders, entrepreneurs, and multinational firms and allows students to experience first-hand the culture and expectations of employers from various industries.Students will develop research and a specific report to help the business address a ‘real-life’ problem or opportunity. It is expected that students will spend about 80 - 120 hours in their final semester working on a particular project for an export-oriented or international business. Much of this time will be spent doing research and analysis, and writing a report. Only a portion of the total hours is expected to involve work at the participating company; this will depend on client availability, office space and other external factors. There will be supervision of the project and we hope it will provide some benefit to each business. In addition to providing a 'real world' learning opportunity for students to develop their skills, the Independent Work Project will provide both parties with an opportunity to learn from each other. Over time, by ensuring superior quality reports and interaction, it is hoped that the selected business partners will experience continued growth and acknowledge the positive contribution that ITB students from Fanshawe can contribute to their business to create a mutually beneficial, ongoing relationship.

    MGMT-6035 -  Global Supply Chain Management

    Supply chains are the manufacturing and distribution channels that are used to produce and transport goods to market through various companies and countries. Due to the increasing globalization of commerce, a good understanding of international standards and alternatives is necessary to ensure that companies can make effective and profitable decisions for manufacturing and distribution. Upon completion of this course, students will be able to formulate cost-effective strategies for the movement of goods and services across international boarders, taking into account regulatory and documentation requirements and the various roles of external service providers.

    MGMT-6036 -  Global Business Environment

    This course outlines the most important characteristics of today’s global environment. It describes the forces driving the international economy and the essential tools, rules and norms of international trade. Students will be introduced to the skills and knowledge they will require to succeed in becoming successful international trade professionals. A variety of activities, exercises and assignments throughout the course will provide learners with the opportunities to assess their readiness to enter the international market.

    MKTG-6012 -  International Trade Research

    Sound trade decisions are based on good information. Organizations need to know the most efficient ways to gather and analyze the data they need to choose the best export markets, international suppliers and foreign direct investment opportunities. Students will complete an international market comparison by gathering both primary and secondary data to identify the best export market for a product. Students will learn how to assess the usefulness of a variety of sources of international trade information introduced in the course.

    MKTG-6013 -  Global Marketing Strategy

    Global Marketing is one of the most important and rapidly evolving fields in management. With rapid technological developments in communication and transportation, new regional and global economic bodies and trade partnerships, business organizations today are faced with both new challenges and presented with new global opportunities. This course will draw on previously acquired marketing skills and introduce new skills applicable to the global marketplace.

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