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Hospitality Management - Food and Beverage Ontario College Diploma

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  • Objectives
    The Hospitality Management - Food and Beverage program will prepare students for careers in the food service industry. The academic studies will also include such disciplines as accounting, computers, cost control, human resources management and marketing. The program will end with an in-depth managerial project.
  • Practical experience
    The program provides practical training in our on-campus restaurants and kitchens. Students will be actively involved in the day-to-day operations of a formal restaurant, as well as event planning banquets and catering. This is a two year program with optional co-op.
  • Academic Title
    Hospitality Management - Food and Beverage Ontario College Diploma
  • Course description
    Year 1
    Take all of the following Mandatory Courses:
    • ACCT-3035    Principles of Accting for Hosp Industry     5.00
    • ENGL-1014    Writing for Hospitality     2.00
    • HOSP-1001    Hospitality Career Focus     1.00
    • HOTL-1001    Dimensions for Hospitality     2.00
    • SANI-1002    Sanitation & Safety     1.00
    • BEVR-1001    Mixology     1.50
    • FDMG-1019    Food & Beverage Service Theory     1.00
    • FDMG-1021    Food & Beverage - Practical     2.50
    • FDMG-1042    Exploring the Kitchen     3.50
    • ENGL-1015    Speaking for Hospitality     2.00
    • FDMG-1020    The Menu     2.00
    • HOSP-1002    Professions in Hospitality     2.00
    • HOTL-1003    Guest Relations     2.00
    • HOTL-3004    Food Beverage & Labour Cost Control     3.00
    • MKTG-1038    Marketing for Hospitality & Tourism     2.00
    • GEOG-1005    Exploring the Globe     3.00
    • FDMG-1039    Dining for Professional Success     3.00

    Year 2
    Gen Ed - Take a 3 credit General Education elective course
    Take all of the following Mandatory Courses:
    • BEVR-3001    Wines     2.00
    • BEVR-3002    Behind the Bar     2.00
    • HOSP-3001    Entrepreneurial Insights     2.00
    • HOTL-3008    Hospitality Financial Management     2.00
    • FDMG-3006    Advanced Food Preparation     3.00
    • FDMG-5003    Food Facility Design     2.00
    • FDMG-3005    Advanced Dining Room Service     3.50
    • FDMG-3008    Events Planning & Service     2.00
    • FINA-1027    Personal Finance     2.00
    • LAWS-3013    Law & Insurance-Hospitality Industry     2.00
    • MGMT-3026    Hospitality Management Project     3.00
    • HOSP-1010    Operations Management     3.00
    • FDMG-5009    Cooking for Restaurant Managers     3.50
    • HOTL-1004    Purchasing - Hospitality Industry     2.00

    Gen Ed - Electives

    Take 3 General Education credits -
    Normally taken in Year 2

    ACCT-3035 -  Principles of Accting for Hosp Industry

    An introduction to accounting, utilizing an accounting software program. Students will learn to manage sales, accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll, monthly account reconciliation. The student will apply their accounting and software skills using a real-world scenario to maintain a complete accounting of a given company's financial activity.

    BEVR-1001 -  Mixology
    This course is designed to introduce the students to the study of mixology. They will gain an appreciation for the base spirits and their standard cocktails, wines and brewed beverages. The student will also develop the skills needed to mix and serve these beverages in a licenced establishment under the controls set out by the Liquor Licence Act.

    BEVR-3001 -  Wines
    The student will learn the fundamentals of wine making, including the effects from soils, climate and the geographical location. They will study the history of the worlds wine producing regions. The student will be able to competently recommend, open and serve wine to a customer.

    BEVR-3002 -  Behind the Bar
    This course was designed to build on the student's foundation of knowledge attained in their first year mixology course. It will provide them with an expanded product knowledge of beers, spirits and wines. At the end of the course the student's will have developed an appreciation for not only the taste, but also the marketability of specific products and how they will be able to incorporate them profitably in the tourism and hospitality industry. They will also learn the basic six moves in Flare.

    ENGL-1014 -  Writing for Hospitality

    This course provides the student with theory and practice to develop and improve written communication relevant to the hospitality industry.

    ENGL-1015 -  Speaking for Hospitality
    ENGL1015 provides the student with theory and practice to develop and improve oral communication in a variety of contexts relevant to the hospitality industry. In this course, students engage in persuasive presentations, impromptu deliveries, guest and speaker introductions, and demonstrations using various props and technologies. They evaluate their peers and themselves with constructive critiques and suggestions for improvement.

    FDMG-1019 -  Food & Beverage Service Theory

    Together with the practical environment of FDMG-1021 Food and Beverage Service Practical, the student will also have the opportunity to learn some of the many theoretical components related to the Food and Beverage department of a hospitality business.

    FDMG-1020 -  The Menu

    This course will provide the student with the knowledge required to prepare and present a food service menu. The student will be able to work with the effects of seasonal availability and both dietary and religious restrictions. Students will look at the influences of ethnic menus and regional North American cooking.

    FDMG-1021 -  Food & Beverage - Practical

    The student will explore the fundamentals of formal service, casual dining, banquet service and counter service. The course is designed to give the student the opportunity to learn serving and basic food prep skills in a practical and safe environment, through the day-to-day operation of the Divisional Restaurant and Deli/Cafe. Students will gain confidence, and communication skills as they explore the finesse of serving the public.

    FDMG-1039 -  Dining for Professional Success
    Enjoy the tastes, sounds and aromas as you dine each week. This exploration of culture and customs in various national dining practices is designed to create an awareness of and develop sensitivity to different cultural behaviors and customs, especially for students traveling outside their own country or who will be dealing with people of other countries or cultures. Students will explore the influence of culture, religion, geography and history on dining practices around the world.

    FDMG-1042 -  Exploring the Kitchen
    This introduction to Food Preparation will explore the fundamentals of cooking for the novice. It is designed to allow Hospitality Students the opportunity to explore their own skills and gain a broader acceptance of one of the pivotal positions in a successful restaurant or hotel. Students will be taught the fundamentals and then be allowed to challenge themselves in a practical kitchen environment.

    FDMG-3005 -  Advanced Dining Room Service
    The Advanced Dining Room Service is a practical course whereby the student is required to refine their serving skills. They will be involved in the day to day operations of our formal dining room, serving international cuisine and developing their practical skills with table side cooking.

    FDMG-3006 -  Advanced Food Preparation
    This course enables the student to prepare, plate and present foods in a professional working kitchen. The emphasis of this course is to enable the student to deal with the pressure involved in a high volume, contemporary kitchen environment. Each student will work in various divisions of the kitchen brigade large quantity format.

    FDMG-3008 -  Events Planning & Service

    This advanced level course will focus on one or more major gourmet dining events.The student will gain practical experience through the formulation, organization, marketing, costing, preparation and service of these functions.

    FDMG-5003 -  Food Facility Design
    This course provides a study of various kitchen equipment and the maintenance requirements of each, in order to operate effectively. The student will also develop an appreciation for kitchen layout, design, and the process of building a kitchen.

    FDMG-5009 -  Cooking for Restaurant Managers

    This advanced cooking class is purposely crafted for the Food and Beverage Manager of the future. Today's Restaurant Managers can not afford to assume every day will run smoothly; there will be a time when every manager will need to roll up their sleeves and help wherever they are needed. With emphasis on skills development, students will delve into the day to day demands of front line cooking, including the creation of desserts and baking.

    FINA-1027 -  Personal Finance

    A generalized course developed to provide students with the fundamental financial life skills so that they can make educated financial management decisions over the course of their lifetime. The emphasis is on those financial life skills that are of particular relevance in the early stages of the financial management life cycle.

    GEOG-1005 -  Exploring the Globe

    This course examines world geography with respectto the relative locations of continents, countriesand principal cities as well as associatedcultural and historical phenomena. This course isintended for students who wish to know more abouthow the ethnic, cultural, historic and socialelements influence world wide travel.

    HOSP-1001 -  Hospitality Career Focus

    This course will define the necessary tools and skills required to implement a successful career strategy and plan, from self-evaluation to the procurement of suitable employment. Students will be introduced to the many diversities of hospitality industry employment with special emphasis on marketing oneself into an appropriate hospitality career. This course will augment the work placement process.

    HOSP-1002 -  Professions in Hospitality
    This course is an insightful representation of the hospitality industry. Through a series of guest lectures and profiles of key figures in hospitality management the student will gain appreciation for the many facets of this dynamic industry.

    HOSP-1010 -  Operations Management
    The emphasis of this course is to explore the intricacies of the Human Resources Department of a hospitality enterprise, in particular the various acts and legislation governing employers and employees in the province of Ontario. Students will also have an opportunity to explore their own personal management style. Through guest lectures and case studies you will explore the avenues to take when handling the numerous demands placed upon supervisors and managers and learn methods of achieving results through responsible supervision and management.

    HOSP-3001 -  Entrepreneurial Insights

    This course has been developed to give a hospitality student the basic understanding of what an entrepreneur needs to research and produce to satisfy the needs of business and financial professionals. It will provide the student a template of how to formulate a professional business plan in preparation for their fourth semester course, Hospitality Management Project, as well as introduce the student to various programs available through specific financial and government institutions.

    HOTL-1001 -  Dimensions for Hospitality
    The hospitality industry is without a doubt one of the strongest, fastest growing industries today. This course is an introduction to that industry and how Tourism affects us all. The students will gain an appreciation for where our industry has come from and what the future has in store. They will also recognize the numerous career oportunities available to them in such areas as Fast Food, Hotels, Luxury Cruise Lines, Resorts, Institutions, Casinos and many more.

    HOTL-1003 -  Guest Relations
    This course is designed to create good customer relation skills through the development of effective communication skills in verbal and nonverbal forms. There will be opportunities to improve team work skills and it will give the student a positive professional attitude towards their chosen customer-focused career.

    HOTL-1004 -  Purchasing - Hospitality Industry

    The course is designed to give the student a full understanding of the purchase market and to emphasize the importance of a purchasing system and its role in the industry. The student will be able to recognize different methods of grading and government specifications used in the marketing of various products and increase the skills required to set-up a purchasing department in a hotel or food service environment.

    HOTL-3004 -  Food Beverage & Labour Cost Control
    This course is designed to introduce the student to the techniques used in the control of food, beverage and labour costs. The student will be able to calculate all costs and be able to discuss the causes of variances between forecasted figures and actual results. They will have an appreciation for control systems and their implementations within the hospitality industry.

    HOTL-3008 -  Hospitality Financial Management
    This course will acquaint the student with the use of Windows Excel to prepare financial electronic worksheets for decision making, cost control, sales analysis and budget development. The spreadsheets developed in this course can be used as part of the Hospitality Management Project.

    LAWS-3013 -  Law & Insurance-Hospitality Industry

    This course is designed to give the student a basic understanding of the laws which govern our hospitality industry in Ontario. Also there will be some case studies and examples of actual cases which have been tried in Canada.

    MGMT-3026 -  Hospitality Management Project
    Hospitality Management Project is a facilitated course whereby the students will cover all aspects of opening and operating either a food-service operation or an accommodations property. They will be responsible for all research, conducting feasibility studies, market analysis and the development of a successful hospitality enterprise.

    MKTG-1038 -  Marketing for Hospitality & Tourism

    The purpose of this course is to provide hospitality students with an understanding of the basic concepts and processes of hospitality marketing. This developmental procedure will involve customer identification and analysis, product analysis, market reasearch and analysis, and promotional development and analysis, with the end result equating to positive sales growth and ultimately profit.

    SANI-1002 -  Sanitation & Safety
    The course is designed to introduce the students to the basic knowledge of food borne diseases and their modes of transmission. Personal hygiene and preventive measures to control food poisoning are explained. The rolesof the public Health Department will be covered along with the local Building Codes and the Provincial Fire and Safety Regulations. Focus will be given to the proper sanitizing procedures of equipment, utensils and the proper scheduling in general maintenance and HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point).

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