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  • Course description
    Full-time (morning and afternoon classes 3 or 4 days per week depending on campus location)

    12 weeks – 288 hours - 2.8 months

    The World of hospitality is interesting, diverse and varied. As a consequence, students wishing to join this popular and growing industry will find the Hospitality Certificate to be an excellent opportunity to gain knowledge and understanding about the industry as a whole. Upon completion of this program, students will have the skills to gain an entry-level position within the hospitality industry. Should students choose to continue on with their studies, this certificate ladders into 3 other programs at CTC; the Hospitality & Resort Management Diploma, the Hospitality & Resort Business Management Diploma or the International Hospitality & Resort Business Management Co-op Diploma which include transfer credits toward higher level Diplomas or Bachelor Degrees in Hospitality or Tourism Management in both private and public Universities and Colleges worldwide.

    The Hospitality Certificate program consists of six modules, each being approximately 48 hours in length. The modules included in the certificate will vary depending on the start date of the program and will be a combination of 6 of the 14 modules listed below.

    Some modules may include the opportunity to earn an American Hotel & Lodging Association (AH&LA) Certificate in addition to the Hospitality Certificate from CTC.

    Please see the list of subjects that may be included in the 12 week period. Please note that if the 12 week period includes Hospitality Security and Loss Prevention and Supervision, then the Hospitality Certificate program will include 7 subjects instead of 6.

    Hospitality Supervision (AH & LA Certificate)

    This module introduces the student to the foundation principles of supervisory management. Areas of study include the supervisor and management process, effective communication, recruitment and selection procedures, training and orientation, managing productivity and controlling labor costs, evaluating and coaching, discipline, team building, motivation through leadership, managing conflict, time management, managing change and finally professional development. These key areas of study equip the student with the basic principles and foundations of professional business conduct and behaviour.

    Hospitality Industry Computers (AH & LA Certificate)

    This module introduces the student to the world of computers including all aspects of hard and software currently available in addition to gaining the theoretical aspect of computing. Students also gain a clear and precise understanding of how computing assists as a key strategic managerial tool. Also included is an opportunity for the student to gain hands on knowledge using “Hotellinks”, a progressive front office software system used currently by many hotels worldwide. In conclusion, this module is a complete introduction package to hospitality computing whereby the student gains practical hands on approach to its key applications in addition to learning the theory perspectives.

    Accounting for the Hospitality Industry

    Across the industry, hospitality operators and managers are relying on managerial accounting techniques to help them succeed and thrive in this expanding environment. This module is designed to give students both conceptual understanding and a practical use of internal accounting information by structured analysis techniques.

    Human Resource Management

    As the hospitality industry continues to grow and become more diverse than ever, human resource management plays a vital role in contributing to strategic planning for both the long and short term. This module gives an overview of current HR practices and full explanations as to why HR is becoming one of the most important aspects of business management.

    Organizational Behaviour

    This complex module explores how and why organizations function and operate as they do. Aspects such as environmental, political, socio-cultural and technological considerations give a clear indication of how organizations survive, change and grow using clear management models to achieve success in a highly competitive arena.

    Hospitality Sales and Marketing

    To understand the concepts of sales and marketing, effective strategies are critical in today’s hospitality industry. This module allows the student to gain a full understanding and insight into how sales and marketing fits into the strategic plan, examining the various marketing models used by hospitality organizations. It further explores how the organization investigates and takes advantages of opportunities in this most challenging and complex aspect of business management.

    Front Office Procedures (AH & LA Certificate)

    This module details information about numerous aspects of front office operations and management. It examines the complex relationships between departments, technological advances, and unique front office tools. Guest service is examined in detail along with concepts involving property management systems and related applications are introduced throughout.

    Housekeeping Management (AH & LA Certificate)

    Housekeeping is one of the most important departments in hotels and resorts world wide; therefore it is critical to gain a complete understanding of this demanding area of operation. Aspects such as the day to day complexities of the housekeeping profession, planning, organizing, budgeting, supervising and performing the work itself will be covered in detail.

    Hospitality Law

    This module explores this diverse subject and the complexities of hospitality law. Its concepts and regulations examine and critically evaluate why understanding hospitality law underpins the way in which all hospitality organizations conduct their day-to-day business. This module is designed to give the student an overview of procedures and practices relating to the concepts of Federal and case law.

    Resort Management

    This module gives an overview of changes in global economics within the resort industry and explores the uniqueness of resort development, management and operation. Among its primary objectives are to acquaint the student with ideas and insights that will aid them in their decision making with regard to developers and investors with the social, economic and environmental issues involved in resort planning.

    Convention Management and Special Events

    This module explores the world of conventions, conferences, exhibitions and special events. It seeks to examine the key factors critical for ensuring success in this highly important area of business operation. Systems and procedures are examined and evaluated in order that a full overview is gained and that income opportunity is maximized.

    Food Operations Management

    This module comprises of the basic components relating to quantity food planning and management along with food production and management. It deals specifically in quantity food planning and management with understanding current trends in nutrition and health, menu production, equipment and controls, service and dining etiquette, human resources and products and profits. In quantity food production and management leaning areas include cooking principles, methods and trends, sanitation and safety, pantry products, stocks soups and sauces, fruits, vegetables and cereals, meats poultry and seafood, bakeshop production and finally dairy products and eggs. These comprehensive areas of study make perfect preparation for involvement in a restaurant or food planning and production environment.

    Food Operation Service

    This module explores the world of the restaurant, from concept to operation. It clearly defines the unique areas essential to successful restaurant management and production. The module starts with a full and complete introduction to the restaurant business focusing on the various kinds and characteristics of restaurants and their owners followed by concept, location and design principles. The restaurant business and inclusion of marketing plans is examined along with financing and leasing, legal and tax matters and how a menu is put together for successful profit return and productivity. Bar and beverages followed by food purchasing is considered along with planning and equipping the kitchen. The restaurant operations and controls along with organizing, recruiting and staffing are also considered in addition to employee training and development. The module concludes with service and guest relations and restaurant technology. This is an excellent module for students wishing to enter the food and beverage industry with first hand knowledge of the running of a restaurant.

    Hospitality Security and Loss Prevention (AH & LA Certificate)

    Property security and loss prevention is key in the operation and running of a successful and profitable business or hotel and resort. This module examines the key areas necessary to achieve a secure and safe working environment from all stake holders’ perspectives. Areas of study include an overview of the security and lodging industry followed by security equipment, security procedures, departmental responsibilities’ in guest and asset protection, protection of funds, emergency management and media relations and concluding with risk management and insurance. This module is interesting and thought provoking and provides students with the basic tools to achieve high quality and effective security and loss prevention through out their organization.

    Career Development

    Career development is a continual professional career information service designed to offer the student information, guidance and support in all aspects of career building at any stage of the program. Information, guidance and assistance enable the student to take appropriate steps in the gaining of career positions reflecting their own career aspirations and individual skills.

    CTC students will be provided with a username and password to access all current tourism, hospitality and travel related job opportunities through the CTC web site.

    Certificates that may be included in this program;

    American Hotel and Lodging Association’s certificates in Hospitality Supervision, Hospitality Industry Computers, Front Office Procedures, Housekeeping Management, Hospitality Security and Loss Prevention.

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